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24 September 2014

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Glastonbury Festival's Other Stage

Kylie will definitely not be playing

Countdown to Glasto 2008 starts here

The world's biggest music festival, Glastonbury, is returning for its 38th year. So what have the Eavis' got in store and how can you get a highly sought-after ticket?

The countdown to the world's biggest music festival has begun as festival organiser Michael Eavis has confirmed that Jay-Z will headline the Pyramid Stage on Saturday.

In an exclusive interview with BBC Somerset, Michael said he wanted to "break with tradition" and "put on something totally different" in order to attract a younger audience.

"He will appeal to the young people and under-25s for sure, so that's a big pull for them. It's not like the traditional one we do, like Radiohead, Coldplay and Muse and Oasis."

Anyone who wants to attend this year's festival will have to register for tickets by completing the registration form which includes uploading a passport-sized photograph of yourself.

Organiser Michael Eavis said the scheme, which was successfully trialled in 2007, aims at preventing ticket touts and was "the only way" to sell tickets.

"It worked a treat.  There's no touting or anything- people pay a fair price and it doesn't get inflated. 

"Everyone's happy about that, including the bands.  The bands don't like their show tickets going for double the money – they feel that they should get a part of that extra income so they're bothered about it as well."

Michael said the scheme was also good for security reasons.

"I don't know why no-one else does it, it is quite cheap to do – less
than a pound a ticket.  

"So it's safer for the authorities, it's safer for the police, and it's certainly better for us because the prices don't get inflated and it's the perfect way to control the numbers."

"Down in the dumps"

The Who, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs and Amy Winehouse were some of the acts who performed at the festival last year. So what was the highlight for Michael?

Michael Eavis

The festival is in its 38th year

"Shirley Bassey was good, wasn't she?  She was really good but so were The Killers and The Arctic Monkeys. 

"For me personally John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival fame was the best thing. It was so spot on, he was so good – he's a real star."

With the festival attracting over 175,000 people, does Michael get the time to see many acts?

"I don't see very much but I've just been down to Cornwall- we've got a little terraced house in Newlyn near Penzance.  I went down for New Year's with my wife and we sat and watched all the DVDs of all the stages from last year that the BBC do. So at the end of the day, I see everything, it's all on DVD and I thought 'my God, this is fantastic'!

"I was a little bit down in the dumps about the mud and whether the sound was right [there were problems with people being at the front of the stage not being able to hear The Killers] and that kind of thing and when I sat down in Cornwall for four days and watched everything it was so good.  It built my energy right up, I've been on a flyer ever since."

So who's going to be playing? As usual, it's a closely guarded secret however Michael did admit that there's a "really good strong American black artist to appeal to the young people" and there are rumours abound that Amy Winehouse will return.

"For the Jazz World stage I went out to find five headliners, thinking I'd get two – and you know what, I got all five!"

Glastonbury 2008 takes places on the 27th-29th June.

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Have Your Say

Do you want to go to this year's festival? Who do you want to see?

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

Elvis Preseli
cant wait to get there now rain, sun, snow "you never know?? lol" nothing is going to stop me having a good Festival.Alabama 3, Fun Loving Crims, Sicknote, here i come

I think everyone that is making a big fuss over Jay bloody Z is not on the right level. Massive attack, biffy clyro and many more good artists/bands are playing at the same time. If you dont want to watch him i and everyone else mor then likely dont care. Just dont go and bloody watch him, stop moaning and enjoy the festival. i for one am.

Glastonbury is simply not just about the music! Glasto is a full on amazing experience with magical people. this will be my 4th time now and it definately wont be my last not matter who Mr Eavis puts on the line up. Stop moaning about the acts and get a ticket to the worlds greatest festival.

Bring on KINGS OF LEON, i think the foals will be a good highlight this year!!

Glasto Gaz
Dont care whose playin, gonna watch the Fun Lovin' Criminals at the Jazz stage and im gonna get TROLLIED (in a big way) Whoop Whoop C'Mon Glastonbury!

The whole point in the festival is world music. There are so many different styles of music to enjoy and thats why the festival appeals to so many people.You can not blame ONE artist out of the 2000 odd that are playing for low ticket sales. If you don't want to watch Jay Z, go and watch someone else!! I for one am looking forward to watching Jay Z as its a stlye of music I wouldn't ordinarily buy a ticket for. Everyone just needs to chill out and look forward to what will be yet another amazing glasto - rain or not!!!

Am very pro mixing it up a bit but personally have zero interest in JZ. Really dissapointed with the dance village this year there appears to be alot of acts which I would'nt class as dance. Would LOVE to see.....chemical brothers, daft punk, felix the house kat, underworld, timo mass, the prodigy, dave clarke, ben simms, carl cox, faithless, basement jaxx, mylo.....would also be very interested in oasis, killers, counting crows, feeder, the roots, arcade fire, bloc party.

me and my mum ARE going to glastonbury this my first and not the last time that i will be going but this year i go free lol lol lol

Jane T
Glasto is like a bug to me and this will be my 8th year, this year I am going on my own I know the site inside out and feel very safe on site, I am looking forward to seeing as many acts as I can get in and meeting new friends that have the same interests as me, I know it will be another good one even if it rains but this year it will not.I am keeping the faith with the weather and taling sun cream as well.

I think it's funny reading comments about Jay-Z not being indie enough for Glastonbury. If it was purely indie music I would probably have stopped going in the mid 90's. It's not about just one kind of music and if that's why you're going you've picked a really expensive and inconvenient way of hearing the sounds you like. It's the diversity that makes it so different from every other festival. Embrace the variety. Jay-Z has never floated my boat yet but who knows. I say give the guy a chance. If you've never seen him live how can you make a judgement? If you are not open to new tastes and experiences you are unlikely to broaden your horizons and discover new loves!

well dont think jay-z was a smart move not indie he just doesnt fit with the atmosphere of the festival hopefully the kooks will be performing loved them last year!

paul weller please.charlatans,foo fighters,enemy,dirty pretty things,ian brown

louise adams
Bugger spending milions on the drainage system lets get dirty!Spend the money om what the people want to see.TOP BANDS and crowd pleasers,like Arctic Monkeys, Muse,Bowie,U2,Stones,Led Zep shall I go on!Come on Mr Eavis dont go soft on us now,Glasto is the Mother of all festivals lets keep her that way!!!!!.xxxxxx

Ive been going to glastonbury for years now. Since i was a kid. And its been the highligh of my year everytime. Last year i was unable to attened due to exams and i wasnt, at all, happy about it!So i spent agers getting my tickets sorted this year. But im really upset to found the headliners arent as good as last year. I hope that its just as good as all the others ive been too ive been waiting for this for 2 years!Comm'on mike reinstall my glasto' faith!The Pigeon Detectives, Kate Nash and Acrtic Monkeys pls!x

Penny - dorset
can't wait! not been for 4 years! Amy've just gotta be there. shan't be going anywhere near Jay-z. saw shirley bassey on tv last year..fantastic!

I have my ticket for this year the mud will never put me off! I would like to see The Strokes Play also The White Stripes were excellent in 2005, I would like to see them come back.

m powell
i hope this is the end of glastomania. cant see how selling 100000 tkts means people r loosing interest,its just got back 2 normal. i live localy and gave up on the annual scrum 4 tkts. we go on sunday now which is enjoyable but theres nothing like camping over the weekend, the atmosphere is unlike any other festival.i really hope the celebs keep away now,who wants to see george galloway on a weekend away?

Nathan, Risca South Wales
I can't wait for this years festival as i missed last year. I've been going to glastonbury since 1994 only missing 1 or 2 years. I have seen many changes through the years from fence jumping to no fence jumping. I think tht the festival is getting better and stronger each year. U can walk about at night now without the worries of getting mugged or people harrassing u every 5 foot steps. Bring on the verve can't wait too see them on sunday night.

Rosetta the Stoned
I didn't think I would go this year, but the slow ticket sales actually prompted me to buy, as I think Glasto with not as many people as usual would be spot on. I don't really care about Jay Z headlining, as theres so much other stuff to do...but I do think a better and more appropriate compromise would have been someone like Gnarls Barkley or something like that, ie an artist that BOTH young and old like. Anyways, I'd be surprised if Jay Z even turned up!

Jay-Z? are you having a laugh? how much is he charging?

My third year baby! Can't wait to see the verve, kings of leon and hot chip woooo!

Would love to see the Kaiser Chiefs, Gulliemots, The Pigeon Detectives would be awesome, Radiohead, Muse... not fussed about Coldplay, bit bored of them! Jay-Z will be ok, once youre there, the atmosphere, will be good!!

i love glastonbury, im 20 and i hate jay z so this isnt a pull for younger people, but at the same time i dont care ive been going to glasto since i was seven and its not about the music.

Jay-Z???... I'm bloody 14 and i much prefer Radiohead, coldplay and oasis!

Teresa down

stephen pope
I would like to see jarvis cocker ordinary boys morrisey blur kaiser chiefs.badly drawn boy

''He will appeal to the young people and under-25s for sure, so that's a big pull for them. It's not like the traditional one we do, like Radiohead, Coldplay and Muse and Oasis.'' Yes because don't like these bands and would rather jay-z... pfffffffffttt

sarah - southampton 14
last year was amazing it was my first festival YEA N IT WAS THA SIHIZZEL BUHH DIS YEAR JAYZ JUST ruines IT CAUSE HE SO ISNT indie !!!!! so i will not be part of the 4 day non stop rave this year

real shame coldaplay aint there seen as though they are making a comeback thuis year

nige mbank
Led Zeppelin

jay-z i mean come on the hell is mike on about

Kev Mac - Edinburgh
Last year was my first and besides the weather I had an absolute ball, met so many good people and had such a great time....hopefully the weather's a bit better this yearFave place - The G Stage in the dance was just crazy there from start to finish

i think fall out boy should be at glastonbury 2008

my glasto highlights:1999- jumpin the fence! lol1999- fun lovin criminals (the whole croud bouncin)2000- the fence comin down at the stone circles.2000- cypress hill2002- coldplay (when the whole croud sang yellow)2003- radio 1 dance stage2003- sunshine2003- radiohead2004- oasis2004- muse (rockin sunday nite)2005- rain and floods!!!2005- coldpaly (again)2005- Brian wilson (the croud surfin)2007- rain, rain, rain!2007- the who!! 2007- silent disco!! (dry in there!!)

i love glasto, this year will be my 9th year. it is gonna be a dry one this year... keep the faith!! :) as a local lad im worried that it is gettin a bit too comercial. not sure bout jay z. would rather have radiohead or someone else who understands glasto. hopefully the hype will dye down soon and glasto will be left to us true veterans!!! lol

iv been to galsto since i was born which has been 15years now whayy!! i want to see jay-z m8

I'm hoping to get tickets so I can see... well, basically everyone who's on! I really want to see The Wombats, The Automatic and Arctic Monkeys, but I wouldn't mind seeing any of the other acts like Editors, Amy Winehouse and all that. Apparently Led Zep might make the line-up...

Ben Scott
I can't wait till this years glasto! it's a bug. this will be my 4th and i hope its sunny. I would love to see Kings of Leon and Noel Gallagher! Roll on summer!

jordon thorner
i live in tauranga new zealand and i would like to see pinstripe play because i am coming to england and i want to come to the festival and josh thorner in pinstripe is my cousin and i have never seen him play. i am 12 years old

We don't have to change the way the line up works. Glasto already has plenty for the kids! What one once the largest dance tent of any festival has become two East & West. You will never get the kids going as it falls in term time

You are in: Somerset > Glastonbury Festival > News and Weather > Countdown to Glasto 2008 starts here

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