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24 September 2014

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You are in: South Yorkshire > History > Local History > Nuclear fallout in Sheffield

The 'explosion' over Sheffield

The 'explosion' over Sheffield

Nuclear fallout in Sheffield

Remember when a nuclear bomb was detonated over Sheffield? Barry Hines' film Threads was filmed in and around Sheffield in 1984.

A nuclear bomb was detonated over RAF Finningley airport. Seconds later the fallout started. The fireball in the sky over the Town Hall and the Eggboxes grew as people watched in disbelief. And one by one they started to die...

Jimmy Kemp in Threads

Jimmy Kemp in Threads

Threads was a TV docu/drama written by local writer Barry Hines and filmed in locations around Sheffield in 1984. The film examined what were to happen should a nuclear war happen in Britain.

Set over a 13-year period, the film is a stark and often depressing look at life after the bomb.

Janine Heron was 36 at the time of filming, with four young children. She wanted to take part because she was concerned with the world, especially having children.

:: Click on the links below to hear an interview with Janine who was an extra in the film, and to see stills from the film.

"I went along to the auditions at the City Hall with my friend Doreen," recalls Janine. "We were measured and asked our age because no-one could be over a certain height or over a certain age.

"During the filming we were told to look miserable. We had to be made-up to look like we had third-degree burn with rice crispies and something like tomato ketchup, and we were told to wear very raggy clothes.

"On the day of the filming we were made to queue up outside the Royal Infirmary - which was very derelict at that time. It was a very grim scene as it was 6 o'clock in the morning and very cold. It wasn't hard to look miserable!

"There were hundreds of us all queued up... we were taken through the operating theatre, which was very bloody and gory. People were supposedly having limbs amputated without anaesthetic."

:: What are your memories of the film? Were you involved in the filming, or did watching the film have an impact on your life? Share your memories of Threads with Memoryshare...

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You are in: South Yorkshire > History > Local History > Nuclear fallout in Sheffield

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