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29 October 2014

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Michael Eavis at Worthy Farm in February 2007

Michael's non-plussed about ticket sales

Glastonbury ticket sale still on

Did you want to register for a ticket to this year's music festival? Organisers Emily and Michael Eavis have re-opened the registration to encourage more buyers, after experiencing slower than usual ticket sales.

Last year Glastonbury tickets sold out within two hours, leaving organisers baffled as to why they haven't done the same this year.

Tickets went on sale at 9am on Sunday and again on Monday. Approximately 100,000 of the 137,000 tickets have now been sold.

But it's the first time since the metal fence was installed in 2002 that the event has failed to sell out in two days.

On Monday Michael Eavis defended claims that people are turned off by the headline act American rapper Jay-Z.

He said bad weather was probably putting people off instead after the mud baths in three consecutive festivals.

It is only the second year that pre-event registration has been in place. Emily Eavis said there was a massive influx of people complaining they hadn't been able to register their details. Could that be the reason why festival demand has been slow to pick up?

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Why do you think ticket sales are slower than usual?

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They have become complacent. Last year was terrible and people are wising up.

I think the reason for slower than normal tickets sales is mainly the mud and rain from last year. It was a real battle to deal with both. The other reason is the headlining acts. The Verve may not be the pull they once were, possibly more of a novelty, worth a look but not everyones cup of tea. Many other fantastic acts are booked this year but not billed as headliners. But the main problem is Jay-Z. The kind of people Glastonbury attracts will not, on the whole be interesrted in seeing an American rap 'artist'. Especially on the main stage. Young or old, he doesn't appeal, I wish him and his posse luck... But I think the organisers are realising that a mistake of sorts has been made but are not going to back down. His booking, the horrible weather of Glastonbury 2007 and the ticket price have all slightly dented the appeal of the greatest festival on the planet. Michael Eavis is quoted as saying he couldn't move the date of the festival to hopefully include better weather as the festival has to be in line with the summer solstice- the longest day? But the date this year has been moved back by a week (to nearly July)- missing the summer solstice completely?! I'm confused, but I'm all for having the festival with potentially the best weather available. If need be move the whole thing to August and book The Police!

One artist shouldn't put people off from going. There are so many other things to do over the weekend and it's usually good value (less so in recent years). However, I agree the whole line up this year isn't much cop. Are the organisers penny pinching to drive up profits? Also, although unlikely, the prospect of standing in knee deep mud for a fourth year running isn't exactly appealing.

Stevie Holmes
I've been going for about 15 years and was put off by the pre-registration part and the fact that the spontaneity has completely gone. First time EVER I'm not even gutted to not be going.

Line up is getting really poor. Glastonbury is supposed to be the biggest and best UK festival but even V fest has better bands this year, and thats really saying something!

I've been to 8 or so Glastos. I have also been to the last 3 all of which were very wet and muddy but like so many that have experienced Glastonbury I agree that it's the people and atmosphere that make it what it is/WAS. Over the years the price has risen extortionately which automatically prices out large areas of our communities killing the very soul that made Glastonbury what it is. What a shame. Try Connect or Greenman festival.'McGlasto' NO THANKS. I won't be returning.

Heather Nunn
I think that the ticket sales are slow due to an uninspiring line up and the ticket price. i do not want to see an American rap artist

because the price is turning US TRUE festival goers from being black mailed with the price

Howard Robertson
I firmly put it at the headline Jay-Z. This sort of act would not be the choice of the traditional Glastonbury festival goer.

Andy Lock
Probably because of his comments about not wanting older people, and the fact that his line up so far is particularly weak. Absolutely nothing to do with the weather - that's Glastonbury!!!

Because the line up was poor last year and poorer still this year.

Zane Llewellyn
In my opinion, Glastonbury is unique amongst the large festivals as it offers so much more than just the bands, but a lot of younger people are choosing Reading, Leeds and V to give their limited money to so they can see a lot of big name bands. If Michael and Emily Eavis and GFL want to attract the younger festival goer they need to understand their clientel a little better. It wasn't JZ that put people off, but ME's comments that he wanted to control the type and age of people that go to his festival.The weather at the last two didn't help either, not because of the mud, but because the effect of the mud is so amplified by the number of people there.Maybe it's because of the expansion last year coinciding with the worst weather for ages?

You are in: Somerset > Glastonbury Festival > News and Weather > Glastonbury ticket sale still on

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