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24 September 2014

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Glastonbury town

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Have you been to Glastonbury? What do you think of the town?

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I love Glastonbury! I make the trip from Nottingham about 5 times a year or more now! I hope one day to stay! The people are very friendly and the relaxed pace of life is so lovely, you are accepted for your beliefs and your own individuality. The Tor, Chalice Well Gardens the Goddess Temple all amazing places... I can't praise Glastonbury enough....

My first home in England was Glastonbury. I'm now back in USA. I don't miss my ex, but I miss Glastonbury! Unique place, in it's own time zone, loves books, good public loos (still does pink loo roll?)Burns the Bread the best!

i live in glastonbury and have all me life.although i love travelling and experiencing other cultures and will continue doing so i will always return here if i do. and i think its the best place in the world to live because its atmosphere of everyone here is so relaxed and genuine. everyone come live here (actually not 2 many more its getting a lil crowded)

michael french
it's magical, mystical, and moving! I am drawn back to Glastonbury time and time again. I love it!

I was born near Glastonbury and although I now live in Australia still have a strong affection for and connection to this beautiful and spiritual place. How sad to see the attractive building in the centre of this wonderful town disfigured by vile blue paint!

Rev. Katherine Daye
Holy ground.

It is the most beautiful town in the world for me and I love it and be there every week.

After visiting Glastonbury a few weeks ago, I'm already homesick for this magical, mystical place. My heart's home. A place where I can be me.

caroke connor
my siser lives in glastonbury we visit every year i love it cant wait to go feel refresed

sue hennessy
very nice i try to go there every place ever.

glastonbury is absolutley magical.Id been going to the festival for years but had not visited the town until about 5 yrs ago.I love it there it gives me a buzz i do not feel any where else i feel a real connection with it it feels like home i would move there tommorow if i could.dont care if people think its all new age clap trap.Its special cant wait to go "home" again this summer!

Louise Goodridge
Yes, it was a "must see" on my first excursion to the UK, in 2002. Thoroughly enjoyed Glastonbury Abbey, and climbing up to the Tor. Lovely town, wouldn't mind living there actually. Hope one day to return.

From the very first time I visited England and Glastonbury I knew I had found the home of my soul.

I always enjoy returning to Glastonbury & try to visit regularly. The town has an atmosphere that is both relaxing & peaceful - I hope it never changes.

I really liked the atmosphere, and the view from the Tor was a delight. A place I definitely would not mind going back to.

i love Glastonbury more than any other place in the world! it has such peace and tranquility but also a lovely busy community. it is truly amazing!

Vicky Hill
What an experience! It was stepping back in time. Can't wait to go back!

I was living in Glastonbury some years ago and I love it. It´s my place in the world.

You are in: Somerset > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Nature and Views > Glastonbury town

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