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13 November 2014
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Sara Thornton

At school, Sara's class set up a weather station. Soon she was writing her own forecasts and thinking "What a geat job!"

My parents say I was ten when I came home and announced that I wanted to be a television newsreader. 

Sara Thornton

Sara Thornton

They thought I'd outgrow what seemed to them to be an impossible dream but I never thought about anything else.

I spent summer holidays cluttering up newsrooms, making the teas and trying to learn to write. In fact, the first radio newsroom I ever broadcast from was in Bournemouth.

I did the almost mandatory stint at hospital radio when I was 18. Then after university, armed with an English degree and a Post-Grad in Broadcast Journalism I went to work for the BBC.

I had a great few years as a radio and tv reporter and then news presenter before moving to ITV Anglia as a news presenter.

But life has a funny way of remembering things. I had lived next-door to the local weatherman when I grew up and I always thought, “What a great job!”

At school we had spent a fascinating (to me!) year on weather; setting up a weather station, plotting fronts, writing our own forecasts – all in the days long before the internet.

So, all those years later while I was reading the news, I was secretly longing to move to meteorology and after some pleading, my bosses agreed to let me give weather a go.

But never one to keep things simple, my husband and I decided to start a family and move to Brussels.

So I became firm friends with the Eurostar team, commuted between two countries for work and had two babies.

It's no wonder my French didn't immediately become fluent like I'd hoped, although I can always order up a pain-au-chocolat!

After that it was a year living in Washington DC watching the run-up to the elections and then a return to England and my roots at the BBC.

Joining the BBC South Today team is like returning to my broadcasting roots, back to the area where I started all those years ago. I can't wait to get out and about in this beautiful region and definitely can't wait to introduce our children to sailing.

But it's the job that's so brilliant, I get paid to talk about the weather, a subject I would (and do) happily go on and on about for free!

Sara Thornton

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You are in: South Today > Presenters > Sara Thornton

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