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24 September 2014

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You are in: Somerset > Nature > Nature Features > The verdict on Bower Ponds wildlife makeover

Tracy helps with the Bower Ponds clear up

Tracy Hobbs and neice (left) clear up.

The verdict on Bower Ponds wildlife makeover

Hundreds of people came down to Bower Ponds on Sunday to support BBC Somerset’s Springwatch action day to makeover a run down park in Bridgwater. Hear the views of one long term resident.

The project was part of the BBC’s Springwatch Action Team (SWAT) campaign to help local communities take ownership of their parks and wildlife. 

But what do locals make of it?

Tracy Hobbs has been a Bridgwater resident for 15 years and lives up the road.

She said: “I used to come to the park when I lived a couple of roads down from here but it was getting too mucky and the wrong sort of people were hanging around.

“There was always lots of litter and there have been needles left lying around before.

“I just came down today to have a look and see if it has changed at all, or improved.

"I think this is a really positive step. It looks an awful lot better than I remember it and it's getting better all the time. It's really nice to see people in here for a change.

"I would definitely come down here again because my daughter loves feeding the ducks.

"I'm not sure it will stay this clean and tidy but hopefully they will look after it now that it's been done up.

"The police community support officer is quite good.

Bower Ponds in the summer

Volunteers helped to clean up the pond.

"Rachel is only ten so she's not really old enough to come down here by herself but I would be happy for her to come down here with me.

"There is a field at the back of our house that we go to play in sometimes, but it's just a field.

"I like this because of the wildlife areas and trees. Kids can hide behind the trees and they're good for making dens. There's also a play ground here.

"More hot days and we'll be back soon."   

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Have Your Say

Do you think the Springwatch action day will make a positive difference to tackle anti-social behaviour in the long term?

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

Ruth Sayers
I came from Bristol with a team of BTCV volunteers to help organise the work at Bower Pond and encourage people to get involved in doing something for nature. I was really pleased to see how enthusiastic people were, especially young girls and boys, who had got themselves there to help even before we were set up! Two that I met had come from as far away as Frome, having found the SWAT day on the web and got their dad to bring them along. Some children had a lot to learn about wildlife ( a duck's nest with 3 eggs got too much attention for the mother duck to stay around!) but their enthusiasm was very infectious. I feel that bringing the community focus onto the Bower Pond as a resource for people and wildlife can only help to strengthen community relationships, and encourage everyone to feel included in, and some responsibility for their environment. All these things are important to encourage pro-social behaviour!

Kerry Gadd
Hiya, Me and my dad and the rest of my family filmed this pond about a year ago so seeing the pond change it's amazing change i thank S.W.A.T and my dad and I. thank you spring watch.

You are in: Somerset > Nature > Nature Features > The verdict on Bower Ponds wildlife makeover

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