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13 November 2014

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Weston Pier fire

You are in: Somerset > Weston Pier fire > Weston's Grand Pier: What do you want to see?

Weston Pier

The pier was built in 1933

Weston's Grand Pier: What do you want to see?

The owners of Weston-super-Mare's Grand Pier pavillion have said they will work "tirelessly" to re-build the attraction. But what would you like to see - a Victorian homage or a 21st Century masterpiece?

Weston-super-Mare's Grand Pier represented the traditional British seaside holiday.

The town over the years has seen thousands of holiday-makers visit and the Grand Pier played a vital part in attracting them.

Although a pier has been in Weston since 1904, the current one has stood since 1933 after a fire destroyed the original one.

"Weston needs to live up to its motto: Ever Forward."

Westonian & BBC Somerset presenter Adam Thomas

The owners of the pier, siblings Kerry and Michelle Michael, had already spent an estimated £1m refurbishing the pier during the five months they have owned the attraction.

It was re-launched this year with a climbing wall and an indoor go-kart track.

Mr Michael, who was on his way home from holiday in Spain when the fire started, said the "magnificent" structure would be "restored to its former glory".

"I feel very sorry for all our dedicated staff, many of whom have been here all their working lives and treasured the pier," he said.

"I don't know how they are going to come to terms with this tragic loss.


The fire destroyed the pier in two hours

"I feel very sorry for the people of Weston, for them the pier was Weston. In these difficult economic times I sincerely hope that this event doesn't bring further hardship to those businesses and people who rely on our tourist trade.

"I would like to assure all these people that we will work tirelessly to restore this magnificent structure to its former glory."

Fire service spokesman Jerry O' Brien said the steel girders which were holding up the pier were not in danger of buckling, while deputy leader of North Somerset Council, Elfan Ap Rees, said: "The structure going out of the pavilion is intact, the main structure underneath looks reasonably intact.

"I am absolutely convinced that the owners of the pier, who are local Weston people born and bred, will make every effort to see the Grand Pier rise again and we will do what we can to support that."

So what would you like to see as the new structure? A modern development to go with the Tropicana plans or a homage to the Victorian era, when trips to the British seaside were part of everyday life?

And we'll be following the pier's re-build every step of the way here, at BBC Somerset online.

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created: 28/07/2008

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Dave Morgan
I feel very srongly that the pier should be rebuilt with a very similar appearance to the one destroyed today. There were no complaints as to its appearance before the fire so why should th re-build be any different. Of course the facilities will need modernising, but the general family feel of the place needs to be restored. We need to keep this wonderful attraction for both locals and tourists alike. Lets keep it as a fun venue and not get stuck with another Tropicana/Knightstone Island type project obsessed with creating appartments and hotel rooms with the facilities for the general public a mere after thought.Lets keep the memory of the original Grand Pier alive and provide our children and our childrens children with a facility that can provide the happy memories that the pier gave us throughout our childhoods.

Pete Watson
I hope the pier will be, as the owners have stated, "restored to its former glory". If it is built to a modern plan, like the Tropicana, Weston will lose a large slice of its heritage.Piers were devised as attractions by Victorians, a modern design would be yet another reason for Weston to be seen as a "laughing stock".

amanda (weston)
i think they should have a kind of roller coster in there dosent have to be big just like a few pounds to get on , and entertainment at suitible prices , i dont think it should be old or boring i think it needs to give weston super mare a new life and more fun. take brighton peirs as your idol.

Joel Alex F J
1 mile long pier with sporsts center

Alexandra 13
I live in weston and have had great memories and its very sad to hear that its no more, So i think that it should be re-built exacly the same as it was before as everyone loved it the way it was and wouldnt want it any different, and it should be remebered how it was and not as a space age modern rebuild

ashley williams
the pier was fun

alan evans cardiff
im sure everyone who loves wenton and the pier will help to get it rebuilt i love weston god bless it

i think if the old style pier is rebuilt it will still have a modern feel to it because we cant rebuild things that were built that many years ago to perfection, therefore i think i new modern pier would be great, but also have elements of the old 1

charlotte Nuttycombe (14 years)
i live in weston, im on school holidays and would not go on there because i dont have alot of money yet i go to work this is the real world we know what will happen, they will re-build it but not like it was most likely it will be turned in to a casino. sorry but i think someone did this and it will come out this year or may be in 25 years it will. This is the real world now so if you can play don't start.

Miss Mina
I think a homage to the victorian style - not something new that you could see in design anywhere. The pier was special because of the nostalgia and it'd be good to rebuild it in keeping with that.

It broke my heart to see the Pier burn, I am a Westonian and spent my childhood on the New Pier, the Old Pier, Knighstone Baths and the outdoor pool. Wonderful places and magical times! But where are they now? Where do our children and our children's children (and let's not forget the tourists)go? It's terrible what has been allowed to happen in Weston. Where is our pride? Rebuilt the Grand Pier and Birnbeck Pier to their former glory and give Weston a modern outdoor swimming facility by the beach with a retractable roof if need be, that we can be proud of.

Adam 12 yr old
I will miss the grand pier as it was because of the memories it holds for me and my family, but memories don't burn. I would love to see the grand peir to look like it did before because it was perfect that way. history was made when it was burnt down but the future of this pier is in the architects hands and it will not go unmissed .

Artie-a disappointed visitor
An ideal solution would be for the outer structure to be based on the original Victorian design and for the interior to be designed on an ultra modern theme. Knightstone Island and the Tropicana could have provided Weston with alternative attractions but the continual bickerings have meant that Knightstone has finished up as flats and apartments, and the Tropicana remains as a derelict eyesore. Likewise, Birnbeck pier has yet to be restored. Westonians should hang their heads in shame.

I was so sad to see the Pier lost. I have many happy memories as a child visiting the Pier (the Ghost Train and Crazy House I loved!). I also worked there one summer whilst at Uni serving ice creams and other treats. Now as an adult I had been enjoying bringing my kids to the Pier. Good luck rebuilidng it as fast as possible - don't lose the traditional values in the process.

Caroline Talbot
I am so sad about the pier and I hope it is re-built to its former glory. A modern development would'nt be right for the pier. we need to keep it the way it was not turn it into an isore

ashley williams
sad about the pier it was a good fun for everyone

Matt (13 yrs old)
I've been to Weston many times and I think that although it would be really nice to have a modern, improved and impressive pier it wouldn't be the same, so I think they should build it as closely to the original structure as it was.

Rob London
When the previous pavilion was built, it was a modern structure in comparison to what had been there before. No doubt there were complaints that it was too modern and not in keeping etc. Why rebuild a pastiche of the old pavilion when this fire has given the opportunity to build something modern that will once again put Weston on the tourist map.

Rachel Wallace
My dad took me to the grand pier when I was little and I loved it I hope they build it exactly how it was because I had so many great trips there!

Jordan Didcott
i hope that they build one soon as this does make weston---weston!!!

Rebuild the pier as per original plans.but with sprinklers fitted,Weston needs the pier it is probably the most famous one in the countryi had many a good day on the pier just after ww2 and continued going there for many years

Emily Reece(10 yrs old)
Im vey strong with the pier and when i heard it was burnt down i was quite sad because the owners just improved on it by the new climbing walls and i had quite happy memorys there but im sure they might build it the same

Emily Reece(10 yrs old)
Im vey strong with the pier and when i heard it was burnt down i was quite sad because the owners just improved on it by the new climbing walls and i had quite happy memorys there but im sure they might build it the same

erica mccullough
I live in Coventry, but my mother in law lives in weston, i love the pier as it was, as do my husband (who visited alot as a child) and my 2 sons aged 2 & 4. We were gutted to hear of the fire.Though progress is good, it would be such a shame for it to change too much as the victorian seaside town is something i love so much about england.

del fuller
The pier at Weston was a fine example of the old style seaside pier and of how Britain used to be. Take aa look at Southend-on-Sea and other rebuilt piers if you want to see how piers should NOT look. I'd definitely like to see the pier re-built in the Victorian style it was. Too many modern towns look faceless and characterless so I say with 100% conviction that old style is better! What a feat it would be too to recreate something from a by-gone age and not just another modern box.

i want the peir back it was a great attraction

Jill Hooper
Have just found out about the pier. As teenagers we used to go there quite often although we lived in Weston. News came to me as a shock from friend Angela Collings (now Morley) and I thought for a second it was the Old Pier! Hard to believe but am so pleased it will be rebuilt and again add to Weston's attractions. From Jill Hooper, formerly of The Crescent, Milton and a resident of Australia for 43 years. Haven't forgotten Weston!

they should deffo rebuild weston pier it been there for years and the people of weston are relli upset

Judy Dame
Re build as close to the original as possible. We need the memories of times past...

mike smith
This victorian stucture that has stood on our coastline for over 100 years has been taken for granted by the us locals. It is only now, that it has gone, that we realise just how important this great landmark is to us. Please rebuild it as it was. To build a modern structure would really spell the end of the pier.

Peter local to us
The terrible fire which destroyed the main pavilion at the end of the Grand Pier at Weston-super-Mare is a tragedy for the town and for many of the people who grew up around it. I am one of those people, I can remember visiting the Pier as a special treat when I was a small boy, and sitting on the seats eating my Candy Floss or Ice Cream, looking out over the crowds of people on the beaches, and the crowds and hustle and bustle of the older children on the dodgems, and the other rides, the noise of the machines and the electric atmosphere, after all this was the 1950’s.Later in the 1960’s I was older, and allowed on the pier with my friends after swimming in the Knight Stone Pool, eating our Hot Dogs, going on the Ghost Train, The Crazy House, the Wheel, the dodgems, and machines showing what the butler saw!. During my mid teens, I was to return many weekends, meeting up with girl friends, and making new friends, and playing the slot machines, at night. The lights along the promenade and all the lights on the pier itself gave an air of magic to us teenage boys from the country. Little was I to know that within a few years I would like many other students at the local Technical College, I should be working on the pier.When I was at college I worked at my friends father’s building site, I had always helped on my friends parents farms, with hay making, milking, apple picking, driving cattle, but it was only when I had been at college some time, and more importantly passed my driving test, living in a village 7 miles from the Pier itself, it was a necessity, and now I had friends working on the Pier, so I asked them to get me a job as well, eventually a position became vacant, and a very new life began. There were the perks and the drawbacks, the perks being the large number of girls who chatted us up, especially the boat loads of Welsh Girls, who came over on the paddle steamer, which came in to the old pier. During this period the pier was very different than recent years, especially at night and weekends, we had to contend with the gangs of Mods and Rockers, who either arrived in mass on their scooters and motorbikes, or on the trains mainly from Bristol. The police would not normally come on the pier, to sort out any trouble, it was left to us to sort it our, there was always the drunks and just people looking for someone to have a fight with. Some of the more hardened veterans soon showed us the tricks of how to deal with the trouble makers, and formed a bonding between us all in self protection. Many people locally met their wives through the pier, and friendships were made which have lasted down the years, particularly with the locals in Weston itself. After the Old Pier and The Pool and The Knight Stone Baths closed, along with the stoppage of the dances for the young people with top groups at the Winter Gardens, and the top bands at the Odeon, the Pier was the only remaining attraction left from the hay days of Weston as a fun resort for the locals.To see the place burn, has not just left a scar on the landscape, but a scar in the memories of many of us. I hope the council will help the rebuilding project, too much attention has been put on us older people, and not enough on making Weston a holiday centre again with a good pool and entertainments, for a new generation of youngsters.

Clive Carpenter
i hope it was insured if so rebuild it to it's former glory and hopfully with no interference from the council

The Pier isnt gone at all, just the seaward pavillion. It reopened yesterday as it rightly should. There is so much length of the pier undamaged to be enjoyed while the fire ruins are removed and plans start for the new pavillion. I personally feel that a classic design should be used for its outer appearance with modern attractions and traditional inside to suit all taste and age groups. Our coastlines piers are our heritage and the charm of the days they were built. Whilst i love them being kept, used and loved in whatever guise, far too much ugly modernism replaces the classic. However whatever is rebuilt on the seaward end i'm sure it will be a credit to the pier. Enjoy your pier Weston, its still there and its been reopened.Carl

Tyler (4 yrs old) Glos
I was so sad when i found out about the pier, My grandma showed me on the news and I cryed I so hope they rebuild it the same way I LOVED it. I really miss it I keep asking my mummy and daddy to take me there and even now I still want to go and see it. Its so sad and it makes me really sad and I wish everyone in weston all the luck in rebuilding it quickly. Tyler with Mummys help

aaron james
i was really sad to se it burn right in fround of my eyes i was in there the day befor i really enjoyed myself so did my mom and dad but when i woke up it was on fire it spread so quickley everyone i saw was really upset or crying but i think it shold be made like the same as the one that burnt down a few days ago because thats how people reconize it.

I feel that the pavilion should be rebuilt in a traditional style similar to how it was before it was burned down. As for the attractions, it would be nice to see some tradition, but definitely some top of the range 21st century stuff. The go kart run and climbing wall were a start to that.

i would like for it to look as it did, but either way just up and running again would be great.

I am so VERY sad to hear about the tragic events of Monday. The pier has such a dear place in my heart. I used to got there as a chld to spend our coppers. And whilst I was studying from GCSE to Uni, I worked on there in the catering. It was a great job and I really loved every minute of it. Throughout the holidays I spent so much time there - it was like a second home. It was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was like one big family. I now live in Newcastle upon Tyne but it is certainly not forgotten! I was watching the developments on Monday on the BBC news website with shock and disbelief but mostly with a sad heavy heart. I can't even quite belive it now. To me, the pier means happy memories of home. The pier IS weston. I had already planned to visit in Septmber. I am really looking forward to showing my partner where I was born / grew up. I so wanted to show him where I worked for so many years! I was also looking forward to seeing all the new developments (my parents always keep me up to date!). My thoughts are with the new owners and I am confident they will do everything to restore it to the way it was. I strongly think it should be re-built to the same design as it has been for so many years. Everyone likes and knows this design. I can't wait to visit in a couple of months and pay my respects to the building. I am so glad to hear it is open today. I wish I was there! My thoughts are with the owners, the employees and the people of Weston. And I will be supporting the re-build from all the way up here!

shane burney
Re-build it longer so it reaches steep holm and if possible a connection to birnbeck. We have a chance to build something extra special now so lets do it.

Peter (WSM)
The only remaining attraction in Weston super mare has been destroyed by fire in times like now Weston needs all the help it can get to bring people to the town. I like most people have spent my youth on the pier and it would be sad to see it left in the current condition. The only way forward is to rebuild and I believe the “Michael Family” will be committed to rebuild with the support of local people and the pier will once again bring people to weston.

max morgan
never mind lets all just remember our boys are on the front line in afghanistan dieing

ashley t
it is the place i go to when i go up i has to be re-bilt

Douglas James Robinson
I think the amusements should be 21st century.But the outside fasadeshould remain, Victorian.We should not loose the standard of the past.This time put some sort of fire profing system in. It needs to be looked after. Weston, wouldn't be the same without it.

Curt Davis
I would like a victorian style pier as the Tropicana and Birnbeck ideas from Urban Splash are ridiculus. Have you seen the Public Arts Gallery in West Bromwich They help design and build. It would not be with the in keep of western..

Paul Roberts
I to was brought up with regular holidays to weston first call on arival was the pier for some real ice cream.My children loved it to. i am from blackburn in lancashire. we are devastated for the people of weston. This pier what ever it cost whatever it takes must be rebuilt for us and futher generations to come.

steven gardner 34 cross st barry vale of glam
it's a great shame to hear about the pier but it should be re built its part of our heritage and should be re built i have had many a happy moment there and the pier is clearly visable from my coastatch station based at nells point barry island we could actually see the smoke from the station. I hope they do re build and if public donations are required i for one will gladly donate. i wish the owners well and hope they can restore this beatiful pier so future generations can enjoy it

Please keep the same design, but with better washroom facilities. Bring back the amusements, and eating places - everybody loves the pier. So much fun!!!

Iain Record
Since the Tropicana is most likely going to be a disaster, (if they ever make up their minds), I most definitely want the Grand Pier to be restored as was.

Jack and billy aged 7and 8
we would like you to put the pier back to the way it was before.

Emily Handford
I was on the pier a few weeks ago and now it's gone.Aswell my grandma played in there after her marriage wilst they were on there honeymoon

John Wassell
Please try to make it look the same ,that would be brilliant

I think the form and function are two separate issues.Form: There is a good case to echo the traditional appearance. This also gives it a timeless appeal (Unlike Tropicana!)Function: If I had a business in Weston I would be hoping for a new facility that grabbed the headlines and attracted new vistors.My young family have never compelled to visit the existing "attractions" Perhaps we were wrong, but perception is everything.

I live in W-s-M and was devastated to see it destroyed, but the happy memeories will continue to live with me and my family.We have to accept the pier has been destroyed and to rebuild it in a victorian style would turn it into a folly. Lets move forward using cutting edge technology and innovative design to create a truly magnificent pier that is fit for purpose, pleasing on the eye and a testament to 21st century architecture. Lets have a pier that is different to all the other piers and will attract visitors from around the Uk and overseas. Let the new pier be the catalyst for economic & social regeneration of W-s-M.The Promenade and the pier were originally controversial when built by visionary Victorian entrepreneurs. Kerry & Michelle Michael should take the same approach. W-s-M already has many relics of the past, unfortunately most of them are on the local council!

Stephen Goodby
I really don't mind what they replace the pier with, just as long as it had all the attractions it had before - my girlfriend and I have spent many hours in the arcade and eating candy floss on that pier - a lot of good memories went down with it and the sooner they rebuilt it, the sooner we'll back up there. I’ll miss that pier forever :'(

kayleigh dean
I am deverstated to see and here the herific news of the Pier, i am so upset there were so many happy memories lying there, and i feel for the new owners.I hope if can be re-builtI would like to see the pier restored to the was it was before the fire, if this would be possible.

Stephen Goodby
I really don't mind what they replace the pier with, just as long as it had all the attractions it had before - my girlfriend and I have spent many hours in the arcade and eating candy floss on that pier - a lot of good memories went down with it and the sooner they rebuilt it, the sooner we'll back up there. I’ll miss that pier forever :'(

martin geary
i think they sould repair it as it is good for the town

the pier was a pleasure to me and my family the last time well see the pier agian

Mike Jeffrey
NOT another grand idea with fancy attractions that are just too expensive to use.It has to be affordable. Maybe it could have the swimming pool everyone wants????then the Tropricana -that was- can be flattened and left to be natural sands

Margaret Calamatta
I want to see the structure back exactly as it was but more securely protected from this ever happening again. Whilst I live in Ausralia now I have grown up with that pier from baby, child on rides, teenagers and young adult and each time I come home I visit it and the donkeys. It is part of my past and I was devastated to see it go up so quickly like that.

Margaret Calamatta
I want to see the structure back exactly as it was but more securely protected from this ever happening again.

Adam Killey
Can't we just have it the way it was except with a sprinkler system

the amusment are recked so they need more money to get amusments for all ages it was in such a sad state

Francis Bailey
I'd like to see it rebuilt in the same style as it was. There are improvement that could be made, such as losing the 70's entrance which just looked tacky, but the main part always looked charming.

Sarah Angell
I Loved The Pier. I Loved All The Rides And Coming With My Friends To Weston. I Will Still Come To Weston As Its Just Not The Pier In Weston. I Think That The New Pier Should Have The Same Type Of Rides And Attractions. I Think That The Pier Should Be Re- Built As It Was Loved By Many People.

I think are pier will never be the same again

John Margetts
The pier should be rebuilt in the exact same way but with new sprinkler systems in place, souch a clasic icon should never be lost to fire.

Mikki Liddiatt
I Strongly think that the peir should be rebult... it's the main attraction at weston and have many happy memories there. But Maybe this time not make it out of wood. Didn't the last one go the same way?

Without a doubt restore the pier to how it was built in victorian times you cant beat old tradditions.But one exception this time install a sprinkler system so hopefully another disaster like yesterday will not occur again.

nita maria
we have too spent many a good day on the is a great loss, memories, that is all that is left, but they are good ones. whatever is built will be good , but you cant replace memories.

liam herbert
the pier was a great attraction to weston and it will be greatly missed but i want to see a mordern 21st century masterpiece to be buit in replacemant

gralyn, warminster
A real shame and it needs to be rebuilt. However, I cannot believe the structure did not have a sprinkler system as a mandatory requirement. Imagine if the building had been full of people with the only exit along the pier promenade blocked by fire with the sea 30 feet below. How would they have escaped - especially the non-swimmers?

I also agree with Dave Morgans comments, the general appearence should be similar and kept as a family friendly place to go although I guess there is no reason why the facilities inside can't be fresh and modern. No gimmicks or amazing statements please. Lets hope that the owners, who I feel very sorry for, can turn this around into something positive and that we can look forward to an amazing re-opening ceremony in the future. Maybe something can be done with Birnbeck too, I remember going on that pier too in my childhood. Please don't leave them both to rack and ruin.

Mags Hill
I totally agree with all the sentiments. Keep the Victorian/Edwardian facade, but modernise it inside. This time add an efficient sprinkler system. I cannot believe that this was never installed despite the suggestion by the Fire Services. I can't bear to think what would have happened should the fire have happened when the pier was crowded. Another 9/11? It certainly looks like it from seeing what's left.I cried when I saw it this morning whilst driving into Weston on the Marine Parade. I've fond memories of the Pier when I was a child.

victoria marchant
the peir should be rebuild as it was before, the feel of weston will never be the same if they decide to change the look.the peir was fun for all ages and will be greatly missed by all.

Mavis Hart
Please rebuild the Pier as it was, it has been part of childhood memories for thousands of people all over the country. I am sure it can be modernised as far as safety is concerned, but it would be terrible to put a modern building on such an historic site.

Brian M
The pier should be restored as closely as possible to its previous design, BUT with the addition of a sprinkler system!!

Brian M
The pier should be restored as closely as possible to its previous design, BUT with the addition of a sprinkler system!!

the pier should be a really modern exciting design that will energise the local area and make an international statement.. think of the buildings in bilbao, the tate modern in st ives, believe in this age dont just copy the past.

coonor day

Sean Miller
I think the original Victorian building would look rather odd - you'd have to theme the whole thing, and then it'd seem very "retro". Almost like something placed there for effect, rather than an integral part of WSM.I think restoring what was there yesterday, but built with all the protections to ensure that 28/7/08 never happens again, would be the best way forward. Externally, at least.Sean

John of South Glos
I really like to see the pair back in working order it's a big part of the west country gone a very big loss

daniel attard
i remember visting the pier most weekends when i came to weston as i have family down there i think they should rebuild the pier as its an icon of weston

billy grigolo
i think it is about time weston got done up a little they should make the peir new and hi tec so it can match the tropicana when they finally do the tropicana.

gillian guest from adelaide
i walked many times along your pier and i think it should be built how it was its magical and stunning to see something this old and should be a national land mark again.

gillian guest from adelaide
i walked many times along your pier and i think it should be built how it was its magical and stunning to see something this old and should be a national land mark again.

It is absoultely devistating. I have grown up with many childhood memories of this pier. It is what Weston is all about. I feel so sorry as it was many people's livelihoods, jobs etc. I strongly feel the pier should be rebuilt to carry on the reputation of Weston Super Mare... Without it, it is just not the same!

The short answer is, I don't really know. Who would have asked, or even thought about, a glass pyramid in the middle of the Louvre in Paris? In other words, let the architects submit their propositions. This is a high profile case, so maybe even Foster & Partners will show interest. Don't ask me what I want... have the architects tell me what I _should_ want. End of the day, I just want to be amazed.

Lisa D
I holidayed in Sommerset just two weeks ago and had a couple of great afternoons at the pier trying to win cuddly toys and enjoying a few drinks looking out across weston. Yesterday's news was incredibly sad. I think it should definately be rebuilt in its previous Victorian style with the landmark towers, but with a more modern feel inside.

Judith White
I totally agree with Dave Morgans comments!

Matt Jones
I agree totally with the sentiments of Dave Jones.In addition, the interior should be kept as close as possible to the original which had a wonderfully warm and 'spacious' atmosphere inside due to the way it looked. It should not have a heavily modernised look inside (or out) as that would change the whole 'feel' of the place.May I also suggest to the owners that in the next few weeks a webcam is set up at the end of the pier pointing at the site of the destroyed pavilion - this way people can view what is going on and will help to maintain interest and ensure that any reconstruction project isn't forgotten.

Mike Austin
I think it is important that a Victorian homage is rebuilt there. The local council have made many misjudgements in recent years including the designs of the Tropicana and Big Lamp Corner. Weston is a Victorian Seaside Town and that is what it did best. Bring back the trams and stop trying to modernise a town where it just won't work!

i think they should build the grandpier back to what it started. i loveed it!

I want to see the pier built just as it was. Changing the pier would change the whole feel of Weston.

I think the Victorian outer shoudl be restored, however there should be 21stC influence especially regarding eco friendly ways of building and running things.

sorry to see it go i have many memories on it and under it.

A homage back to the first 1904 pier with all the benefits of a modern building but the looks of the passed !

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