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24 September 2014
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Glastonbury 2004

Story last updated: 23 Jan 2007 1510 GMT Click here to view a printable version of this pagePrintable version of this page
BlackBud battle to Glastonbury
Helen Otter reporter

After winning no less than two local Battle of the Bands competitions in Frome and Pilton, BlackBud claimed their prize at Glastonbury 2004.

Sam, Joe and Adam rocked the crowd at Glastonbury

After winning two official slots on the line-up, the Wiltshire-based band played sets on both the Avalon Stage and in the New Band Tent.

I caught up with Joe (guitar and vox), Adam (bass) and Sam (drums) backstage at the New Band Tent to find out how their fantastic prize measured up...

How are you finding Glastonbury? Are you enjoying it?

Joe: We're all loving it - it's been brilliant so far. We've seen some great bands too.

Joe from BlackBud on the Avalon Stage
Joe on the Avalon Stage

You played on the Avalon Stage and in the New Band Tent - how did those two sets go?

Adam: I thought they were both really, really brilliant. The crowd were responding all the time, and you get the amazing feeling of all the people who had come to see you.

Sam: It's been very strange really because I came here with not much expectation, just wanting to enjoy the weekend. Then having so many people at the gigs enjoying themselves its been such a great experience. Such a new experience for us as well because we've played to about 1,000 people before this weekend and I'm told there were 5,000 in the New Band Tent.

How does playing at Glastonbury differ from other gigs?

Sam: The crowd just wants to have a good time; they want to have a party. If you see a good act at Glastonbury you're going to go crazy. I think the great thing about this festival is the fact that everyone can accept all different styles of music.

Were you more nervous before your Glastonbury performances?

Sam: Just before I went on stage I was quite nervous. I guess seeing such a big crowd in front of you is quite striking. You can't contemplate all those people looking at you, so it's a new experience for us.

You've been getting a great reaction from the crowds too, which must feel fantastic, especially at somewhere like Glastonbury.

Joe: Yeah, it is. The best thing was at the very end of the set when we were doing a slow melodic end to a song called Barefoot Dancing. I just said: 'Thank you very much', and everyone started clapping. It was really loud applause. It felt like a really spirited moment to the set.

Adam: It was such a responsive crowd. I don't really think we've had such a crowd that has responded to every little thing that happened - it was brilliant.

Have you had chance to see any of the other bands here at Glastonbury?

Adam: I saw Baby Head on the Jazz World Stage - they were brilliant.

Sam: The best thing for me this festival is some gypsy, jazz, carnival madness in the green fields. It's just the craziness of Glastonbury that's the best thing, I think.

You must be building up quite a strong fan base yourself by now. Do you have any groupies yet?

Adam: Yeah, I guess you could say that (guffaw, guffaw)!

Have you got up to any rock and roll antics, like trashing your hotel room yet?

Sam: Instead of trashing our hotel rooms, we normally Hoover them up and have a bit of a clean for the next band, as a nice sort of gesture.

What's next for the band?

Adam: The immediate future is going to be more of the same - a lot of gigging, recording and writing. We're playing a lot of festivals too - Summer Sundae and the Ashton Court Festival.

What you think of Blackbud?

kaz john
i heard blackbud 4 the first time today they are absolutly superb !

Blackbud are genius's!! Me and all my friends think they're fantastic and their new single 'Heartbeat' is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!

rosa,josh and lynne
we love you blackbud!!!!!!!!

Dave Pratt
Saw these guys at the Holt (Wiltshire) music festival last year and they really impressed me with the mature approach to their music. A great band and I wish them well!

Roger, Barcelona.
(Son de puta madre). Very very good band. I saw them at the wintercase festival in barcelona. All three are amazing musicians, and it´s been a while since i´ve seen such a good live act. Adios amigos!

i saw blackbud at pilton party and thought they were great, i really enjoyed it. I sadely didnt see them at the festival but i definately will be next year! please play again!

i saw them at glasto in the avalon stage, GREAT!!! also went up and got them to sign our cds we had just bought, they looked so pleased :)

Daniel, London
I've known about Blackbud for a while through underground bands etc, they're a fantastic group with very refreshing use of blues and the instrument that is the voice - very Buckley-esque, they deserve their accolades.

Mike, Teddington
I saw them on both stages (on the recommendation of eFestivals) and was truly blown away by the maturity and diversity of their music. These aren't some identikit indie band; they have real depth and soul. Joe clearly spent large tranches of his youth listening to his dad's record collection! I hope they don't get hyped too quickly - they need time and room to develop. I'm off to see them at guilfest in 2 weeks - can't wait.

my mate steph has raved about blackbud and now i have seen them at glasto i see what all the fuss is about -there was electricity in the avalon and new tents - amazing talent - i feel that my presence at these performances will much envied in years to come! Sure fire rising stars. Well done lads!

I've never heard of them or seen them but I love the name and any band that hoovers is welcome to come and clean up my flat!

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BlackBud win Battle of the Bands
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