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24 September 2014
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South Live

Birdpen doing a weird video.

On Air: 18.06.06

It's an unusual blend of acts this week, because we like to bring variety and spice of life to the air-waves on a Sunday afternoon. Prepare to be educated!

Dans Musical Facts

  • Just because you don't like a track or act it doesn't mean it's / they're rubbish.
  • The scale system we use in the west is only one interpretation of tonal quality.
  • You don't have to be 'precious' about your songs for them to work.
  • Even the recorder is a great instrument in the right hands.

The Technoillogical Myopia exist between the fragile musings of a warped mind and the tender touch of an angel. Other-worldly, born of the subconscious mind interjected with rock guitars, stonking kit and jagged vocals the are a breed apart from our usual Sunday offerings.

To follow this we have Mister Tamborine Man, Ben Griffith with music that will have you dancing about in the countryside.

This week's demos are a trio of acoustic based acts:

Colin Hare with his track 'Civilisation Progressive Blues' which has a Dire Straits kind of feel with more contemporary rhythm. Nick Barnes, his track 'Down To The River' and The Mighty High Times with 'My Love For You Won't Die'

The demo panel will be here with their balanced ears and wealth of experience to give these acts their opinions about the tracks and to mark them out of ten. The scores are then totaled up and the winner will get to come on the show on the following Sunday and tell us what they are up to.

Thank's to Luke Higgins, Southern Counties Radio world cup songwriter (watch out any A&R bods out there Luke is one to watch!) who was interviewed on Sunday about his track 'Stand Up For England'. Thank's also to Skyline Heroes' Ben Gourley, cellist Robert Cohen from Charleston Manor and  Nickleback's Daniel Adare for their contributions.

Belated thank you to all the acts who played on South Live during the May Festival in Brighton and indeed to all the acts who played the evening show during the Festival. A selection of those tracks are available elsewhere on the site. Thank you to Birdpen for their post festival session on June 4, you can hear a track from their session at the top of this page. Please visit their website and check out some of their artwork as well as other tracks.

Her is the playlist for the month of May:

May 07:                                                                                                         Bacolao: Coje Pa La Cola (Live)/The Lanes/ Ben Griffith:In or Out /Tommy Allen:Texas Love /Bacolao;La Piragua (Live) /Largo:Negative Thinking /Red Campion:Broken Ballroom /Bacalao:Don Lengua(Live) / Birdpen:Disconnect

DEMO PANEL: Standing Hat: Graduation Day/Megan Goodwin: Crowded Night /Ghost of Wasted Chances: Ain't Nothin'

Camille: God is in the House/Camille (Live), Port of Amsterdam (Live), Song for Old Lovers (Live) / Martha Tilston : Night Rambling

May 14:                                                                                                                   The Audreys: You and Steve McQueen (Live) /The Roosters: Let's Stay Together/ Megan Goodwin -  Crowded Nights/ Sophie Barker /The Audreys : Monster (live)/ Mr Smith: Cliché / Jo Hall:Deep Inside /The Audreys: Live (live)/ Two Spot Gobi: Melodious Star / Intraverse: Little Old You / Tim Wade: Boblicity (live), 

DEMO PANEL: From The Wreckage: Resisting Change/Young Squires: Guilt Shame and Centred /Sym Choon: Need Something Else.

Tim Wade: Move (live), Tim Wade: Godchild(live) / Eldora Parade: 

May 21:Turin Brakes: Live /The Warm: Nothing Left To Say /From The Wreckage: Resisting Change/Turin Brakes: live/One Man Rescue:Eighty Four/ Turin Brakes: Lou Rhodes: Why?/Turin Brakes: live / Freudstein: Misadventure (live)

DEMO PANEL: Sophie Rhodes: Oh No/Michelle Bennett: With You/Hanna Vink: Invisible Enemy

Freudstein: Sister Sleaze (live)/Freudstein:Marc of the Devil (live)/Kate Tizzard: Sleeping Around.

May 28:
Silvermaker: Soul Destroying (live)/ Revolution: Resin Rain /Parker: Rise / Samondi: Trouble Trouble /Silvermaker:Nothing Ever Changes (live) / Midnight Howlers: Railroad / Jonny Quality: Hazy Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams /Silvermaker: Only The Best (live) /Kelly Malone: Do My Head In / Birdpen: Disconnect /Kovak: Ramona /Vincent Tracey: Fall To Pieces (live).

DEMO PANEL: Sallyforth: Do You remember/Hoodwink: Winter/Beautiful Life: Remembering Normality.

Vincent Tracey:Dream Breaker (live)/ Vincent Tracey:Thought I Heard Her Say (live)  / Technoillogical Myopia: Letter

last updated: 19/06/06
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