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24 September 2014

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Strange South

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A misty road

Britain's Most Haunted Road?

Drivers heading from Sussex into Kent may find themselves engaged by a bride of death...

In November 1992 Ian Sharpe was heading up the A229 from Sussex into Kent. A girl in white with "beautiful eyes" stepped in front of his car and she disappeared under the front Wheels. In total despair Sharpe stopped the car believing he had killed her and was powerless to help.

On leaving the car he found nothing there. No girl, no body no white dress - or even any wildlife; a fox a badger or a rabbit. Not a sausage... I think you get the point.

It was exactly two weeks later that a man believed a woman also ran out in front of his car as he also headed into Kent on the very same road. Panic stricken he left the car and once again found no evidence of the accident that had just happened.

A car

The boys in blue

The local constabulary has a report of an earlier similar incident. A motorist called for help in 1974 after mowing down a woman on the A229. Maurice Goodenough had left a blanket on a woman and gone to get help. When he returned with the police all the officers found was a blanket in which Goodenough said he'd wrapped the injured victim, but the seriously hurt woman had vanished.

And it gets spookier still...

Other reports tell of a phantom hitch Hiker thumbing a lift and getting picked up by the Lower Bell pub on the same road and putting the world to rights all the way to Maidstone... before vanishing right from the seat.

What's going on?

Most speculation about this is that what people are witnessing is the ghost of Judith Langham. Tragically, she was knocked down in her bridal gown on her wedding day in 1965.

Ian Rinn who describes himself as an expat user of our website contacted us with details of a similar story. The ex soldier from the 1st Sussex Royal Battalion Regiment recalls how his son turned up on his doorstep in France quite literally looking like he'd seen a ghost. There was a reason... he believed he had done.

He was driving with his girlfriend to Visit Ian at his home in St Valery en Caux on the Normandy Coast more or less opposite Brighton. The romantic pair were travelling past a Chateaux with a woodland in front when a young girl suddenly appeared on the road before them. He dropped the anchors and screeched to a halt in the dead of darkness. The girl who came within a fraction of an inch of the car's bonnet simply vanished right in front of their eyes.

The rest of the journey was spent trying to work out what had happened to the girl and how she managed to disappear - they arrived at their destination looking pale and scared.

Ian's son has travelled on the same road at night many times since, but the girl has never reappeared.

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You are in: Southern Counties > Features > Strange South > Britain's Most Haunted Road?

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