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29 October 2014

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Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury 2005
Glastonbury Festival 2005

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Andrea Hepden
I've been having a bad day at work and am generally suffering from Glastonbury withdrawal this year! The Glastonbury 2005 gallery just put a smile back on my face, thank you. Fingers crossed for 2007.

Luke Day
Sitting in the office on me lunchbreak, trying to win tickets for 2007 & getting all dewy eyed when I look at the Pics of '05. Twas my 8th Glasto and the best by far! We love it! Thank you Micheal and Emily!

john forbes
nice to see those photos. dewy eyed at the memories. fight for your right to party sums up the weekend for me. roll on 2007

Glasto was amzin the atmosphere was brill even tho it rained people carried on in tru glatonbury fashion. luvd it!

mauricio etcheverry
i was living some time in ireland .. galway city..well me and some friends went to glastonbury festiva.. was amazing.. i come from chile .. south america.. was my first festival. i mean a big festival.. i remmember the inglish rain.. the girls. momm.. killers !! well they are a superband .. and the best for me was coldplay and garbage.. well i hope come back to ireland and how knows to galstombury festival again.. see ya .. !!

Galsto is the best festival ever!!!!!the weather doesnt make ant difference to the atmosphere. if u get a chance to go!GO!!!!COME ON 2007

michael and aimee
After just leaving Lamans24hr we was at glastonbury 2005.What a wicked time.Bring on 2007.Fingers crossed for tickets.

Glastonbury 05 rocked. It was my first time and definately not my last, the rain and mud just adds to the fun!!!! Glastonbury 2007 Look Out!!! A woo woo!!!!!!

1st time i went and it was really good until it rained coz i made the mistake of wearing my sandals and leaving my wellies in the car. I would deffinetly go again though. Bring on 2007! And if I don't go then I'll go with my mates another time ;D

it was the best ever i bin to

Zara Stuart
i loved it! 3rd time and it wont be the last! so good to be so free just come from my last exam into the sun then it tipped down... coming back was a huge reality check! miss the people i met. wish there was a glastonbury festival twice a year!!! cant wait for the next one... i'll be at the front of main stage again!

been twice now 04 and 05. That was da best week of my lyf glasnbry AND live 8 in 1!

had literally THE worst festival ever. wet, expensive and broke up with evil girlfriend. what a waste of time.

Simon Coppen
My first real festival and it well and truly blew me away. Basement Jaxx, White Stripes and Roots Manuva... what more can I say.... oh, it was a bit moist at times. All part of the fun. Went too quickly as well!!!! bring on 2007!

Danny Hammond
Although it was wet, it was still amazing. nothing can compare to Glastonbury Festival! I still miss being there! roll on 2007!

Rob Buchan
The best music event in the world wat an excelent weekend.

Somerset Crumpet Horn
It is like being in a dream for 5 days, it is so surreal being there that you forget entirely that a world outside the festival exists, until monday comes! the music is fantastic yet only a reletively small part of what glastonbury is all about. I don't think ive ever had so much fun with little sleep bad hygene and covered in mud - Breathtaking!

Manda Edwards
glasto is heaven. purely. i went in 04, and this years, and its just awesome. i never thought a human being could go without heeding the call of nature for 14 hours, let alone myself! lol, but glasto is great, i love it, next year will suck coz theres nothing to look forward to. I HEART GLASTO!

Robbie Dee
it was my first glasto and i cant stop talking about it the whole weekend was amazing. did anyone notice KYLIE ON A POLE cause that was me and my friends. thanks to everyone who joined in on our kylie on a pole chant. see you in 2007

it was my first but 2007 want come quick enough.met some great people alezi helen peaches and clementine if you read this see you in 2007 other feild same each other the world is a good place really

i wish there was going to be a glastonbury this year i would like to go again and take some people please perswade them to have it.

this was my first time and i fink dat da whole point of glasto is da mud and da whole fing was amazin

this one goes out to BOON n DIZZEE LAMB if u got heat then holla at me

x jazz x
im 13 it was my 1st time had great fun .. messin bout in mud!basment jaxx was da best!went nd brought dere album!v muddy..rewened it i recon!wud go agen weather permitin!xx

heyhey...i was at glasto 05 it was wikid!! without the mud it wud've bin betta but it was great wiv the mud!!

miss somerset
Stu, we live on the levels...they flood!

i loved it!
i loved it sooooooooooooooo much... my highlight was the brothers bar... pear cider! Mmmmmm! im so glad that they are now selling it on the internet!! coldplay rocked and james blunt just blew me away... its a shame its not on next year... but bring it on 2006! it should be another laugh but hopefully not as much rain and mud... but i guess that just added to the wonderful atmosphere! where i camped was at the botttem of a muddy hill... need i say more?!? ive had to thow away all my muddy clothes... but still thank you all for a great time! it is by far the best festival in the world!!! i loved it soooooooooooo much including those lovely loos... they made me feel as if i was in a 5star hotel!! LOL! so to conclude my "rather" long comment! i should like to say... CHEERS MATE! x x x

it rocked! i watched, and listened 2 some of the coolest popstars ever! cant wait till its nxt 1!

Wow.....I never a Camping ground where you have to dive to come into your tent...It must have been a real adventure! So, that littele Mud we had in Wacken, Germany is nothing in comparison with this!


Glastonbury 2005 was the best!!!!!!! The Mud and Rain is all part of it!!!! the killers and cold play were the best!!!!!!!

laraz and tonia
it was a truly fantalay tastic time we love you all in the silly way that we do. love ya x x xsee you in 07

billie from wainfleet, skegness
what can i say?? i really cannot find the words to explain what an excelent time i had. if you have never been, you will never understand! 2007..cant wait!

Oh what a festival! My first Glasto and i'll never forget it. Highlights were definitely "mud waltzing" outside the banyan tree cafe and being jumped on by Ricky from the Kaiser Chiefs... Roll on 2007!

Emma from Frome
I wanted to go! looked so much fun! i wacthed most of it on tv though, looked amazing even with all of that rain and mud, let's hope i can go in 2007!! ;)


A .S.R.P.
sunday tickets, we took two kids in wheelchairs.organization was superb went without a hitch. shocked by the condition of the site, we draged the chairs through the mud to the pyramid field fantastic day out. hard work but worth it . would love to camp in 2007 the help for the disabled is outstanding truly greatful.

Michelle from Bedford
My 5th Glastonbury and it still rocks!!!!

Ross M
Does anyone know where i go to get a refund!!!!!!! What a Joke

i lost my toe nail thanks to the sheer weight of the mud covering my lovely converse!

Julian From Macclesfield
What a year! The sun the mud and the rain couldn't have asked for more. oh apart from the White Stripes. Bring on 2007

My 1st ever Glastonbury and it had 2 be the wettest and muddiest yet surely ?? But still, I can not wait until 2007 !! What a fantastic experience. I loved every minute of it. The Killers were superb ! KYLIE ON THE POLE !!

Helen Hancock
My sister and I travelled from Glasgow by bus for our first ever Glastonbury Festival. On arrival we were met by Festival staff who were exceptionally friendly, helpful and cheerful - not to mention your own BBC Radio Interviewer! The Festival was pure magic, I couldn't explain how much I enjoyed it. We were camped up on a hill and fortunately the rain did not harm us too much. We were also very lucky as we had wonderful "neighbours", a local couple, Roz and Gil and their son Stephen plus the Security staff who were based a few yards away they were really heplful when an intruder tried to get into our tent. The music was fantastic - I must say my particular, favourites were Van Morrison, Jools Holland and the old Beach Boy, Brian Wilson - as I remember him the first time arround and I was able to show some of the young folks how you really dance to Surfin USA!!!!! I was blown away by James Blunt and will always associate So Long, Jimmy with Glastonbury. Loved some of the cabaret stuff along with the belly dancers but did not take in everything I would have liked. The only thing I would give the thumbs down to are the toilets - unbelievable in this day and age - next time I'll bring my own (and a clothes peg). What a great atmosphere - a big thank you to all who made it a trully magic week-end.

I love glasto!!!!! Another amazin year! Love the mud, rain and shine, love the music (Razorlight!! sad i missed coldplay tho) love the atmosphere. Loved it all! Bring on 2007! X

My tent was 3ft underwater and I don't think I could have had a better time! Thanks so so so much to the lovely people at the sanctury tent, you guys made the weekend for me! Bring on 2007!

heidi from yorkshire
Defo carnt wait till 2007 We camped on pennards and loved it everyone was so freindly and when the worst happend people were amazing. I saw countless acts of kindness. My faith in human nature is renewed xx

Robin Gay
Why oh why would anyone really want to go to a field (Which turned into a swinningpool of poo) and get covered from head to toe in mud????

wicked and wet why oh why did it have to end

Jenny From London
I know that this is late, as glasto was two weeks ago...but here it is anyway. I was a glastonbury virgin, and will SOOOOO be going in 2007! Had a fantastic time, met someone wish i'd got his number, he was good (wink wink nudge nudge!) despite the extreme weather i don't think i've ever had such a brilliant weekend! - Mash

Lucy Bostock
What an experience for this first timer! Like going to another planet.

Another fantastic glasto, been going ten years now and it just gets better each year. Just want to say hi to turtle who worked in the chi tea tent for putting up with me and my madness on saturday night, lost vaeugness does that to you. see you all in 2007.

Charlie- Manchester
Amazing!!!!!!!! Even the weather didn't put us off!

First time@Glasto after tring hard for 3years to get a ticket.Had an excellent weekend,loved the Caberet Tent and Basement Jaxx were amazing!Never mind Kylie on a pole,wot bout Flat Eric with flashing false teeth?C'mon 2007!

Was incredible. I was a Glastonbury virgin and it was the best festival I've ever been to. The rain and mud didn't spoil anything. Music great, circus great, people great!! Can't wait for the next one.

amazing loved it my second glasto aged 14! o yea plus backstage passes woooooo kate moss really is beautifull. not as tall as i expected her to be though. anyway such a worth while experience!!!!

Went to Glasto for first time this year, and must say it's highly over-rated. Didn't find people over-friendly, and the mud DOES spoil things!

ben rogers
Congradulations to Michael and crew for another fantastic Festival. I thought the site and organisers coped superbly in extremely difficult conditions. My 23rd Festival and one of the best! Roll on 2007.

Left literally dragging our feet behind us!!! What a weekend and what a MOMENT! Lets hope we can pass the good vibes onto G8!

peter styles
i need to find my sister foto,there are so many, i havent seen her since glastonbury, i wonder she sia abut under the weather at the moment!!! lol

Glastonbury is THE place!!! What can I do in 2006? I love Glastonbury - Dresden Dolls were amazing! Brian and Amanda are my heroes! hehehe!

time of my life! can't wait for 2007!

everything else compared to glasto is so small. 1st festival and i loved every minute of it. Coldplay and Killers- amazing!!! BUT THERE'S NO PICTURE OF ME!

its the best week of my year each and every year. i will be lost come summer 06

I miss it every minute..wish it could be a year long fest, roll on 2007!!!

sorry to hear that kezz. hope you're ok. well it was my first glastonbury - i won two tickets (thanks Q!!!) making it even better. Thats me in the bright red and white shorts on photo 70! it is a cliche, but with glasto you really have to go to know what its like - just amazing - and not just the bands. its the people, its the weirdness of lost vagueness, its waking up at 9am next to the stone circle encased in a schmangle, its having billy bragg play a special performance in the 24 beer tent, its sharing some cheese with a couple from cambridge, its losing my bag, only to be rung up by lost property that it was found, containing my camera wallet and even cash still in place, its....glastonbury!!!

i was disapointed to find out the big LOVE letters wernt ther this time. ther lovely to sit n look at n i think they shud def be ther next time.

it would not have been a reall glasto without the mud, pitty the music did not play as late as it used to, and discoverd that working glast is so good fun... clean staff tolets :)

Sean holden
it was the best 5 days ive ever lived, Stoftype!

I Love the people and the festival so much,its my home,yet i'm only there for such a short time! I want to live and work there every day forever. Its so beautiful even with all the mud and rain the weather can not spoil the wonderful vibe! See you in 2007 my friends! thank you all!

It was awesome. Our fourth Glastonbury - we treat it as our family holiday and all 5 of us go. Our children aged 2-18 absolutely love it and we think this year was the best. Bah humbug to those of you who think that 125.00 for three days of solid entertainment is too much. What planet are you from? U2 are charging up to 90.00 for one evening, and I definately wouldn't pay to see them. Glastonbury is magical.Can't wait for 2007.

Started off lovely on the THURSDAY am.washed out FRIDAY am.still met some great people who helped me out too many to all who met and knows THE BIG BOPPER. at GLASTONBURY 05 thank-you and see you in 07....xxxx

Bird 2
What an amazing experience!! 1st time glasto goer.. future veteran! Met an amazing person, you know who you r.. get in touch :o)

Judy, Bristol
I'm 59 in a couple of weeks and this was my first Glasto! It was fantastic, and I'm sad it's all over - roll on 2007. Coldplay, Killers, Rodrigo & Gabrila, Jules, Van, White Stripes, Brian Wilson were all amazing... So many others that I missed. Mud, mucky loos, tent on a slope, but view straight across to the Pyramid Stage all added to the magic. I could have been back in the Sixties! Didn't feel out of place - no ageism - and security, police, workers and festival-goers all smiling and lovely. Thank you, Sir Michael.

Matt w
Brilliant brilliant Glasto as ever, roll on 2007... wish i was still waking up and aqua planing around in the mud not back at work.....

glastonbury is how life should be.rain or kills me everytime to about 2 glastonburys a year?

Gary (beast) Wilson
I had an amazing time!!! It was my 3rd Glastonbury and wasn't put off by the rain! I'll be back in 2007!!!!

helena from plym
fab,fab,fab...thanx to james from Bristol u know who you are!!! All the helston possy. roll on 2007xxx

What an amazing weekend. I feel like I need to tell the world about Glastonbury, so many people are oblivious to what it is all about, its not just the music, its about being with your closest friends and having the most amazing time of your life, I feel sorry for people who will never experience what the festival has to offer, nobody can describe it.

Lemard and Peachy
It rocked man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Sunday morning I awoke to the news that my dad had died. I cried my eyes out in the acoustic tent when an amazing guitar duo from Mexico Rodrigo y Gabriella suddenly evolved into Floyd's "Wish you Were Here" and the audience sang their moving hearts out. Then Brian Wilson, Eddie Reader and the Wailers all in one day - followed by beautiful moments till dawn up by the Stone Circle. The worst and best a day could deliver. Glastonbury - you too will be loved forever.

My first Glastonbury. Wow. My memories. Well there was the Pear Cider and who cares after that. Mr Eavis, thank you. It was an absolutely fantastic event which I will remember for a very long time. Fingers crossed for tickets for the next one. I can't wait.

Jeremy Shaw
From Rivendell to river in four hours of rain! Just shows how much love is there that even that couldn't wash it away.

Glastonbury was f***ing brilliant!!! James Blunt was amazing on sunday and Garbage rocked. Shirley Manson is hot!!!

couchy south wales
it was glasto number 7 for me this year,and every year i get to love the place even more. it was a little muddy up there, but ime well used to it by now, glastonbury is a special place, and it should go on for ever. cant wait till 2007.

Paul - Bristol
It breaks my heart every time, to leave the festival. The rest of the world seems so black and white.

Matt Southan
Hatseed Dixie AND Chas and Dave rocked and then Bass Jax blew the party wide open. First time and definately not the last.!!!!!

big al paterson(troon)
i have been a few times before with my mates, fantastic memories, but this year my frumpy wife of 20 yrs and my 18 yr old girl wanted to come..all i can say to the eavis`s is "thank you with all my heart" they enjoyed the whole experiance and can`t wait till 07..the festival and the people have a great power that makes us feel moved...i hope we can all use this power to move the idiots that run our country..long live worthy farm and all around it..PEACE...BIG AL

Without a doubt a life changing experience, -a village of happy like minded peeps spreading the love. Big come down gettin back to the real world- but I just have to put my mind back to glasto and I smile. If only life could be like that every day. Shout to the Bugz and Northampton crew! C y'all in 2007!

Every one should be listed so that they are made to attend at least one Glastonbury in their lives. Then people will start to understand and may be just may be the world could become a better place. I'm homesick.

James U'Dell
I was a Glastonbury virgin and i loved every minute of the wouldn't of been the same without lashings of mud! Will definately be going in 2007. Coldplay were awesome and deserve all the special recognition they've received. Chilli Peppers next time please...!!!

Angelika Mueller
Hi! it was my first glastonbury-festival and i ever wanted to go! unberlieveable what happend! i met so many nice people and i had so much fun with my best mate renata! glad that we´ve been there and my compliment to all the people worked there - youre brilliant! thank god for wellies and that wonderful weekend! angelika

the festival this year was amazing we got trollied and had a great time - best bands wer the wailers and basment jaxx cant wait till next time!!!!!!!!!!

This was my first time at Glastonbury, but I've been to lots of festivals before, so I thought I knew what to expect. How wrong I was. It was far better than I imagined, despite the mud, porta-loos and the fact that I blacked out at the front of the crowd during the White Stripes.

My second Glastonbury and it was just as special and amazing as last year. The mud didn't dampen anyone's spirits and the bands were all wicked, enjoyed Killers, Go! Team, Kaiser Chiefs and Brian Wilson in particular. Me and my boyfriend Farrell also tied the knot at the chapel so ive got lots of famtastic memories! Roll on 2007!

even with that much rain i still did'nt see a single frown! gota be something about that place! mint.

millie moo
i think glastonbury is the greatest! i just cant get enuf! we love you chris martin!!!! im deffinetly buyin a ticket nxt time looks wicked fun!

awww i went last yr twas fantastic i wanted to be there this year unlucky everyone is now going to leeds insted but still should be a laugh but roll on 2007 i cant wait and arggg im excited already

jane kerrigan
wow-glasto the best,feel that love,queued for 3 hours for cashpoint friday,guy next in line was offered £10 to jump que, "what fxxk off" the que cheered most of us had lost tents in the flood you could feel the bond.

simon gilbert
Did not think that workin at Festival, I would have to search flooded tents for bodies! Gladly there were none

How good was this year??!!! Despite contracting conjunctivitis (from muddy contacts) and a stonking cold (cold mud again), I had a brilliant time! The 2 guys I met whose tent went for a swim down the Pennerd Hill river but still managed to have a laugh about it all, really showed the true Glasto spirit :o) Will miss it sorely next year - roll on 2007...and be sure to bring the mud back with you!!

Emily Presley
best weekend iv had all my life it was amazing everyones so chilled and just does not care what they look like or what there doing the best place in the world by far!!!

Tom Brown
I love glastonbury but there were to many people stealing things from peoples tents i wish they would go and get a life.other than that the fest was wicked and the mud was great.see ya in two years.

Kevin Plunkett
i swam, i waded, i laughed, i paraded, i ran, i fell, but my spirits never faded!.....thank you for an awsome time yet again! i hope this Festival goes on 4eva. This festival is so well put together, the team of people who put all their hard work and effort into this deserve something, i dont know what, but i hope someone comes up with something soon. i cant thank the Eavis`s enough, i was lucky enough to meet Emily this year, she so pretty!! thank you so much AGAIN!! xx

Not missed glast since my first visit in 1994. This year I had one of the best times if not the best. I spent more time in the caberet field etc., and loved it so much. A knighthood for Mr Eavis would not give him the appropriate recognition for the difference he's made to peoples lives, both home and abroad.

Big John
Feeling "homesick" for Glastonbury and have lovely dreams and memories of such a life changing experience. Roll on 2007 and lets hope that Alabama 3 are back (amazing sound)and Lost Vagueness gets more space.

Ian - West Yorks
My first Glastonbury at age 46 - loved every minute - so much to see and do, will have to go back to see the stuff I missed this time. Big Thanx to Chris Paul kitty Dot Kelvin and especially Richard. Best wishes to these and everyone else who was there.

This was my 1st Glastonbury and i had one of the best times of my life!! From sitting up in the green fields by the stone circle on Thursday listening to the nutter with his pedal powered microphone thingy to The Killers on Friday night and Coldplay Sat and all the other wicked bands we saw - it was all fantastic - even the mud and storms. Nothing could have dampened my spirits - roll on 2007 i cannot wait to go back again!! LOVED IT!!!! x x x

Nic - Essex
First time - what a blast. Can not wait for 2007. Well done to all that went - mud, what mud....!!

iv'e just been looking at all these pictures of glastonbury and it looked bril!:) im definatley goin 2 go wen i'm older!!! (im 15.) covered in mud! yay! lol.

The first of many for me i hope. Had a blast and am now on a massive Glasto come down. It just blew me away. What else can i say except it's hard to come back to reality after that. Roll on 2007.

Tam @Runcorn
Well impressed 1st ever glasto and ill be back the rain might of fell but the sun still shined in every1's heart, the spirt of every1 was amazing, Keane was supreb followed by coldplay what a great weekend Evry1 has got to do it sometine in there life!!!!

Glastonbury is the best place on earth,come rain or shine, it's blissful running riot for a few days, no-one gives a shit - its ace! The new dance village was cool,as its not on next year I might just go to spain to experience a festival in the sun - roll on 2007 see you then!

sons chosen reward for passing 11+ ... inspired choice

claire Ashcroft
The Pomes really know how to enjoy themselves aye?? Try going to New Zealand and watching the rugby next time!!!

First Glastonbury at the age of 45. We took our 3 kids and we all had a great time despite the rain and mud. Keane were brilliant as were all the bands we saw. We can't wait to go back next time.

Coxy - Middlesbrough
This was my first time at Glastonbury after a few years of watching it on tv and hearing astounding reports of how great it is from my brother who has been there four now. I thought it was well great and even though i was luckily enough to get a ticket througha re-sale. The rain was long and hard it didnt stop me enjoying the atmosphere and the great bands. Highlight for me was watching Fatboyslim with the specs. Looking forward to 2007.

My first glasto. what a special place, it will always be with me. Stone circle on wed night, people turning up and jamming with bongos and all sorts of instruments, friday the undertones made the rain all better+ the john butler trio. amazing. fatboy coldplay and the jaxx all ruled. what about the silent dance tent - surreal!!! back again in 2007 - see you there!

Ed Kent crew
Thanks michael Eavis My fifth glasto and they just get better and better !

It was the best Glastonbury so far, mud and all. Roll on 2007

my glasto cherry was truly popped!excellent!ileft an important part of my brain in a field in somerset...Cheers emily and Michael!

Biff (Mark)
This was my sixth time at Glasto and it has to rate amongst one of the best! Id like to give out a shout to the Pennard Hill survivors. I was on the hill but not in the lake at the bottom. we did have a river running past our campsite where many people had to move. Also a shout out to anyone I met.

Feeling a little lost and homesick without Glastonbury. It really feels like you've been there your entire life once your there. Even better than last year even with all that mud......roll on 2007!

Another year, another Glasto over and I enjoyed it more than I ever have. Was really, really fantastic to meet some Glasto virgins on Sat night who were truly deserving of their tickets - shame about the couple camped next to us who left on Friday because they couldn't stand "this dirty, dirty place"?!? Eh?!? And to the guy who said T in the Park looks like it would outdo Glasto this year - hehehe! The two are just incomparable - 20+ stages housing bands from all around the world with an atmosphere like no other festival over a site as large as Bath! Ah heaven :o) Thanks to Michael & Emily, stewards, all the backroom staff, all the emergency services for their sterling efforts to get the straw down and mopping up the mud and I really hope everyone enjoys their time off next year. You all deserve it. 723 days to go.

Still Amazing!!! Ian Brown was Fantastic. Coolest man in the world at the coolest place in the world!

Brannan of the beat
4th time in a row, how is it possible that this thing keeps getting better? Where else can you meet a man dressed as a bat on stilts, and an old grandma with her baps out all in the same field?? joy! bring on '07

glasto number 10 and it just keeps getting better! best moment... getting mud wiped off my nose by chris martin!!!

Maria Christodoulou (Acoustic Camp)
If any of the guys i met at Glasto are reading this, i just wanna say that it was a real pleasure and a wonderful experience. Love to Chris Spyrides, Mark, Jess, Em, Jo, Claire, Sid, Rat Boy (you know who you are!) Rob, and Nick. I know there were more of you but my brain is still recovering. So love to all with the Rainbow Theatre and hope to see you all in July. Big Highlight, had to be meeting Billy Bragg x

Awesome. Truly the best weekend i've had to date. Hannah an Ellie met down there, u 2 were boss! Love it!

I'm back in 2007... cant wait!!!!!!!

James McDermott
I won the tickets and im glad i did. The rain got us all wet but never dampened our spirits. The best festival i have ever been to and il have this experience with me for the rest of my life. £20 for wellys, cheap as chips!!!

Well, It wasn't my first, but it was my boyfriends first and what a great one to be your first. We had the whole lot! Storms, mud and baking hot sun. The atmosphere was fantastic, and we had a fab time dancing about and seeing great bands. Thanks to all involved!

John - Manchester
Absolutely superb weekend. An early stumble meant I was covered in mud for most of the time I was there but that didn't break morale. Cheers for my free competition tickets and Matt for all the driving!!!

o my god it was so amazing i miss you already glasto

tony h
My first glastonbury and rain certainly didn't stop play. Slopping around in the mud was loads of fun, though I think everyone felt for those whose tens were submerged in 3 feet of chemical-toilet-spilled muddy water at the bottom of pennard hill. Eat Static's chilled set on sunday night was blinding!! Roll on 2007!

Milly (Specialised Security 222)
To the two girls, at the front of the Pyramid Stage, who made me laugh so much all day and night Saturday. THANK YOU!! A great festival even for us who worked through most of it. Coldplay and Kaiser Chiefs were awesome. P.s Sorry Jo Whiley, if you havent got the right pass you can't go back stage lol!! Also sorry Ricky Wilson, you're my hero and i stopped you going backstage too, but it was dark on Friday night mate. lol Next time i'll be the other side of the wire!!! Laters.

After my my initial state of denial I realised... It's only mud - It does wash off! What a great weekend! Re-adjusting now to 'normal' civilisation. I pity those who slate Glastonbury as clearly they have never been. Roll on 2007.

Rain? What Rain? Glasto was brilliant, wet and full of pear cider! White Stripes were great

My first ever festival and first time at Glastonbury, it certainly won't be my last. Had a fantastic time, i feel really down to be back at work, i could quite easliy get used to living in a field, not washing and listening to great bands all day. Coldplay were the highlight of the weekend with Brian Wilson coming a close second. Kaiser Chiefs, Basement Jaxx, Bloc party, Keane and the killers also rocked. Despite having my tent washed away and not having any wellies the weather did nothing to dampen my spirit, if anything it made it more enjoyable. Gutted its not on next year, can't wait to go back in 2007.

I agree with the person who said that they cry when they watch it on tv at home, I've done that for the last four years - accept this year! I was there for the first time in 21 years and I had forgotten how good that feels! We had an awesome time - just the huge diversity of music and art make it a very special experience - it makes you humble to see all that talent and enthusiasm. I actually think it is better now than 21 years ago - I'm old enough to know how to be prepared for the elements, keep warm, dry, clean and well fed - but young enough to enjoy everything! Roll on 2007

After 5 glaso's this was one of the best. Wed & Thurs sunshine was supurb, Friday was quality watching those who arrived late and camped on lower ground. Once the music started and after 3 days the highlight was GLASTONBURY, its all good. Cant wait for 2007, lets hope I get a ticket. Big shout going out to Orla.

Hetty - Bath
i had a wicked weekend, lived through the biggest contrast of weather ever - from serious sunburn weather to storms and floods!the music was awesome, Coldplay and Basement Jaxx were my favourites! i loved the whole experience, can't wait for 2007.

Rebecca Oliver
My 3rd Glastonbury - a challenge but a fantastic weekend. We were on Pennard Hill and were caught in the 'river' but managed to rescue our tent and belongings. Then I got a really bad reaction to sunburn and now have a swollen face - looking really attractive!! Loved Coldplay and The Killers and of course the cider. Glasto will be missed next year but need a couple of years to recover!

quite simply outstanding. what a fantastic few days! thank you so much to every single person involved in putting something magical like that together - lots of hard work and a heap full of fairy dust! immense!

absolutly amazing! dont think i have had so much fun in my entire life! before this i was a festival vergin and what a festival to have as a first! roll on 2007! and whos was the little yellow duck?!?

I'm guessing there are about 125000 people feeling really low now that it's all over because that had to be the most amazing experience ever and now we have to wait another 2 years! Bring on 2007 and bring on the mud!!!!!

Missin glasto already. don't wanna be back home!!!

What a magical place and what a fab weekend. Glasto Virgin & it was well worth the 14yr wait to get there, a dream come true.Thanx Paul for giving in & getting tickets I Knew I was marrying the right man.

Glastonbury lover!
jus wona say glastinbury was wicked the best was workin but still found time to partay at the dance field the glade n even basement jaxx!!! cant wait till 2007 i no it will be ven better nothing can ever stop it even the rain n the mud!!

mud...what mud

Just had my 4th & WOW just gets better & better. Micheal Eavis - you're my hero! Can't understand people griping about the ticket price tho - where else could you get 6 days of sheer hedonism at that price. If it aint worth it - don't go!

Lynn BFB
Age is a state of mind! Glastonbury was FAB mud rules KO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Day (Willow)
If glastonbury didn't rain it would not of been as good as it was, not by a long shot, it was the best fun i have ever had in my life and wouldn't of changed for any other festival in the world. Please come back in 2007.

Nicole (simone)
love the mud, what a great workout. have returned home with twigs for legs. Can't wait for 2007.xxxx

my first time a bit burnt from the weds and thurs sun, our tent got flooded it was a right laugh had a top time. white stripes were amazing. so glad i went with my boyfriend 'dave' my brother 'mike' and my best mate 'jo' wouldnt have been the same without them. we will see you in 2007!!

words can not describe how amazing it was. no were else the same. this year was my 8th and it gets better every year. LOVE IT!!! cya in 07!!!

Will Day
Wet but the best fun i ever had. I really liked mud that was the best.

Aww i miss it already! KYLIE ON A POLE!!! hey Nathan and Vanessa if you read this you guys are great! See you in 2007 Glastonbury!!!

joe b one

Lee Bee (pic 55!) How cool!
The absolute of Ying & Yang of Glasto's ever!Far too many to mention... I first went 20 yrs ago but 1st time I did the family thing this year by myself with my kids. We ALL loved it! Only just made it home (2am Tues) LOL to everyone met there & to all staff & my neighbours who got us home! (broke my ankle late Sun night!) Glasto 05 rocked in all ways imaginable and is up there as the biggest Glasto experience EVER had (and dare I say it the best ever!!!) See you all in 2007 - can't wait.....

ahhh my tent got flooded but i got on tv im in the front of the crowd on the killers and white stripes kool !! shame bout the rain but great fun !

Jonny Briggs
3rd time at Glasto and it was the best ever. Have had the most fabulous weekend...though i cant remember what i've been doing. 2007.....everyone up for doing again? of cause we knows it!!!!

nowhere else could i have wandered in a green tutu or danced outside a burger van and still be considered sane! absolutley brilliant, cant wait for 2007!!!! x

Peter & Cath
Image 75 Is us.. the wettest breakfast we have ever had.. But we loved it..Bring on 2007.

This was my 4th glastonbury and probally one of the best. I loved every minute. I didnt get too badly flooded although i dont think anybody could escape the mud while walking round. The killer and kaiser cheifs RAWKED!!! woooi just want the weekend to carry on forever

Tina and Matty
The best experience we've ever had. The mud made it more exciting and fun! Can't stop crying coz i still want to be there and live the hippy lifestyle. WE LOVE GLASTONBURY!!!!!!!

oh my good was that weekend?! very, that's how. didn't get flooded, luckily, bit soggy though. would've payed for the atmosphere alone...the music ruled. see you in two years :)


Dozza Age 30 1/4
First time i've been and loved it.. A truly amazing experience.. i've been to other festivals but nothing comes close. See you all in 2007

ah, i miss the rain and mud and dancing... *sigh*

Nick and Lorraine
Absolutely Amazing!!! Wish we were still there!

Ryan Houghton
Hey, This was my FIRST!! ever Glastonbry and i thought it was AMAZING!! By far the best time of my life. I'm depressed it's all over and can't wait for 2007. I saw some amazing bands over the weekend inclding Coldplay who were fantastic. I managed to get to the front for a few performances I saw James Blunt on the Sunday, he was great and KT Tunstall on Saturday was fantasic to I also was on TV while watching her! If anyone watches the her performance I'm the shaved head guy in the front with a blue jacket on. What else can I say other than I loved every second i was their (including the mud!) until 2007 - I'll c u there!!! Ryan - Bristol

Doris (AKA John P)
I'm 54 and this was my first Glasto. Absolutely fantastic and the best time of my life. Who would have thought I'd be walking around in a dinner jacket, bow tie, pink feather bower and a black ostrich feather hat (hence the name Doris) The Glasto people are fantastic and age doesn't matter - its just down to a state of mind. I want to keep going, especially back to Lost Vagueness.

All I gota say is Sripes friday night, Magic Numbers and Coldplay sat night and the Jaxx sunday nite followed by an amazing nite/morning at the Stone Circle. Paradise all in 1 location!Awesome!

Laura Tew
the Glastonbury Festival is a wonderful thing, firstly there is a smile on everyones faces at all times whatever the weather or situation, the atmosphere is electric, secondly it puts somerset on the map in light of an amazing event which is recognised worldwide. I go every year and im from somerset and proud!

Twas my first but not my last Glastonbury- it was fantastic!I was one of the very lucky ones that just got wet and muddy- I felt sorry for all the dudes that lost all their stuff- so glad most stayed and made it a brilliant festival- big up to OZRIC TENTACLES, THE BEAT AND STANTON WARRIORS - what a combination of sounds that was on Saturday! C U ALL IN 2007

Not my 1st festival but my 1st Glasto and defo the best one ever! the rain only made it more exciting, had an amazing time and cant wait til the year after next!

Rach Devil Dancer
My 4th glasto had a fantastic time. Felt sorry for all the new people who didn't take wellies and idn't read weather reports TOP TIP rain=mud so take wellies, sorry to all those folkes who have got their photos developed and wonder who the hell those 3 girls are???????????

Absolutely the best weekend of my life!! It took me right back to being a kid: all that splashing around in wellies in the mud!! Priceless! Big up to the security guy who lent me his poncho to hide in, so I could have a wee at the edge of the silent dance tent with the blokes, so that I didn't have to leave and queue again to get back in!! Bless you! Every band I saw were just brillint. I've got so many awesome memories from the last few days. Great food for the soul!!! Michael Eavis, you're my hero.


Best weekend of my life - lost for words. And to all those sad people who are posting nasty comments despite claiming not to ever want to go to a festival - what are you doing on this site in the first place? Go and get a life - everyone I met had a smile on their face despite having lost belongings and trudging through mud all weekend. Thankfully that's why Glastonbury is such a success - coz the people who go understand what life is all about.

Rebecca Jones
There should be more nudity in your photos. Give the people what they want!

Si Keillor
God bless Micheal Eavis. My first and best glastonbury every. Met a nice lady, heard amazing live music and the rain topped it off. You wouldnt believe how fun mud is! Feel lost not there. Killer wait till next time.

Sarah Cox (but not the famous one!)
amazing! I wish everyone would stop going on about the mud though. It doesn't kill the mood & makes everyone more determined to have an amazing time which thousands did! Brian Wilson set was the most perfect summer moment ever even in wellies! Here's to 07. PS a big plea to the bbc, I wish that you would show tv coverage of the festival after so festival goers can re-live it once they are back. but don't show any jo whiley because she is unbearable :-)

Beth - Leeds
I had the greatest time in glastonbury having had the 2 most extremes ( the hottest day ever and the wettest day ever ) it dont matter if its muddy as long as you have wellies !!! it was fun sloshing in all the mud so people stop complaining and people who didnt go stop laughing !!!

it was the most unbeleiveable 5 days of my life. words cannot explain the feeling i had during brian wilson and the weather and everything just made it more fun and more amazing.It makes you have a different outlook on life when you get back and i was so depressed on the way home. THANKYOU Micheal Eavis and all the organisers for the best time of my life.

This was my 2nd yr at glasto and it was my best. James Blunt on the sunday was absolutly amazing, he has so much talent, the mud added to the great atmosphere and i loved every minute of it!!! thanks so much xxxx

I wasn't there this year but was there during muddy years of 97 and 98 so i know perfectly well what it can be like. The mud looked worse this year than any time i can remember but i still ACHED to be there. I've had the best times of my life there. The mud doesn't necessarly make you have a worse experience, just a different one. A couple of people on this board have commented that the Burning Man Festival is better. But in order to go there you have to provide something for everyone else. At Glasto, if you want to just chill and relax from any commitments you can. Also, there's always a massive desert storm during the BM fest. And anyways, i prefer grass, mud and countryside to baron desert any day!

Adee Riggs
WOW.......unbelievable - 10th year at Glasto and it just gets better and better!! Excellent atmospohere, great line up and overall great organisation, cant wait for 2007 - wish it would come earlier! Cheers Mr Evas

despite the weather, the weekend was absolutely fantastc, better than any other festival i have been to. i think if it had been any other festival, the mud and water wouldn't have been funny, but no matter what, everyone wanted to have an amazing time, and this is what really made it for me!

Kate & Fez
Had an absolutely wicked time in Glasto despite the knee high mud and the pong that was coming from the urinals-urghhh! what an experience!!!!!!! see you all in 2007. XXXXXXXXXX

first time ever and what a festival!! the bands were awesome and i loved every second! true i was pretty drunk most of the time but hey!! thats what its about :) oh and i really recondmend mud wrestleing ;P rather fun!

any one who critisizes glastonbury is clearly an ignorant fool that cant see the greatest thing about our country.

bex n chaz
bex went 2 glasto chaz asn't yet!!!.u haven't been 2 glastonbury if u haven't been in the mud!!! this was my second year an luved it. basement jaxx were da best eva!!! i feel sorry for all the people who had to stand in the mud but i bet it was fun though! i also feel sorry for all the people like me who doesn't like the thunder and lighting i would have wet myself.

shepee frontman
glasto was unbelievable! coldplay and basement jaxx, just amazing. the rain and mud is part of it all, nothing can dampen the spirit.we woke up in a lake and just delt with it. but as for all the people who didnt take wellies..whats wrong with you?! i cant understand why..there will always be mud at glasto! thanks to my amazing snow huskys for making it the best weekend ever.pear cider mmm

Absolutely amazing yet again! To all the people moaning about the weather, it couldn't be helped, its just one of those freak weather things that no one could of prepared for! I was on Pennards but escaped the floods, yes, it was a mare but surivved! Its all about getting there early and choosing your camping site carefully (as high as possible!) and preparing for all weather conditions (I brought wellies AND flip flops!)I personally think Michael Evis and all the other festival staff should be congratulated on how quickly they put plans into place to remove the water and put down woodchip / straw etc. My highlights were The Zutons, GLC, Kasabian, Basement Jaxx and of course, The Killers. And how much of a fittie is Brandon Flowers, its all about the eyeliner! Oh and can I just say that I think they need big screens on either side of the other stage and they need to sort the sound on that stage as well! Ta!

my 5th year. best for me yet. i saw more of the real festival than ever before. everyone was well up for it from wed and the rain was just part of it. best weekend of my life. i had to leave at four monday morning to get ready for my alevel music exam that day. which i did very badly in (still wasted) but glasto has made me love eveything again so it cool. next year is goin to be difficult. cheers mike

I think I just had one of the best weekends of my life. Thanks to the Buddhist healers for putting me and my mates up after we lost everything in the flood :O)

Graham & Sam
Absolutely awesome! The first of many festivals this was an experience of a life time and 2007 can not come quick enough. I would kill for just one more day!

Vickie Basham
My first glastonbury and the best weekend of my ife, corny as it sounds. The mud just adds to the atmosphere.I was front row for Coldplay which was just incredible.

Got home at 10pm last night from Glasto, and am depressed that I have to wait til 2007 for the next one. Despite the mud, despite the rain, despite everything in my pack being sopping wet, and having to wear the same clothes for 4 days, I had an amazing brilliant time and it didn't ruin anything, in fact, probably added to it. Thousands of people rocking out to Fatboy Slim while standing ankle deep in mud is pretty priceless.

danny Collins
the best weekend of my life THANK YOU xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Paul Maple
I love Glastonbury. A special place full of hippies! Thank you for another amazing festival everyone...see you in 2 years time...

had a incredible time this yr got married at the chapel on saturday and loved every second of glasto cant wait untill 2007 its a wonderful feeling being there

Dave N
Had a great time, but what went wrong with the sound on the pyramid stage and why wasn't more done to mop up the mud sooner?

Christopher Laas
Thanks to Michael Eavis for the best festival yet !!!

Missed out this year, couldn´t get there as am now living in SUNNY SPAIN. Been there in the mud though in previous years. What an amazing experience it is. And no matter what the weather, everyone still has fun. Big HELLO to all you festival goers !!! You must try the Spanish equivalent one year. There will definitely be no rain X

it was my first time at Glastonbury and i loved it!! never mind the rain, the mud and all that jazz, the music & atmosphere was enough to make up for it!! i went with my mum, dad, younger bro & sis - don't wanna name drop but my dad met michael eavis!! can't wait til 2007!!!

Phil J
Got pitched up about 20mins before the down pour, dont think i slept at all that night, may have been the rain on my tent roof , may have been the excitement. Just got back now, and to be honest i would swap my bed for another night there in a soaking wet tent anyday :D

Big up Paulie G - happy birthday at Glasto. Had a fab time and managed to get trench foot and sunstroke at the same time... Echo and the Bunnymen rocked!!

This was my 4th year in a row and it was the best yet. I'm already feeling sad about next year. can't wait for 2007. Thanks for everything Tez :0)

agree with most comments regarding spectacular groups this time but must make special mention to Beautiful South rounding up the Acoustic Tent last night - simply amazing - could have sung and danced to them all night

Never got to Glasto this year cause I couldn't get tickets. Not for the want of trying as I entered every competition going. But nevertheless I did enjoy the TV coverage. I have never seen it on TV as I a m normally there. Everyone who managed to get tickets are very privilaged and I hope you all enjoyed it.

The mud was only a problem really if you were stupid enough to put your tent up on the low ground. There is way too much coverage of the mud, it wasn't a huge problem. I've been to every Glasto except 1 for the last 20 years and this was the best one yet.

steve darby
Glasto brought together about 25 'old gits' who had never met before other than via a chat room - we had a great time and it was capped by Brian Wilson, the sun, the wine and those teriffic surfin' sounds!A moment in time when life was worth living!

Unforgetable, it could only have happened at Glasto!! Was a crazy weekend.

mandy c
Second time at Glasto, only gets better. Thanks everyone for keeping it happy when the rain came falling! Basement Jaxx rock! c u in 2007

Tina Lovell
first glastonbury. had the best time ever. better than i thought it would be. will be going again in 2007

I like mud!

HOw good was that just got bak into norwich bout an hour ago couldnt wait to check out the was unbelievable kasabian rocked my weekend so did waking up to 3 inchis of water in my tent bring on 2007 cant wait mr eavis x

Glastonbury was amazing. it was like a completely different world. it was my first glasto and it kicked ass! so glad i brought wellies tho

This was my 3rd glasto, but was the best. the mud had it's moments but made some funny moments! the bands were excellent and tell kate moss (not knowing it was her!) to '**** off' as she tried to run me over, as i was avoiding the mud made all my friends laugh! see you in 2007.

Worked at Glasto this yr as an Oxfam Steward....awesome festival. Thanks to all of you for being happy & cheerful despite the weather on Friday...spent 8 hours stewarding in the stream on Gate D but still had a blast! Can't wait for 2007 !!!!

Jon B
have had 3 hours sleep in the last 72 hours! absolutely incredible experience. left at 2 am this morning, didnt want it to end. atmosphere great, bands great, even the rain was great :D roll on 2007!

Incredible experience. Brian Wilson is a legend. Lost for words.

Got home at lunchtime from another fantastic festival, every year is better than the last, the Doves, the Killers and Coldplay were awesome. Thanks to the Eavis family and my mates for some cracking memories.

Scott l
been glasto'd right up for 5 days. fatboy, basement jaxx, block party, coldplay, kaiser chiefs and the zutons were absolutely AWSOME!!!

Stu P
Got caught in the Tsunami attack which washed our tents away.Big thanks to the welfare tent crew and big frown to those who went home before the bands even started.An all you "Scavengers"(Thieves) who looted our tents the second the floods went down i hope the beers you drank give you gonorrhea.Hello to Jenn, Leslene and Mary if your readin this.x x x

The rain did us all a favour! we arrived thursday am and the heat was stifling, i think heat stroke would have caused a whole lot more problems for the organisers, my 21st glasto and i enjoyed it as much as ever! thanx 2 mike & emily for yet another great festival! i will be back in 2007 as a married man, coolest fest on the planet ivan

jamie h
looked so good at glasstonbury wish i cud of gone.ow well 2007 il be there see u all in 2007 x

Kate Fisher
It was awsome got back today van morrison was unbeleable

Barry Savage
one word "amazing"

The rain on Friday only added to the whole experience which was absolutely astounding! By Sunday, every person I saw was so happy and the atmosphear full of peace and love. The Wailers undoubtably were my perfect glastonbury moment with 'no woman no cry' sounding incredible. The people of Britain can pull together it seems, and prove we do live in a society that works!!

Cara.....aka...... GlastoGirl...xx
12th time this year and only just managed to escape the flooding in Pennard Hill camp area.Feel sorry for the people that lost everything to the floods.We were v.lucky to be within 6ft of the water!!!! Got interviewed by BBC too which was Fab. As ever Glastonbury doesn't fail to exceed my expectations.Big UP to Mr Brian Wilson, The Levellers and Alabama3 too!!! p.s Krishna Tent is still The Place to be!!! Alright!xx

Got back at 4am this morning from my first ever Glastonbury - IT ROCKS!! Can't wait for 2007. Kwon if you get to reading this, cheers for the wine, sympathy and crazy dancing on Saturday night when I'd lost all my mates (found them in the end!).

does anyone else cry when they watch glastonbury on the tv because its so beautiful and we're not there...

just got back! had the most amazing time. Did so much in such a short amount of time and it wasn't all music either. The comedy was hilarious and the short animations and films were really good too. Loved it all!

WOW! just wow! had the most amazing time ever.. see you in 2007 guys xx

I was one of those who got caught in the flood Friday morning. I lost my tent, phone, passport, clothes and footware. I made my way to my car - delayed by the fact I couldnt find the appropiate exit as it was not signed, with my feet bleeding and in some pain as I was forced to trudge through sewage barefoot. I was in hospital this morning (27th) recieving treatment for an infection under 2 of my toenails which is currently swelling and pushing my nails off. Yes, the pain is excrutiating. My fourth, and very much my last Glastonbury. All my trouble came from the flooding which, after 30 years of the festival occuring, should not of happened and I find unforgivable.

mmmmmm twas well muddy and sloppy

Rachel Pearce
Well, out came all the sunshine and dried up the rain and the glastonbury revellers climbed the spout again! Had a wicked time, glad we stuck it out!

just got back to kent. I was there with my two daughters - not that I saw much of them, they were mostly in the dance tent. Wow what a great time. Wednesday - Monday. The hottest to the wettest and back again. Can't wait for 2007 xx

Ema Lou
Really Really want to go but i don't think i would wear white!!!!!

London Tom
An amazing weekend. Stanton Warriers and Plump DJs rocked! Now back at work (damn it) but can't wait until this afternoon to see what I could possibly have taken on 3 rolls of film... I hope Jim, Elliott, Matt, Emma, Laurie and Alex have safe journeys home. Pop pop pop!

To mr speaclized security 147 from cheltenham i dint say by after coldpaly what a sexy smile:)

I heard reports of people leaving Glastonbury early because of the storms. Must admit, I was disgusted to hear this. I was one of the unfortunate ones who didn't get a ticket and would have given my right arm to have been there with friends who did. Since when did Glastonbury become a 'fair weather' event?

Rubbish..!! No amount of good music could make up for that amount of rain in one go.. My tent is wrecked my bank is empty and i've got a hangover mixed with the flu..!! I love concrete..

Olivas Gee
Just got back from glasto, was awesome but sitting at my desk at work after a 3 hour drive and 2 hours sleep the mud seems not so bad

damn i wish i'd gone, rain or shine glasto looks great. look out 2007 im comin to glasto lol

Well i suppose you cant get ur clothjes dirty this way!! Nice show young fello~!!

forget the rain and mud it may be hard tho lol i wish i was there it looks so fun x ha ha

Benjamin (Flumps)

went a few years ago, loved it. Drove through Pilton on wed last week and as i came over the crest of the hill and saw the the colours and imensity that is glasto i was very jealous and also very happy for those who had tickets. hope you all enjoyed. 07 a must i think!!

Just got home from Glasto'. My feet are orange from my wet boots. My shoulders are red from the sunburn. The rest of me is brown from the mud. But I'm not blue about the weather we had.

Just got back from glasto - i'ts 4 am - I'ts been the best weekend of my lifwe- coldplay were sooo good - Cheers 'glasto'


been watching tv coverage and it looks like glastonbury is going to be second best to t in the park this year

I wish I could be at glastonbury, it looks "totally wicked!!!", my time will come!!! ...... :-) x x x

Tony Faith
If Primal scream think the are the Best Rock & roll band,well they are crap. Deep Purple could beat them off the stage even now.

I'm watching via the internet from Brittany, France.Great music, mud quite funny from where I am!We have a similar festival here in a few week's time.. Iggy Pop, Franz Ferdinand,New Order, Deep Purple and ... Jamie cullum!!200,000 people and tickets impossible to come by. Guess what? I bet you there will be no mud!!

Truly great pics Thanksx

Ben Richards
So badly wanna go in 2007 cant wait

Lisa Pixie
Working in the Galapagos so the first Glasto I´ve missed since ´97 - gutted! Enjoy the mud, you lucky, lucky beggars. You know you love it...

wrecked are ye fyrob?...wet 'n wrecked ye are..wicked cool...glasonbury beats texas hands down this time!..Light 'n Love always..Love the pics here...wish you were in one of them. :-)

stacey walbridge
ideal cheers

stacey walbridge
are there anymore photo's being posted up here or anywhere else? cheers.# stace (Ed: Yes, more photos will be posted up here)

Who does Jo Wiley think she is giving her opinion on those stripping off in the sun. She's there to report, not give judgement.

a big hug to mi girlfriend! hou its somewere there in glasto having fun!! te Amo Tans!!xxxx

It looks and sounds too horrible for words. Mud and horrible music - yug

WHY??? surely some must be mad to get covered in mud. would like to try that but isnt there a safety hazard??

Lisa P
Not been ever - just hoping my boyfriend does well on the Hairageous stall!

Guy Whetton
Oh how I love the the thing that is glasto! Been going for years what a shame I couldnt go this year, I live in Calafornia now.. I wonder if I should take wellies to the the burning man fesitval??? peace love

Rob D
Just got back! ok so wussed out and came home early but after the deluge destroyed what we called home, the car was our only refuge. Mate snores and no sleep but heh the bands' rocked and i'll definately be back in 07, this time with wellies!

mrs k
that's exactly how I remember '95, '97 and 2000. Thanks for the memories. I think it's time I got back there .... and I really didn't mind the rain.


not bin b4 wish i went this year will try my best to go to 2007 come on

Paul & Sarah
Been going on and off since the mid 80s, but haven't tried for tickets for a couple of years. That sort of money is a last minute flight to the Med, where the sun is much more likely to shine!

Can't believe it became a pond and people had to canoe about! But what a gig amazing. Well gutted I couldn't go this yr. Bought a new pair of lovely wellies and all! Have fun everybody! xxxx.

Craig M
Glastonbury? pah!! Download was where it was at 2 weeks ago

glad I lent my brother my old waders.. mud is up to his hips!

People pay to be there????

Dean Bucknall
Anyone else remember the days of walking into a record store and buying a glasto ticket? sadly them days are no more...

John M
I allways told my kids get in to some good rock music.My daughter is there,not heard from her since Wed...must be good then.I'll throw clothes away when she gets back.

Honest John
I love glasto and would like to have gone but like for so many it wasnt to be. I would like to say however that I find some peoples obsession with Glasto a bit much. There are other things in life yknow: The Burning man festival in the states is amazing, the carnival in Brazil etc see these things before blindly believing that glasto is the only one for you. Yes I know that these things are expensive, but think of the expense some people go to for Glasto. Glasto is great yes, but there are other things better....BELIEVE IT

been to glastonbury since the 80s and experienced other very very wet ones. Didnt get ticket this year and WAS upset about it, now i am damn glad i didnt spend my money on one. Anyone who has been to a very wet glasto knows that it is very uncomfortable so dont give me all that war time spirit rubbish. I am actually not bitter and hope all those there make the best of it, but speaking form personal experience i must say, i now feel relieved at not getting a ticket.

Paul - Battersea
'bout time the event gave ticket buyers better value for their money.

The ultimate in coolness, Glastonbury is. I'm regarding from the hinterland, which is the farcical nation of Canada. Only can such a historically relevant festival be held, in the U.K. God Save The Queen and the Land of Hope and Glory.

Kristian from sunny Florida, the US of A
Been to every one since 1997, missing it like crazy this year, it's lovely and hot here but I wish I was in the cold & rain at Glasto! See y'all there in 2007 if we can get tickets!

im so narked off i dnt go. my m8 had a few free spare tickets but i couldnt make it.dam

Why the hell I am sat at home and my girlfriend is at Glasto. I really miss her! Love you Cheryl x x

being going 2 glasto since 86,didn't get a ticket this year and neither did anyone else i know who lives in luton,is LU post code an undesirable code or is it just coincidence??.have been dj'ing @ glast. for last 3 years, had sets lined up all over glast., gutted i didn' get ticket don't care about the rain and the mud.

im really annoyed i could not get tickets for glastonbury!!! looks like great fun in the rain! sham aboy peoples belongings! i hate uni fee's!!!

a very jealous person (paula)
i am so jealous!!!! wish i was there lyin in the mud with the likes of tim wheeler and chris martin singin. superb! if anyone moans about the weather they r mad. id give my body away 2 b there right now. gonna cry infront of the tv and watch the highlights now, and pray 4 a miracle 4 2007. plz plz plz michael eavis giv me a ticket 4 2007 XxxxxxX

Deb, Somerset
wish i was there despite the rain! even more frustrating cos i live so near anyway!! kaiser chiefs were great from what i saw on tv! brilliant inflatable green dinosaur!!!!!!

nice one beeb3 for covering - sweet! gus, get a life.

wish i was there

It looks an excelant Festival, I wish I was there. Thanks for all the photos plus BBC2 BBC3 and BBC4 coverage,it all helps to make up for not getting a ticket.

adam bowring
Glad I didn't go this year!!!

My daughter and her hubby are there,they have gone for the last 4 years,they keep saying that i must go with them,but unless something is done to improve drainage its definately not going to happen.Its ok when youre young but i just couldnt put with that mess at49.Everybody read and inwardly digest comment by "jo" she's got it smack on.Love to everyone out there.Paul

u hav music, mud and moomins, its all good!

looks like you are all having a great time they say mud is good for your skin!!! fab music and keep safe x

I so wish i was there but hey where i live i can kinda see it out my bro's bedroom window! Unlucky to all those who's tenst n gear got washed away but the mud looks wicked n fun to dive into!

dave the man who knows
All the service stations in the south of england will have absolutly filthy rest areas come monday morning. And guess what I do for a living. Thanks a bunch you dirty muddy weekend hippies.

someone in a dry place with wellies(abi)
ok,white stripes coverage was good last night..but there really was TOO much of it.theres only so much you can have!have some more coverage around the campsites/stalls interviews with people please! killers looked greatlast nght. funny that last year @V they were on and i was dancing away..everyone was like who are they??sucsess has come quick for a band that leaves thier bassist behind in a service station!! xx

looks fantastico as ever there, despite the rain, gutted i cudn't get a ticket this yr. the smiles of glastonbury are brighter than any sunshine xxx

stacey walbridge
ohhh i see..... well in that case... nicely done all round.:) whats the score with the photo's? when do the newest ones get uploaded?do you have a specific time or is it a bit of as and when? (Ed: we'll have more photos on the site as soon we can - no specific times, so keep checking back! :o))

Glasto looks brill,wish i was there.good to c they r no lettin the weather ruin it.

well your all still loving it and it still lookers mint enjoy !!!!!!!


Soooo jealous of all the dudes and dude-ets out ther havin fun! bring on 2007! hehehe

David Harris
Rain or floods Glasto is still the best. I'd rather be in there with wellies than watching it on the Web, Hugs to Beccy Hogge and all the others.

surfs them right :)

stacey walbridge
can someone please get a webcam going that we can see something? sorry bbc people but a half an hour refresh rate is not good considering the technology you guys havecome on get it together. but as for the rest of the coverage.. NICELY DONE. (Ed: I think the slow refresh rate on the webcam might be to do with rights issues. Thanks for the compliment about the rest of our coverage! :o))

has anyone suggested that the festival dates should be moved.maybe august.

mark of blackpool
why am i not there i must be mad it looks something special

gutted i cant be there this year!! i went last time and it was mucho fantastic, the mud just makes it better! Wish i was their with all the people i know who are... damn it! X

At first I was really gutted I couldn't go this year. But hearing that tents had been swept away and that some people had to leave because of it, I'm kind of okay that I didn't go now!:P

glad i missed it this year. I've been to some muddy do's glasto 97 and 98 but this looks worse.

I am actually glad I am watching it from my TV now!!!

I don't feel sorry for those who got rained on. With their tears and laughter they are living real lives. I feel sorry for the sad people on here making nasty comments, who seem to have forgotten what life is about. I could wish I was 40 years younger and a lot fitter, but then I have the memories of fun times in the 60s

look like fun lol a shame about the weather though well i wish i was there at the momment have fun

i was gonna go but then lost the tickets glad i didn't

Jenny Bean, John, Kate, Sarah, Miesje, and Ellie! Go Go Gadget wellies!!! hope all is cool and you're not too drenched, mwah love u all my honeys, mwah mwah mwah good luck to all u sodden glasto goers.....try say that after a pint of guiness!

Ever been Gus? If not try it, highly recommend it, just got to be up for a good time. The mud's a bummer though, sunshine makes it all good.

my mate said "no I don't need wellies my old docs will do" live and learn girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

come rain sun or mud
still wish we were there better luck next time with the tickets you all enjoy keith and aaron xxxxxxxxxxxx

Howsabout some proper site drainage - or even putting the campsite on a hill? Seems like the same problems every year.

Funky G
Live on Glasters.... Its the best rain or shine x x x

jacky from swansea
wicked wish i was there

i had tickets to glastonbury! but got offered tickets to aus for 3 weeks for free at the last minute! wish i'd chose glast! as its raining here in oz too but no mucis! that looks great! wish i was there!

David Dear
Was any warning given to the organisers of the impending thunderstorms? If not, it was pretty irresponsible. Only 12hours earlier you had been forecasting mainly sunny weather with a possibility ogf light showers on Friday.

Rich Kinz
Been looking for my Gig Buddy Debs - Havent Spotted A muddy blonde any where yet! Probably kayaking between stages!

Never mind the Weather, were here to see top bands! Long live Glasto

first one i went to was 1979 seen lots of mud before £5 to get in then lol

Looks good. I'm really looking forward to going to V now in august!

Poor Things! I really feel sorry for those with flooded tents! I know I would be gutted especialy if it meant that I didnt have any dry clothing!

Max Hazard
what a daft idea - can't see the attraction myself - must be mad

The greedy, selfish owner should make better facilities for the tents. He knows the chaos it causes when the weather is bad! He should have the whole place cemented or something! He is making a fortune out of these peoples misfortunes!!! All of those poor people with no tents - ruined! Does no-one care?

poppy suter
I think it is a big tester for glastonbury. I dont think its had this much rain before.Many of my friends are there and i would like to give them my good luck.Next year i am hoping to go to glastonbury.This year people put a lot of effort into getting tickets and now i bet they wished they had'nt bothered.poppy suterxx

such a top line up! with some ole faves like 808 and eatstatic! darren emmerson - do ur tricks like that night and it should still be a blinder! Next year check out the rocket festie in malaga for a non commercial, free and crazy time in the sun!!! Sarah

Teddy movee
Bin to glasto many times,now in new zealand missing it,you know all that water and mud etc

Graham Bloomfield
I have returned to civilisation today after spending yesterday on site taking photos. The question everyones asking me is "was it really that bad or was it just the pictures that make it look bad". I would just like to put the record straight. The pictures cannot even come close! You decide you want to go to this stage to see this band and there's a river of mud 2 foot deep in the way so you just go "what the heck!" and jump in. Your legs, trousers, boots and socks can only get so wet. It wasn't just in isolated fields either, it was the whole site. BUT... It was great fun, nobody was moaning, the music was great and the atmosphere was relaxed and light hearted. I had a great time!

i've no sympathy for these drenched people, get something meaninful to do and stop being spectators.

im just tryin 2 find ma m8 on there!! she got 5 days of skwl!!!

drias abone
looks wet. good job your skin is waterproof eh?

fyrob, searched every pic on here... i, me failed to find ya anywhere... grins@ ye... hope ye remembered your sleepig bag this time... light 'n love to ya always... -me

Rob, found the site finally..know you are having a blast @ glastonbury... wish I were there & not in texas.


My uncle chris and his g/freind Kerry are at glasto, hope they're having a good time...wish we coulda gone

i like glastonbury it is cool but a good music festival and radio1 are at the festival in the mub from matt

Px and Duffy - remember to tie bin bags to ya legs and put ya tent on stilts! Good luck peeps and have a good one, stomp in some puddles for me! Tom (sublime) i know you're lovin this so.. go bonkers matey!

rowan sy and jake
hope lily chloe chloe and ramsdale r loving there 6 hour on 12 hour off at glasto rock on

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i fink dat da pics r funny but i feel sorry 4 da ppl dat stuff has been damaged or lost but it still looks fun n im glad da music lives on! lol hahahahahah

Long live Glastonbury. There aren't enough festivals with such a good balance between music & the arts & the goodness of life - reminds us that music is an artform, not a corporate moneyspinner

Philip & Fiona
Sun Cream, Hay Fever Tablets, Hat....I forgot to mention wellies....XX

x Emma x
A big hya to ma boyfrend danny and his mates chris joe n ste ope yas r all ok :D !!!!

I'm glad I lent Nicola my wellies!!

I live in Florida and I am listening to the music on the internet in the roasting sunshine

Hi Kiers & Suzanne, Mud, mud, glorious mud, nothing quite like it for cooling the blood, then follow me, follow me down to the hollow and there we can wallow in glorious mud!! We know you will have a good time from Mum & Dad M & P xxxxxx

stacey walbridge
didnt make it in the end :(.well we thought we had better not as my girlfriend(ashleigh hill)has only got 2 weeks left before our second bubbie is due :).but the radio1 coverage is sounding good.nice one!!stace and ash in cornwall :) P.s hi mum(she's hiding in the scope domes somewhere).

sam vickers
i have never been to glasto, and even with the rain and mud who cares they must be havin the best time,wish it was me in my wellies - lol

HAHAHA!!! My boyfriend is in that!!

Rain go to spain and never come back again!!!

Sammy from Runcorn
Brings a nu meaning 2 the words 'water bed' doesnt it?! But seriously, I feel sorry 4 any1 whos stuff floated off. If I eva get 2 go, im campervanning it all the way! Go on Glasto, giv it sum welly!!! :o)


hello to hanna, im glad your dry and having a wicked time, i love you and can't wait to be with you again.

John Taggart
I've been to Glastonbury when it has been dry, I have been there when it was wet and muddy and it is good fun. It is hard to take yourself seriously as you wade through the mud, you get to meet a lot of people who you have either came to the rescue of or have came to your rescue. it is a state of mind, if you go there to enjoy yourself come what may, you will have a great time.

i really feel sorry 4 all da people out in their tents! HAVE FUN!

BeX 'n' DeX
We're cuddling up with a crate of Stella over the weekend of Glastonbury, being able to go to a clean toilet when we want, and listening to some of the coverage on Radio 1. And watching the rain come down from the inside of course ;o) Have fun peeps! x

my sis nd her friends are at glasto hope they r havin' a wkd time!!!!!

stacey walbridge
anyone want a HOT bath......hahaha.... the joys of being at home. sorry ppl.. :) oh well hav fun.

losted out
wish i was there gutted!!!!

oh dear oh dear dear!

Pouring with rain or not, just wish i was there enjoying the festival with all the lucky ones. Wont be the same tho, cos i aint there. Hope eveybody enjoys !!!

John Garnett
They may be wet but they are there . The music will dry them out

so glad all you bitter people who said ha ha rain did'nt get a ticket you didnt deserve one

James & Celia
We battled the rain at Glasto last year though didn't experience anything like what the photos are showing from today's washout... good luck all!!!(I'm still extremely gutted not to be there!).

Tom Owen
This is very serious as I cannot manage to raise my brother Dave who was in the middle of the tent flood. It could be that his phone is soaked but he has only just recovered from a bout of pneumonia. Can you put a call out for him. A concerned Tom

Im Gutted in not there this year as i could get tickets ive been every year since i was 6 with my father i think its the best festival going. I hope my cousin is having a good time, i will have to watch it on the telly instead.

what a shame!! it's raining on all those new age hippies...first bath they have ever had :-)

hope the ones that got their tents flooded paid over the odds on ebay for a ticket

stacey walbridge
oh noooooooooooooooo.... me thinks its time to go get a van full of wellies and tents..hehehe..... might see you there soon..;)

you glasto lot r stark raving bonkers lol

Dan Pugh
Blimey wet!!!! Hold on to your hats people.....Focus on the music. Have Fun.

Snug and dry

Down let the rain get you down!!! Make it the best, from the girl who couldnt get a ticket x x x

Fuzzy - Neath
With all that rain im glad i didnt get a ticket .. LOL

Vicky Dundon
wish i was there no ticket again all the southerners got them.

Sorry for the Lightning curse I put on Worthy Farm last night. I was bitter about not getting a ticket. Now I'm laughing, I will remove the spell - enjoy (you unlucky, lucky people)

j west
glad know by looking at pictures of glasto, that we could,nt get tickets,but micheal you still need better a better system for year 2007, better luck then

Wow - Submersibles ! Have fun folks

GUTTED!!! thats all i can say.

Dave Berry
I am a little concerned at the state of the weather. Reminds me why I can never quite convince myself to go to a festival. All that mud.... Godo luck to everyone this year. Hello to Vaughn, Becky and Melissa

Think my husband had the most useless job there this morning.....delivering water across the site!

Adam Alexander
Glastonbury looks like its set to be another top doo, i was there last yr when it rained and it just added to the atmosphere. I managed to get a ticket this year but when it came to them taking the money out of my account there was none there, oh the joys of being a student.NOT!

Ed Carnegy
Its lost its way with the extortionate ticket prices! Were's all the love and free spirit gone in this world maaan!!

I don't care about the floods, i still wish i was there with my mates :(

Steve Foggin
Glastonbury looks like it rocks! Kaiser Chiefs will storm it. PS Edith is gorgeous!

Veronica Shilleto
Left at home with no ticket again! We tried for the whole time on that fateful sunday morning but to no avail-at least it didn't take 8 hours like last year! - left behind again!!! At least I can be glued to the BBC coverage.

hope you have a nice weekend make sure you buy some wellies

Shane o' mac
i need waterproofs now!

Lesley Boatman
My three sons are all at Glasto! I want to be there too!!! It's rotten being old.

haha you're all getting wet and muddy!! not bitter about no ticket oh no !

martin pye
gutted not being there but hope its a good 1, big shout 2 ma m8s nick neil julian brige beck and gaz

Nathan + everyone else at BBPP
We are all rolling on the floor laughing here at work at all our colleagues who have gone and lost tents. Couldn't happen to better people lol!!! Have fun you lot

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