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13 November 2014

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Jess Rudkin

Jess presents on BBC Somerset, 95.5fm,. 1566 am and online.

Jess Rudkin

You studied Philosophy, so here's a question for you. Why are you here?

Good question! As a rookie journalist back in 2003, I came to BBC Somerset for a look around and ended up being asked to go out and interview people. Maybe that's why I immediately felt at home, and basically never left.

Worst job?

I've had a million jobs since starting as a Saturday girl in a pub at 13 for about three pence an hour (OK, maybe £2.50). Waitressing, washing up, bar work, shop work, telesales, cleaning. Telesales came pretty close, but the worst was probably cleaning new build houses after the builders had finished. They are a filthy lot. Not sure why I've now chosen to live with one!

Perks of this job?

It's brilliant. Where else could you get paid to talk, to be opinionated, and to get to the bottom of mysteries, spin and quandaries? I learn something new every day and it's a job that doesn't feel like work. Plus I get to steal Adam Thomas' biscuits. He's a purveyor of fine unhealthy snacks.

Worst on air nightmare?

Crikey. We've all had the odd technical hiccup, but the nightmare that sticks in my mind the most was back in the early days. I was reporting live from a comics convention, and had asked the convention's organiser (a local comedian) whether there was a collective term for comic fans that I could use in the report. He said 'Yes! You call them _____.'  On air, I introduced a particularly scary Norwegian comic fan as a ____ and he went absolutely nuts. Apparently ____ is quite an offensive term to Aspiring Graphic Novel Artists. But I learnt two valuable lessons. One, always double check your facts. Two, never trust a comedian.

Favourite Somerset place?

There's a spot on the Brendon Hills on a footpath between Chipstable and Waterrow where you can turn a full 360 degrees without seeing any civilisation. It's where the rolling landscape of the Brendons gives way to the rugged edge of Exmoor and it's absolutely stunning. I'm torn between wanting to win the lottery and build a house there, and not wanting to ruin the tranquility. Maybe I'll go for a tipi instead.

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You are in: Somerset > BBC Local Radio > Presenters and Reporters > Jess Rudkin

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