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13 November 2014
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Victor the giraffe


1977 - Victor the giraffe

In 1977 Victor the giraffe fell down and couldn't get up. The south held its breath as attempts were made to help him.

Poor Victor!  He slipped, did the splits and couldn't get up in 1977 at Marwell Zoo in Hampshire.

Nobody quite knows what Victor was doing at the time, though some suggested it may have involved his lady friend, Dribbles.


Victor did the splits

As the days passed and Victor still lay on the ground, legs splayed, his plight became a local news story. 

Victor became first national and then international news. 

Letters of support arrived from all over the world.

Victor with his keeper

Victor with his keeper

Portsmouth dockyard workers made a sling which was used in an attempt to hoist Victor back onto this feet - but to no avail.

Sadly, Victor never did stand again and eventually he died in the arms of his keeper.  He had torn a muscle in his leg and suffered a heart attack.

Dribbles gave birth to a female calf the next summer.

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You are in: South Today > Tell Tom > 1977 - Victor the giraffe

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