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24 September 2014

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You are in: Somerset > Glastonbury Festival > News and Weather > Festival goers to be 'really blown away'

Festival goers to be 'really blown away'

A beat-box orchestra, an American legend and a new eclectic area are just some of the surprises Glastonbury Festival organiser Emily Eavis has in store.

The Park

The area had a panoramic tower last year

Ever since Emily Eavis was born, Glastonbury Festival has played a huge part in her life. Initially she hated the festival and wished people would get off her land.

Now one of the event's main organisers, Emily is in charge of one of the festival's new and eclectic areas, The Park.

Last year saw people dancing to a Silent Disco, Pete Doherty doing a surprise gig and Damon Albarn's Africa Express.

Michael thought she did an amazing job, so much so that the area is back. 

So what can we expect this year?

"We have got a couple of surprises and I think it's always quite nice to stumble across things rather than put everything down as a solid program. So we're leaving a few gaps which I think will be really, really good," said Emily.

"It's a breathe of fresh air because you can do a lot of really interesting things because it's a really small area so that's what's really enjoyable about it I think."

Confirmed so far for the area are a beat-box orchestra, CSS and Pete Doherty. Other acts will be announced on 1 June.

Shangri La

Another new area planned is Shangri La which will replace the unique Lost Vagueness. The name for the field came from Michael who used to describe Worthy Farm as Shangri La to his children.

Emily Eavis grew up with the festival

Emily Eavis

"It's going to be brilliant because the people who are organising it were involved in the previous Lost Vagueness and have worked there for years and years and years and they have such amazing ideas and I think it's probably a good time to do something a little bit different but as equally fun and it'll be amazing I think, it really will," said Emily.

The festival thought it was a good time to try something new to keep the event fresh and there will be lots of quirky things from art events to live music. It has a licence until 6am. 

"We've got lots of things lined up which will really surprise people and you've always got to think of new things and keep it interesting and move it on a bit rather than stick to a formula. I think the people who come to Glastonbury this year will be really blown away," added Emily.

'Fighting to keep prices down'

One of the most controversial things announced for this year's festival is that Jay Z will be a headliner. The move to have an American hip-hop star instead of a more traditional "Anglo-Saxon band like Coldplay or Oasis" was said to have been aimed at attracting a younger audience after Michael said last year's event saw a much older crowd and that he wanted to get the youngsters back.


Jay Z co-founded Roc-a-Fella Records

However Emily said his comments had been taken out of context and that Jay Z was headlining because he's "a complete legend". "He will be amazing here and it's something we haven't done before and it's something we're all really excited about. That's not related to young people," she said.

"We're alright with young people, we've got quite a few," she added.

The ticket price has not yet been decided however the organisers are trying to keep the price down. Michael said he wanted to continue to donate at least £2m to charity so that would be taken into consideration when they decide the price. 

"We want to be as inclusive as possible so we always try to make it as good value as possible here and tickets are always going to be expensive for a festival but what you get here is really, really, good value for money I think and that's really important," said Emily.

"Once you're here can stay here for five days and you've got some amazing entertainment and lots of stuff going on and we're really fighting against putting the ticket price up."   

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You are in: Somerset > Glastonbury Festival > News and Weather > Festival goers to be 'really blown away'

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