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29 October 2014

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Nature and Views

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Montacute House

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Have you been to Montacute House? What do you think?

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Andre Truelove
great day out , pity the kitchen was not on the list to visit though as I am a chef I would love to have seen it ...

Had wanted to see this house for a very long time and today did just that and was not disappointed. So much history still intact. helped me achieve imagining what life was like from its earliest period to its latest. Will definately go and see it again.

i went on a school history was kwl

rikki cousins
i love montacute u imagine livin their wow wat a house i agree with all messages and hello!!! liam and voizey me 2 best m8s

it was ok

jamie higgins
i went there yesterday and it was so good. i went with my mummy who also enjoyed it.

rikki cousins
i went to the house a week ago,its soo good. all the staff there are very helpfull. i would love to go again

liam hayter
i love the house so much i wish i had a house like that

kyle bishop
we went on a shool trip and it was gooooood

adam voizey
we went on a school trip with the best school in the world bucklers mead!!!

j chambers
its a gd house and vry intresting, thr r lts of typical n atypical features, keep up da gd work national trust.

we went on a school trip and eveery one loved it!!!

Me and my school went there its brill!

i have been to montacute house and its cool

I think its very interesting and would like to go there again

I want to live there

nikita blinman
i have never been there but im doing it as a history progect at the mo wat i'v read it seems intresting

Yur, i live in montacute, montacute house is a nice place and i am glad i live ther. mel

lauren withers
the house is greate I would definitely recomend it to everybody it is a greate place to go for the day. I know becase our year group went to it for a school is one of the best places i have ever been!!!

abbie hamblin
it was really fantastic i loved it. the tudors was really intresting

Bill Murch
absolutely wonderful

Is it really the house of the family of Montacute?? (I'm French, so I'm sorry if I made some mistakes...)

It is fantasic all of the gardens are lovely and the enployes there are very helpful

Esther Glaser
A really brilliant piece of Elizabethan architecture and a fascinating country house to visit.

jodie patten (age 7)
it was a very big house for its size and it was very old.

Harry Linge (age 8)
Magnificent - we had a great school trip and I want to take my Mum, Dad and sister to visit

Montacute House is on of the most outstanding house I have ever seen.

nel bakker
I think it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen! It also brings back memories of a wonderful holiday. The house features in the film "Sense and Sensibility", one of my favoutites!

You are in: Somerset > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Nature and Views > Montacute House

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