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13 November 2014

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Somerset Sounds - Artists

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Esther Boxell from All About Flux

Esther Boxell from All About Flux

All About Flux

Meet All About Flux, a pop rock group from Somerset who hope to plant memorable songs in your head.

Who are All About Flux?

Esther Boxell - Lead Vocals
Sam Boxell - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Boris T.R - Bass guitar
Sam Cory - Drums

Where in Somerset are you from?

Ashcott, Glastonbury and wells


All About Flux have all played Glasto

When did you form?

Early September 2008

How did you get together?

Mainly formed from old bands that had split up and just through friends and gigs really.

How would you describe your music?

Quite poppy rock - big catchy riffs and memorable lyrics is what we aim for. Trying to create music that gets stuck in your head.

How did the band gets its name?

Well, we were called Flux. However, after trying to register the name, we had a problem that to many people were using it (mainly big companies) and really only left ourselves the option of changing it. But, we didn't want to loose what we had built up for the name, and people (james benit) always used to say to us at gigs, "I'm so all about flux". So we decided on All about Flux!

Who are your musical influences?

It's really varied, Esther is really into bands like Paramore, All American Rejects, and loves John Mayer; Sam B, pretty much likes anything that is well produced; Sam C loves his metal but falls for anything that's catchy and Boris likes the kind of bands you would never have heard of, then he will show you them, and you will love it.

What is your most memorable gig so far?

They have all gone really well so far, but New Years Eve probably stands out most. We played three times in one night and it just got better every time. There were people there we didn't even know, yet they knew (and sung) all the words to "Just don't care" and that's one damn cool feeling.

Where would you most like to play?

Ummmm, not to sure really, there so many places it would be hard to say just one. Most of us have played Glastonbury Festival with other bands but it would be insane to have the chance to play it as All About FluX! I think we would really thrive in the atmosphere there.

Finally, tell us some interesting facts about yourself

Well.... When Esther says nugget she suddenly takes on a strong southern Texan accent.

Sam Cory can eat or drink anything you hand him, and he once survived a band practice with a bladder infection!!!!

Sam Boxell enjoys music tech magazines way to much.

And Boris....Well, there's two of him :)

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You are in: Somerset > Entertainment and Leisure > Music > Somerset Sounds - Artists > All About Flux

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