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13 November 2014
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Michael "Atters" Attree

Michael "Atters" Attree

Mad as an Atters

Michael "Atters" Attree defies description. A Chap in the truest sense of the word. With a fond taste for the rather cheeky, rather bizarre and rather wonderful side of life.

He lives in a true "Chap's" nest in Brighton, stocked well with good tweeds, solid brogues and a collection of Chap magazines (no, not that kind).

Jolly nice chap!

Indeed Atters writes for The Chap magazine. He's their rogue correspondent and he's very particular about what being a Chap encompasses...

"I can't stand unironed shirts" he says.

Shaving and grooming implements

Everything a well-groomed chap needs

Keen on fillies, foibles and fine moustaches, Atters is reknowned across Brighton for his Terry Thomas alter ego. "I say" -ing and "marvellous!"-ing  his way round the streets.

Atters at one of his lectures

Atters' lecture has to been seen to be believed!

But there is a rather intriguing side to Atters.  He's rather keen on "the other side". No, not ITV, but the far bank of the Stryx, the realm of the spirits.  Atters grew up with a taste for the paranormal inherited from his father and grandfather.

His show "Chaporgasmic Terrors" is a revelation. Revelations of the results of his paranormal investigations presented as a public lecture with slides of spontaneous combustion on the sea front, the discovery of the first Homo Magneticus, the unbelievable appearance on stage of the captive 50 foot woman, and the story of his disturbing transmogrification into Yootha Joyce aka Mildred Roper.

Watch... and don't believe.

You can have your say on this or any of my other films.  Just click on the link below.

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You are in: South Today > Freddie's > Mad as an Atters

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