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13 November 2014

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School Report

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School pupils recording a report

Schools across the county took part

School Report 2009 diary

Schools in the UK are gearing up to take part in this year's BBC School Report Day. It will see pupils become journalists, and classes become newsrooms as the youngsters battle to finalise their news bulletin before the 3pm deadline.

Kingsmead School is taking part in the BBC School Report Day.

Find out how they prepared for the day with Pippa's diary.

Tuesday 17th March

We have had a few more meetings since my last entry. We have discussed who are going to be the reporters and also who are going to be technical crew. I am a reporter, which I am really pleased about.


Pippa is taking part

Today we have been doing the practice day before the real day where we get to broadcast our stories on the radio. First of all we wrote down some questions that we would ask some students at our school and also some of the public up in Wiveliscombe.

We then asked the students our questions and recorded them on the iPod. Then we went up to Wiveliscombe to ask the public our questions, whilst four people went into the studio to do some technical training.

In the afternoon the four people that had been doing technical training went back up, four more people got to do presenting and another four learnt how to use a Zoom (a recording microphone) and download the files that you had recorded onto the computer.

I was one of the lucky four to learn how to use the Zoom, I found it really interesting how to do all of the technical aspect of radio presenting. I have really enjoyed today asking different people in the public their opinions on our story and hearing a mix of replies.

Wednesday 4th March

Today we got our Lanyards, Press Passes, and School Report pens! We also sorted out the coordinator and deputy coordinator. The coordinator's job is to sort out the things that everyone is doing.

The deputy coordinator's job is to help the coordinator to sort everything out and step in if the coordinator is ill.

Then we started to brainstorm ideas for stories. There was a wide variation of ideas. I really enjoyed today and I'm looking forwards to the real day where we go out and interview lots of people.

Monday 23rd February

I have been picked to take part in this years BBC School Report. I am so excited! Today we had our first meeting about what we were doing, who was doing what and by the next meeting we needed to have some ideas for stories. We will be having another meeting next week.

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You are in: Somerset > School Report > School Report 2009 diary

School Report

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