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24 September 2014

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Thursday, 13 March, 2003 11:21
A leaner Georgina!
Georgina Windsor gets some exercise
Georgina Windsor is determined to lose weight
tiny We all do it... stuff ourselves at Christmas, then try to lose weight in January. Most of us fail!

BBC South's Georgina Windsor has had enough. She's tried before, but this time she's determined to shed those extra pounds.

Georgina's healthy menu

Georgina's Update

Slimmers messageboard

BBC health

BBC South's fat loss counter

Win a day at a health spa

NHS Direct - advice on healthy eating

Diabetes UK

Emma Wells
(Nutritianal Therapist)

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video Georgina's TV reports for Southern Ways:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

(56k video)

To view these video reports you'll need some software called Realplayer. It's free and you can download it here

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You should always consult your GP if you're in any way concerned about your health.

A small chocolate bar contains around 250 calories, whereas a banana has only 100.

Ten minutes spent playing football on a chilly day can burn around 65 calories.

A brisk 20 minute walk uses about 150 calories.

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Click here for Georgina's latest news on her battle against weight!

If you dread stepping onto the bathroom scales for fear of what they'll tell you, you're not alone.

The statistics don't make good reading - a third of the middle aged UK population is overweight and hospitals are seeing more people with age onset diabetes, which is primarily linked to having excess fat.

"I've been overweight for over four years - and for four years I've made the New Year's Resolution that it's time to lose weight. This year I want to succeed - so I've been on the search for how to make it work - I've failed so many times before."
Georgina Windsor

Georgina decided to film her quest for Southern Ways, which forms part of BBC South's nightly programme, South Today.

If you missed her reports, you can view them here on the BBC Southampton website using the links to the left of this page.

Talking to the experts, she discovered that quick fix diets usually fail - the weight often piles back on as soon as normal eating is resumed.

The lasting solution is painfully simple... cut down on sugar and fat and eat plenty of fruit and veg.

To find out about the health issues, Georgina went to Southampton General Hospital, where The Welcome Trust Clinical Research Facility is researching the link between weight and diabetes.

Georgina sat in the Bod Pod to be assessed
The Bod Pod

Dr Helen Holt weighed Georgina, then put her in a special machine called the Bod Pod, which measured the amount of fat in her body.

The verdict... because of her weight, Georgina is at increased risk of some diseases, including diabetes.

Next, Nutritional Therapist Emma Wells gave Georgina the facts of food. Basically you need a bit of everything, because that's how your body gets the nutrients it needs to function properly. Wholegrains are good, like brown rice.

And the best thing is... it's ok to snack! As long as they're healthy snacks. It's actually good to eat small meals and often.

For more information on healthy eating, download our factsheet

"I'll give myself some non-food treats every time I reach a milestone, like losing half a stone. The first one is having a manicure!"
Georgina Windsor

Healthy eating is one thing but what about the power of the mind?

Georgina went to see a Neuro Linguistic Practioner, Vanessa Turner.

According to Vanessa, it's all about visualisation. Her studies have shown that it's better to think positive. Tell yourself "I want to be slimmer", rather than "I don't want to be fat".

Vanessa Turner
Vanessa Turner told Georgina about the power of the mind

If you repeat these things to yourself they will form a habit in your mind within 21 days, says Vanessa, and the more times you say them, the more you will start to believe them.

You can find out more about Neuro Linguistics at Vanessa's website

Of course exercise plays a role as well. (Didn't you just know this was coming?!)

Expecting to be hurled into a grueling regime of sit-ups, rowing and jogging, Georgina sought the advice of personal trainer, Anthony Brown.

Anthony had Georgina doing press-ups
There's no easy way!

Anthony didn't disappoint. Within half an hour Georgina was working up a sweat on the treadmills and even dropping for some press-ups. As Anthony said: "Nobody else can do it for you and no money can buy what you have to do for yourself."

In the end, Georgina received some simple advice which was much less daunting than the gym... get out and walk. As simple as that. Find a short route, time yourself walking it and then try to beat that time. After a while, increase the route.

Remember, you should consult your GP before embarking on any fitness programme.

Shelly before
Shelly before her diet

Shelly Rivers lost nine stone and now feels healthy and energetic. Georgina went to meet her, for inspiration.

Shelly had two young children and was very overweight. She joined a slimming club and lost the weight in two years.

Shelly's advice? "If you could feel how I feel now, you'd lose weight. I feel energetic, healthy and back to my old self."

Shelly now
Shelly nine stone lighter

"I was getting very miserable and becoming bitter. But the only person that can do this is you - it has to come from you."

Shelly cut out high fat and high sugar foods and took regular exercise. She now works for the slimming club!

Taking all this advice on board, Georgina has cut down on animal fat and reduced the amount of sugar she eats by half.

"It was very hard to hear that by carrying around three stone excess weight I was increasing my risk of developing age onset diabetes in the future by 50 times"
Georgina Windsor

She's reduced her alcohol intake and is eating five fruit and veg portions per day.

She's walking a mile several times a week and timing herself. Over time she aims to increase the walk to three miles.

Also, she's using positive affirmations 10 times a day. "I want to be slimmer, healthier and fitter."

You can follow Georgina's progress here on the BBC Southampton website, and by watching Southern Ways, during South Today.

South Today
Weekdays, BBC1, 6:30pm

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