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13 November 2014

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Weston Pier fire

You are in: Somerset > Weston Pier fire > Weston's Pier inspires poignant song

Final sunset over Weston's per.Pic: Rachel Simpson

Weston's Pier inspires poignant song

Millions of people over the years have been inspired by Weston's Grand Pier pavillion. Hear what the attraction meant to one songwriter.

The Grand Pier attracted thousands of visitors over the years. Since the fire, people from the Midlands have described Weston as their second home.

It was an iconic structure which inspired many to true and capture it - whether that be by the medium of photographs or, as in 58-year-old Colin Pitt's case, by song.

The song, which now sounds so poignant, was written shortly before the fire when Colin, from Evesham in Worcestershire, visited with his wife.

Songwriter Colin Pitts

Colin has been visiting Weston for years

"I wrote the song because I felt that many generations of people have spent their days at Weston-Super-Mare and I feel that my memories are shared by many other people not just of my age but older and younger alike," he said. 

"Everybody from the Midlands has a memory of being on the pier at Weston, having a great time – it is as simple as that!"

"My songs are often triggered by places that I have a strong connection to."

Colin, like many others, has been visiting Weston ever since he was a child.

"Some of my strongest childhood memories are based on the pier in Weston or riding the donkey’s on the beach during the 1950’s.

"To a child living in post-war England a day trip to the seaside was a huge adventure, not least the three hour long car journey each way spent cramped with many others in the back of my Uncles tiny Morris 8."

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You are in: Somerset > Weston Pier fire > Weston's Pier inspires poignant song

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