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29 October 2014
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Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury 2005
Glastonbury Festival 2005

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I cant beleive I haven never been before. 2005 was amazing. It changed my life and I will be going evry year from now on. Roll on 2007. I am gutted there is no festival this year. So many nice people. Great music and a fantastic place. it is unreal. I LOVE IT!!

i think it was the best

Demelza Cornish
Wow! The thunder and lightening made it! Amazing! Gonna be a long summer without it. Bring on 2007, counting the days! Don't ya just love being a weirdo for 3 days and getting away with it!

*Fairy Flo*
I had the most magical time at the festival... I still wake up to the sounds of druming in my head* see you all in 2007! xxxxfairy dust love xxxx ***

Glasto 2005.. ablsolutely fantastic, best year so far, cannot wait untill 2007, love everything about it!! atmosphere is amazing and the people are great!!! xxx

Thank god for glasto That place is the magic. Bring on 07. I need more memories to smile back at.

netta holmes
...testing out my hip replacement, very scary and a little wobbly - saw every fantastic person I wanted had a wonderful time and wish there was a glastonbury feel all the time, always - can't wait for 2007 - just love rufus wainwright and the oak tree in jazzworld field.........

Tess hear stories on the tv, peole telling you about glasto, but nothing on this earth can prepare you for the first time you step through those gates into the legend that is glasto. i cant believe ive never been before, but i can garrantee 2005 is not my last glasto!! it really has changed my life. who cares who headlines in 2007?? the pure glasto magic you feel when your sat up at the stone circle is enough to make me want to come back again and again. i have found my heaven and my home! roll on 2007!!!!

Mike Corkery
Words fail me - attempts to tell people about it just sound like another festival. 150,000 people and all of them were lovely. We squashed up on arrival so we coul ddonate a 4 man tent for peeps who'd had theirs washed away, and I'm telling you the karma must have come back around. I get goosebumbs thinking about the festival. It was truly legendary, one of those rare wonderful events you never forget. Thanks to the beeb for bringing back the memories with all the pics...

Len , St.helens
WOW! First time. Amazing.Amazing.Amazing. Hats off to the stone circle posse and Dennis Teeth. Best place on the planet. Cya all in 2007. (The Stone Circle wanderer)

my first glasto and i loved every blazing hot, muddy as f**k minute! BEST - getting there. lugging 6st of gear up to pennards hill, dropping it by the big tree and drinking my first warm beer with my team. and not getting taken by the water.x

marc thornton
Glastonbury is the most amazing event in the musical calender and has changed my life forever

Shirley Craig
It was fantastic but I've given up telling people how amazing it is as I don't want them to go cos its hard enough getting tickets as it is

Paul Jr
Each year it's harder to leave... 6 days just isn't enough!...

Mel Willams
AB FAB!!!!! Went for my 40th BD, not even the mud, rain damped the spirits of everyone! Can't wait for 2007! Bring it on! Mel x

Jill S
WOW! frst time & absolutely LOVED it. Got caught in the floods lost our tent and a few essentials and not enough money left to buy it all again!! BUT were saved by the Welfare team! Medics were on site who immediately asked us if we were ok, we were fed over next few days, given dry clothes,towels, blankets,wellies given a bed to sleep in (even toiletries, essentials!!)and the next day a new tent and bedding in a lovely dry field all absoutely free! Theses "saints" actually cared! running around working over their shifts even helping dry clothes etc etc, what a buzz! We were over-whelmed(and I was a bit tearful!)at just how much people pulled together in a minor "crisis" just so we could get on with enjoying our time there!! Within a few hours there was food for all, drinking water and toilets brought on to site. How could we go home? We stayed and truly had the time of our lives! what a relaxing safe atmosphere (I know this sounds cheesy but you CAN feel the love!!) what have I been doing all these years? I better get tickets in 2007 or I don't know what i'll do!! Farewell for now Mighty Glasto X

Laura Dryden
the best weekend ever! it was amazing! a realy good experience. there was sooo much to do! you have to have been to explain how amazing it is!

i had the time of my life...worth waiting 11yrs this was my first glasto im so gutted that i have to wait another 2yrs ...i have finally found my spritual home.........................rock on glasto

i got engaged at glastonbury this year! hoping to make glastonbury 2007 my honeymoon!

Love the place, love the people, love the music, hate the hangover.

how many times did everyone see kylie on a pole on the tv??? i saw her loads!

i loved watching the bravery naked

i,ve been going 4 15 years still brilliant.But you need more camping area.found it hard to pitch tent xx

Michael Eavis for PM!

aron wiggin
me and my mates thought glasto was the best ever we have been six times 97, 98, 2000, 02, 03 and 05 cant wait to go back more cider please.

i was luvin it luvin it luvin it! roll on 2007, cant wait countin the days. my mum was with me on crutches this yr & even the mud couldnt stop her gettin round just let us meet loadsa nice peps willin 2 help mud added 2 atmosphere will neva dampen glasto sprit! acts were fab & even managed 2 spot the kaiser cheifs x2 on sat & kate moss with pete docherty from babyshambles headin 2 lost vagness on fri nite.

Been going for 6 years and thought this would be my last but - NO WAY! This was the best year yet! Haven't laughed so much and so hard in ages. Bruce - it was a "Sea of Filth" but who cares!! Roll on 2007!

There were far too many Aussies at Glasto this year!! Where ever I turned I heared that accent

130,000 people with 24 hour access to all they wanted all living together for 5 days in extremely trying conditions and not the merest whiff of a hint of the violence and mayhem that engulfs most UK cities on a Saturday night. Bee-yoo-tiful.

I had the most fantatic time, I met some great people. Hello Derek, Martim, Colin and Jeremy and Sarah. Cant wait till 2007

That was my first time and i tell yuz every time i can go i will becuase somthing like that isnt worth not going everyone who wnet there is sound and ic an tell you since that festival Glastonbury is my home the rest of the time im on a **** holiday mate

wkd wkd wkd

what can i say...amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing...bring on 2007

thanks to everyone who helped me over to the stage area after being trodden on once to often in the mosh pit at primal scream, but whose hand was that???? buy a girl a drink first!!!!

I agree with Beckalina Goddard. Bring on some legends for headline acts. Ones that realllllyyy deserve the spot. 2007 will prob just be all the Other Stage bands from this year. Bring on David Bowie please....

Uber Frank
Awesome - my first Glasto will be something I never forget. The only downside was the 8 hour drive home. Radiohead for 2007.

Robbie Dee
KYLIE ON A POLE friendliest and maddest people there. KYLIE ON A POLE

Thank-you to everyone who made it to pilton this year. The bands were great, the people were better and apart from a little drizzle friday morning the weather was ace. If my mates and I didn't get to meet you sorry you missed Kylie! KYLIE ON A POLE

Glastonbury was amazing - the Kaiser Chiefs, Basement Jaxx, Rufus Wainwright, The Zutons and Rodrigo y Gabriela, to name but a few, were all fantastic. The media has overplayed the weather just a tad however. Only 250 or so tents from 152,000 people were affected - and it was a pretty dumb place to pitch a tent. The mud was pretty much gone on Sunday and actually added to the atmosphere. The thing that saves Glasto is the ambience - it's very peaceful and good-natured. At any other festival I've been to, people would have been miserable, but not here. Finally - to all the whingers and doubters - my Mum, who is 59, attended this year and thoroughly enjoyed it - despite the mud and rain. So give it a try - you don't know what you're missing....

georgia-(call me bubbles)
glasto was gr8! but could off done with out the rain! but that was something amazing to see! but sad for the peeps who lost everything! see-you in 2007! bye-bye! xxx

Jenny Mulder
There's only one thing to say - KYLIE ON A POLE!!!!!!!!:-D Fab! Now make it 12 months long!;-D xXx

Blimey Andrew! having been going for nearly 20 years I can tell you the modern measures introduced have reduced the crowding by a huge amount. Some don't like it, I think they have the balance about wright.

Beckalina Goddard
Great year! As always. Please, please can we have more legends tho. Sounds like 2007 will be headlined by the other stage bands from this year. Why!!!!??? They have just played and i didnt wannna see then this yr. I wont wanna see them headline 2007. More legends!!.....wheres the who? Ps. Msg to the weather... You cant break the Glasto spirit man!

the more the merrier (spelt wrong i think) the people is what makes the festival. not the headliners

Lee Hargreaves
Every night was magic and the perimid was alight with new order and the ledgendary chris martin. cu in 07'

oh god dont say that andrew they will only cut the numbers down again..then i will have even less chance of getting tickets...:(

Andrew Lawson
I loved every minute, even when the cloud was full of rain... My one qualm about this years Glastonbury, there was a distinct feeling that there were too many people there. Not enough space to camp, park, or stand (especially when headlining acts played).

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