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13 November 2014

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Taunton's regeneration site

The scheme costs £270m

Regenerating Taunton

A major regeneration project in Taunton looks like it is finally getting off the ground as a developer has been chosen. But what do you want to see being built there and, as shops are closing across the town, can the area sustain it?

It's one of the biggest town centre redevelopments in the South West: Project Taunton has been talked about for years in the county.

It is hoped to provide at least 7,000 jobs, 80,000m² of employment space and 50,000m² of new retail space. In addition it will also will create 2,000 new homes in the town centre and support at least 18,000 new homes across Taunton as a whole.

The first stage of the project, the Firepool development, is where Taunton's livestock market used to be situated.

Aerial map of the project's plans

The £270m scheme will see new homes, shops and leisure facilities being built on the 50 hectare area in the town centre.

The key development areas within Taunton are:

  • The commercial centre, Firepool
  • The cultural quarter extending from the Somerset County Cricket Club along the River Tone to Tangier and incorporating Coal Orchard, the Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, the Museum and Castle Green
  • Tangier, a riverside location for homes and businesses and
  • Retail area in the town centre.

St Modwen Properties has been chosen to redevelop the area, a decision which was delayed over fears due to the recession.

Mark Green from Project Taunton said it was important to make the right choice for the job.

"It's true we've taken some time," he said.

"Firstly, the process is time-consuming and the economy has slowed us down, but we have been careful to pick the right partner to work with us on this project because it's tremendously important for the future of Taunton."

Other plans in Project Taunton include a cultural quarter, riverside homes and offices and more town centre shops.

But with shops closing right across the town, do you think the area can sustain this development?

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created: 21/04/2009

Have Your Say

What do you think of the scheme?

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I recently visited Birmingham and they have a really nice area beside the canal with loads of different places to eat and drink, it was a pleasure to be there and if your plans turn out like that, it will be very nice.

Why does the promtional video on the website have lots of footage from Bristol and Clifton, trying to make it look like it already exists in Taunton? Looks like a joke to me that will never get off the ground.

It worries me that the out of town retail units will benefit even more from this scheme as the car parks appear to be swallowed up by the development. In town shop workers will need higher incomes to park in town, also shoppers are not going to welcome payment car park parks with long walkways to shop areas. Yet again the large out of town shops win with their free parking and large range of products available under one roof. Good luck with the ghost town.

I just hope someone is doing something about the access to this area, the traffic congestion in Taunton is terrible.

Wow! I had a look at the website and I must say that it is very interesting, attractive and unique. I do hope that the beautiful natural surroundings like trees, bushes and green spaces are not ignored and I encourage those who will work in this scheme to make it a very important part of the work and the blending will be SUPER as some of the pictures show. May I wish you all GOOD LUCK in this scheme and may this project bring prosperity and joy to everyone. Kind regards.

You are in: Somerset > Places > Places features > Regenerating Taunton

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