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24 September 2014

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The band pose for a press shot

Milburn interview

Milburn's last ever gig at Sheffield Academy on 24th May 2008 sold out in two hours... But back in July 2005 when the boys were starting out, BBC South Yorkshire scooped this exclusive interview with them. Read on and weep for no-more-Milburn...

:: The following article was written following an interview in July 2005

Milburn are Louis (rhythm guitar), Greeny (drums) Joe (vocals/bass) and Tom (guitar), all still in their teens and youngest member Joe has just finished his A-Level exams.

Greeny started playing the drums before the band formed and Tom was already playing the guitar, the guys knew each other from playing football together from a young age.

Not wasting much time the lads spoke of their musical interests. Louis, Greeny and Tom decided to do something musically and get some songs down.

Joe joined at a later date, and despite not knowing how to play the bass guitar or sing he soon learnt, he had no choice.

"At first we started copying other people, doing covers," said Louis. "When it was just the three of us we were just copying music and it was a good feeling when you could play someone else's songs, and after a bit we started doing our own stuff.

Louis of Milburn (c) Mark Bull

Louis hopes the band can go full-time very soon

"Basically we forced Joe (Louis' younger brother) to sing in the band as we didn't have a singer."

So you were forced into it?

Joe - We'll yeah, I suppose, when you're a lot younger you're really self conscious in what you do and obviously singing's going to be a massive part in that, but after a bit of bullying I just happened to do it and it worked ok.

So did you all have similar musical tastes?

Louis - Around a rough point, but then there are some extremes.

Joe - That's good in a way because it brings different things to our music, if we all listened to the same things we'd just end up with copies of stuff, but now we just throw everything into the pot so to speak and it comes out in a Milburn style.

So no embarrassing posters on the wall to tell us about?

Greeny - My first album was Wet Wet Wet.

Tom - Ha-ha, where did that come from?

Louis - Mine was Heaven 17.

Joe - One of the first singles I got a hold of was by Pato Banton, Baby Come Back.

"We just throw everything into the pot so to speak and it comes out in a Milburn style!"

Joe - Milburn

Tom - I'm quite proud of mine, mine were Suggs, I'm Only Sleeping...

Greeny - But you did go and see Gloria Estefan and Steps!

Tom - Alright, calm down, calm down... it was a free ticket!

Who out of the four of you has the most to be ashamed of?

Tom, Joe and Louis - Greeny!

Joe - Obviously we're going to be bias as we don't like what you like, well most things.

Milburn's Tom (c) Mark Bull

Tom has been to a Gloria Estefan and Steps gig!

Greeny, do you have a different taste because you appreciate the percussive element of music?

Greeny - Yeah... I appreciate what bands play 'cause it's their personal view on music. Like pop songs, you listen to the guitar and it's sh*t and simple, so when you listen to some right good drumming, like punk drumming, fast with a lot of energy behind it, that's what I like about some types of music.

Did you find that with your singing Joe?

Joe - Your singing just evolves, at first I did it because we needed to do it, then eventually it evolved into a style which I built up for the band, but I've never really concentrated on any vocalists or anything like that.

Probably subconsciously they'll be like a few different people going on but really I've always been into the music as a whole, to tune in with the music and produce a sound.

So Joe and Louis, you're brothers. Has that caused any problems?

Joe - No, not really, there's no story there, everyone keeps digging for a story, there's nothing interesting there.

A bit like your name then?

Louis - Yep, nothing interesting there either." (Their name was derived from the surname of a friend of the band).

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last updated: 28/05/2008 at 11:58
created: 14/07/2005

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Are you gutted about Milburn splitting up? Or has the band run its course?

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Good Going lads your stuff is amaizing

Graham Heslop
oh my god me and my freind discovered milburn before many people did... we think they are the best band around including the arctic monkeys.. all of their songs are brilliant. Cant wait to see them at the leeds festival 06. Try and get a shout out for me graham and ian. It wud make my year. Many thanks

i saw milburn supporting the arctic monkeys at the rolling stone in milan. they were amazing, id never really heard of them befare but now im a major fan. i even got joe's autograph!! i was so thrilled...

I have seen them once and for the first time in Germany,... They were supporting Arctic Monkeys at the plug in Dresden and it was amazing, I would likle to see them again one day!!!

met them after the arctic monkeys concert at the vox club in nonantola (BO) in italy on friday the 12 may...liked them very much...louis is a good dancer!!!! hope to see them again soon....good music come on england!!!!

I´m from Germany and I saw them playing at the arctic monkeys gig in Mannheim. I was completely blown away by their songs.I really love their lyrics... I even had to reconsider whethwe to call the monkeys my favourite band ;-) well, and since I´m a girl... yes, they are cute! Jani from Germany

Keep up the hard work lads. u r top notch. best of luck for the future lads. Good luck Greeny mate !!!!!!

Rob Andrew
I heard send in the boys on soccer am and i thought I've got 2 get that. I've just finished downloading a whole lot of their songs from december to lipstick lickin'. In a word- Quality.

I heard a few of their songs and their really class. But as usual they don't come over here (Ireland) so I can't see them live. And I'd love to. I hope they get big. Their brilliant.

sharna kitchen
i think milburn r sooooo cute.i wuld love to meet them.ive only heard 1 of their songs n thought it was really cool. xx x x

chris grayson
ive not been to a gig with the buzz and the atmosphere of the packed house as the leadmill was on 04-03-06


Sol Bidwell
boring bunch . no stage presence. Saw The Yell in Newcastle the othr week much , much better

Rach Copeland
Ah they're flippin ace! Iv seen them at the plug and am goin to the leadmill in march. I see Joe at wednesday matches-what an absolute legend! 'What you could have won' is crackin. Spread the word!!!

Leah Atkinson
I have seen Milburn twice! They were supporting Arctic Monkeys at the plug in October. They played 2 gigs and both Arctic Monkeys and Milburn were amazing!!! I would really like to see them again!

ev key
hi lads u are doing brill i think the music is quality like u lads hope to see u soon

keep doin ure stuff boyz. we think ure fab

Katie Howard
I love Milburn they are so good. Greenys my cousin !!!!!There gonna be huge!!!!

Emily Strong
hya lads ya music iz wel gud .gud luk 4 da future !

Simon Archer
Saw 'em in Manchester yeterday, top stuff. I hope they go far, they deserve it!

john taylor
milburn are ok but i saw a sheffield band called WONDAY and they were really good but they just do i find out where theyre playing.

i got sent a track of chesire cat smiles and thought that it was great!

Donny Maglaw
They arn't very good, there are much better Sheffield bands, but of course this comment won't appear cos this page is only to big up Milburn.

Chris Grocock
These guys supported the arctic monkeys in wolverhampton (20th/10) - I'd never heard of them before but they were great! Shall keep my eye out for an album release.

Sam Wood
I saw Milburn on Monday (17/10) when they opened up for the Arctic Monkeys. They put on a brilliant show and there material is brilliant.

wayne young
world class

wayne young
quality tunes, especially 'december' sound a bitlike artic monkeys. cant wait till they release an album!

They got the mid week Bristol crowd moving. A rare feat, they should go far

thom canen
i think tahat milburn are good...chesire cat smile...showroom....yeah....

Holly Smith
I saw them the other night at the Astoria supporting the Arctic Monkeys. Before then i had never heard of them, but by the end of their first song i was hooked! Every song was so catchy with some really good guitar rifts. They are gonna be huge!

Steve Grant
saw them as a backup group in portsmouth at the pyramids and they were class

highly reccomended pride of sheffield music

Superb - a great bunch of lads - good luck ya desrve it lads...PS avoid the groupies...

Fantastic band, the best i have seen for a long time.Their image and songs fit like a hand in a glove. This band are only going up from here.

evan key
hi all of you. i have heard your music.i think it's brill. i would love to come and see you.

I saw them at the Boardwalk a few weeeks ago. I'd be given a demo CD and liked it so thought I'd go along. I was very surprised about how tight they sounded on stage! I won't be at all surprised if they really go somewhere.

You are in: South Yorkshire > Entertainment > Music > Interviews > Milburn interview

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