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17 September 2014
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You are in: South Yorkshire > Places > Places features > Farewell to the 'Wedding Cake'

Sign outside Sheffield register office

Thousands of couples have seen this sign

Farewell to the 'Wedding Cake'

After 31 years of hosting marriages in the city, Sheffield register office was demolished in 2004. We gained exclusive access to the 'Wedding Cake' to snap some photos as a permanent memento...

:: August 2004

Sheffield register office, known locally as the 'Wedding Cake', has been demolished as part of the redevelopment of the city centre.

Situated close to the Peace Gardens and built in 1973, officials estimate around 30,000 couples have tied the knot in the marriage rooms, while many more have registered births and deaths at what was the country's first purpose-built centre.

Chief Superintendent Registrar Michael Rigby

The new marriage rooms are ready!

Duties were transferred to new premises at Sheffield Town Hall, and the last 13 couples to take their vows in the old marriage rooms did so on Saturday, 7 August 2004.

We paid a visit to this well-known city landmark ahead of the final wedding ceremonies to snap photos as a permanent memento.

Take a peek inside the old Wedding Cake, have a look at the 'new' marriage rooms in the Town Hall, and see pictures of the last few couples to get married at the old register office by clicking on the links in this page.

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created: 05/08/2004

Have Your Say

I'm sure that the wedding cake holds special memories for those who have a personal connection with it however it seems to me that everyone likes to blame somebody for doing something that they personally disapprove of. I think what people are most bothered by is 'change'. The wedding cake can hardly be considered heritage. People are so stuck in their ways and see change as a bad thing but all we hear are the negative views. Times move on and we must move along too. Has anyone bothered to understand why it has been demolished...perphaps then you wouldn't be so quick to judge. As for the millenium galleries can someone please tell me what is the problem. It is a good piece of architecture that fulfulls its designation. It is calm, tranquil and a fantastic link to the winter gardens and the city. (Ps. completely agree with the comment made about the Novotel and i'm sure many planners would like to see the back of that too!!)

J carley
It's a shme to see it go, such an unusual building. Having attended many weddings there, I suppose it will be replaced by the usual hotel/office block that seem to be taking over sheffield.

Married here on a cold October morning in 1976.What a great morning it was. Now yet again your council are at it again,spending your hard earned money where it's not needed.Sheffield City use to be a top city to shop in but now no one ever wants to go.Even if they live 5 miles out.Drowned the council in the Don

becky parry
wots the point in knocking it down if people down want a big wedding they want a small wedding and they dont want to travle miles to get to a regiter office they want one near to them?

peter davies
if we constantly knock down good buildings because someone wants something different how are we to leave a heritage for future generations

I don't think it should be demolished, its was so cool to walk around it and see limo's turning up and people getting married there!

neil Unwin
Let the Cake Crumble!!

It's about time the "wedding cake" is demolished! It is a very ugly building, does nothing for the city centre and is not somewhere that I would want to get married.

Mr & Mrs Coyne
Its a real shame for us that it`s being demolished, we will never see the place where we married or be able to show our children & granchildren.

julie penman
who designed the wedding cake building?

dave tilsby
A disgrace to knock down the Wedding cake and the millenium galleries building isn't worth defending? The wedding cake is an average building that holds a lot of happy memories for many people, but don't try and tell me holding registry weddings at the beautifully revamped Town Hall interior isn't a big improvement. I would also point out that the Gaumont building on barkers pool (which was actually an Odeon, i believe) has been voted the ugliest building in the Yorkshire region in the past. I have to say, another batch of the usual moans from those who have an axe to grind with the council, and risk scuppering every regeneration project planned. These are the same people that label the peace gardens fountain as 'second rate' (despite it winning achitectural awards) and complain about kids playing in the fountain.

Steve Cooper
It's a disgrace that thjis building is being demolished. It seems that the politicians and planners are trying to erase all trace of the sixties and seventies from the face of Sheffield, whatever their architectural merits. If this building is such an eyesore, then why were Novotel allowed to build that mess next door? And please don't try to defend the Millenium Galleries building. I understand that the next to go will be the Gaumont building in Barkers Pool. The only thing wrong with these buildings (and I include the Egg Box) is that they have been systematically neglected. What would this country look like if the Victorians had behaved in the same way?

Not the most pleasant,but one of my memories of sheffield is the wedding cake.Its not the best looking building but its part of history and known well it shudnt go!!

I dont know the wedding cake but it is well known fact that alot of local pepele it was the land mark of sheffield

We were one of the last couples to get married at Sheffield Registry office on Saturday 7th August 2004 and we had a fantastic day - thank you to all who helped - its nice to think we will be part of Sheffield's history!!

Claire Cumberland
Why knock something down that is obviously well used and enjoyed by many? If it was falling down I could understand....

John Warton
Why have the leaders of sheffield throughout the years been more than happy to knock things down, we did have a castle till someone thought it might be a nice idea to use the bricks to build other things and then build a market over what was left, why cant the council be more like york in that they build around the history, ok the wedding cake isnt old but its still a part of sheffields history all the same.

Kathryn Johnson
Russ and I got married at the Wedding cake November 2nd 1974, and have enjoyed 30 years of wedded bliss, we moved to Canada 6months later.

Jon & Lisa Vine
We married at the Wedding Cake Aug 17th, 2001, we will miss the place...but we have never seen it since, as we live in New York, USA. It's sad but... All good things must come to an end.

One of the better buildings in Sheffield being demolished by our glorious leaders.

Wendy Tinley
My husband I... still not used to writing that... got married here on June 1st 2004 - the happiest day of my life! Thank you 'Wedding Cake' for the start of wedded bliss. :)

You are in: South Yorkshire > Places > Places features > Farewell to the 'Wedding Cake'

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