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29 October 2014
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Peggy Sue and the Pirates picture

Peggy Sue and the Pirates

If this band were really on the high seas then I for one would not mind at all if they came onto my ship. I would glady give up my treasure too, and become one of their crew and support them in whatever mischief they had planned.

I saw Peggy Sue and the Pirates at the Arts Club in Brighton on Friday night.It was the last night of the Brighton Live Club, the place where the performers /organisers /industry bods go after the night's work is over and done with during the week of Brighton Live. Hosted by our very own Phil Jackson, Friday's sets were performed by acts that have shown particular promise during the week. Peggy Sue and the Pirates were unknown to most people in the Brighton Music scene at the beginning of the week. By the end of the week they were playing the Brighton Live club on the last night. How does such a thing happen. They are only one guitar and two vocals. They sit down to perform. They don't have any gimmicks to fall back on. The reason is, is that they are original. They are unique. Two gorgeous women with two fantastic voices and a guitar is more than enough to get the attention of the masses of people who saw them last week at any one or the many gigs that they played. There is a bucket load of humour in these simple, well crafted songs and enough rhythm in the interaction of fine vocal play to fill in the space usually reserved for other manned (womanned) instruments.

I think these two lovely women will inspire a new wave of acoustic guitar based female performers by saying 'you don't have to be coming from a hurt place when you pick up an acoustic' (God I hope so). They are refreshing and fun, simple and adorable. They are open to new members, those who may have some quirky angle on an instrument and are not 'run of the mill'. I would suggest to them that they look just for female musicians. I don't think that is what they were asking for, but to me there are enough male dominated bands in a mostly male industry and I think Peggy Sue and the Pirates would do well being an all female band, this is just my opinion and I'm sure that whichever way they go they will have success, admirers and musical imitators.

Check out one of their fine songs above. And visit myspace and check out some pics.

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