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30 July 2014
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Your views on crime
Cracking crime
Cracking crime together

We're giving you the chance to share your views on crime in South Yorkshire.

And we'll pass your opinions on to the people who count.

BBC Crime
BBC Crime Prevention
South Yorkshire Police
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get in contact

We've devised a short questionnaire to discover your feelings about crime in South Yorkshire.

Your comments matter - because we will pass on the results of this survey to the Home Secretary, the Rt Hon David Blunkett, as well as the Chief Constable for South Yorkshire, Michael Hedges.

We will also publish our findings on the BBC South Yorkshire website. Click here to see a selection of comments received so far.

It will only take a minute to fill in - and your views could make a difference.

BBC South Yorkshire Crime Survey 2002

Your name
What area are you from?
Your email
For each question, please choose whether you think the number of crimes will rise, fall or remain the same over the next two years:
Rise Stay the same Fall
Drug-related crime
Personal theft
(e.g. mobile phones)
Violent/ physical crime
(e.g. murder, rape, GBH)
Domestic violence
Car crime
If you have any general comments about crime, put them here:

Some of the comments received so far...

Ryan - Sheffield
There is to many car theft on the manor estate and police dont seem to be bothered i wish they could do some think because it scares my grandma at night.

D Johnston - Sheffield
Penalties are too light, especially against minors. To me, crime is crime, and the nature of the offence is waht determines the punishment, age should not be a consideration. Try telling the victim the criminal was "only a teenager/child" - see if that makes them feel better about what happened to them!

Mitch - Sheffield
Not enough police cracking real crime not easy targets

D Anderson - High Green, Sheffield
Though burgled in 1993 I have admiration for the quick help I received at the time. the burglar was eventually caught and I was informed , though no property was recovered. I would like the criminal to recompense society since the insurance co paid me.

Margaret Weir - Doncaster
The crime figures quoted are not the true figures a lot of crime goes unreported for fear of reprisals and the apathy of the police who are undermanned and underfunded

Nigel Haddock - Sheffield

From MANY incidents I have gained personal knowledge of since I purchased a property in Sheffield and the Police attitude and lack of conviction to help I feel completely at a loss to know what to do. My property has been burgled. The back door has two dead locks and 2 shoot bolts and gets attacked regularly from groups of youths at 2-3 in the morning. Similar groups run past and through 1/4 bricks at the windows. The gates at the property rear have been attacked time and time again. I have the phone number of the local community police. It rings and rings with no reply. When there is an answer it is a recorded message. When one leaves a message nothing is acted upon. The one time in the past 3 years we were visited by the community Seargent he said he would act and set up a watch scheme for 3 months. Nothing happened. Last week when yet again we had to call three 9's the local guys were there for about an hour (yipee) took names and ended by saying you should go a! nd! beat a few up. I ask you. What can you do?

Jim Martin - Greenhill, Sheffield
The punishment MUST, MUST, MUST fit the crime. The criminals know fully well that whatever offence they carry out will be worth the risk they are taking in performing it. There has to be zero tolerence appllied to all acts of crime - particularly those undertaken by young people. The earlier they learn that punishment will be HARSH(rather than simply a 'slap on the wrist') the less chance they will re-offend. Criminals of all ages must not be given chance after chance before being locked up - at present they know the system is laughable and that they can get away with many offences before any meaningful action is taken against them. Let us listen less to the 'bleeding heart liberals' in our society and more to the common sense views that the vast majority of law abiding people in this country hold. For goodness sake let us make criminals pay for their actions and get them off our streets. Don't be afraid to build hundreds (YES hundreds) of more prisons if n! ec! essary to deal with these people and hand out longer custodial sentences. Would the British public be prepared to pay in some way towards the initial cost of this in order to make it happen? You bet your life they would. Has this Government got the guts to ask them I wonder? "Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime"? A miserable failure to date I'm afraid -no matter how statistics are manipulated to show otherwise. Let the people be heard!

Terry Clark - Harworth, Bircotes

Unreported crime has risen due to fear of retaliation and partly through apathy, we say "Whats the point, nothing happens when you do report a crime"

Kevin Wood - Sheffield
I would like to complain about the police in the High Green area especially on Griffiths Road, Where there is a Childrens play area which is now unusable to the younger children due to the older children ripping up the matting and sawing the climbing wall foot holders off so that is unusable now. When the police have come out they have done nothing about it just talk to the residents that can be bothered to go down and try and get rid of the youths and they told us that there is nothing that they can do. So now anytime we see some new children going down to the playground with there parents and the youths are there we warn them off because the youths will wreck the playground when people are playing.  

Janet Horsepool - Sheffield


Matthew Leese, Devonshire Green

Sheffield has deteriorated badly in the last 18 months. Beggers, Big Issue sellers by the dozen, litter, dunks, drug dealing and violent abusive people walking the streets; it is minor crime and the tardiness of the street environment that makes the wrong sort of people feel at home in the Centre and enables such degredation to take hold in the first place. This, in turn, leads to a major crime hot spot developing, as we have seen in Sheffield. If these issues are not dealt with soon then no number of trendy apartment blocks is going to improve the situation. Tough action on these so-called minor crimes will route out those perpetrating the major crimes - "zero tolerance" policing DOES work, and we can rescue the streets for the ordinary person who just wants to go about their business without hassle.

Neil Tulip, Sheffield
Failure to take action quickly on those committing "less serious" offences allows a culture to develop where people think that they can do what they want. This leads them to commit more serious crimes. It also destroys the public faith in police. The majority of public are not at high risk from serious crime but their quality of life is constantly impaired by people committing "minor offences".

Sue Williams, Sheffield
More police needed on the streets. Offenders have little or no respect for the police or the justice system. So may crimes are drug related and there aren't enough resources available to tackle drug problems at source. More drug projects needed with improved access and availablity.

Gary Cooper, Sheffield
People have lost all confidence in criminals being caught and should they be caught appropriate sentences are not handed down. The criminal justice system has more concern for the welfare of the criminal over that of the victim.

Giles Bertenshaw, Sheffield
We need more police on the streets, and less police man hours sat by country roads speed taxing motorist to make quick money. If these officers where put to solving crime such as mugging, burglary then it would help to reduce crime, and would reduce the feeling that the general public are being exploited because as law obeying citizens they drive in their own cars and are registerd so the police have an easy time dealing with these people. Instead of spending hours solving crimes that require some thought to solve.

Ian Morewood, North Derbyshire
Living less than 30 mins outside Sheffield, the most visible element of crime in South Yorkshire to me is car related crime. Often youths steel a car, come out of town for a day of shoplifting or taking from vehicles in the countryside and then steel another car to return to there homes.

Naomi Brewer , Lower Walkley
I think that for it's size Sheffield generally feels quite safe. I hope that S.Yorks police continue to use new initiatives to cut crime though. I congratulate all police on doing a good job in very tough circumstances.

Alex Rumney, Woodseats

I know that resources are often tight in the police force, but I think more money and time should be spent on putting police back on the beat and not so much on CCTV and other security/surveillance measures. In my view, the best deterrent for car crime, assualts, personal theft etc is a visible and regular police presence on the streets.

Dale Kidney, Sheffield

In an incresingly liberal country certain types of crime will be on the increase. Young offenders will grow up to be adult offenders because the majority of them are not brought up properly, having no fear of the law feeling that they can just take what they want from people who work hard to achieve something in life.

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