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29 October 2014

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You are in: Somerset > Places > Places features > Celebrating the historical Taunton Market

Taunton Market

The market started in 910.

Celebrating the historical Taunton Market

Taunton Market has been going for over a thousand years but this Saturday will see the last ever one take place. We take a look behind-the-scenes of the market and celebrate it with exclusive videos.

Farmers' markets have played an important role in Taunton's history.

The first one is believed to have taken place in 910 however Saturday, 17 January, will be the last one.

The demise of the markets has been blamed on the rise of supermarkets, convenience stores and different shopping habits.

Filmmakers Sean Borodale and Louisa Fairclough have spent a year documenting Taunton Market.

'Bring in Daylight' celebrates farmers' markets and explores what happens behind-the-scenes. 

We have exclusive preview clips of the film, which are introduced by the filmmakers themselves.

Sheep Pens

The film explores the "social gestures and rituals" of the market.

"Here, the vigour of penning, numbering, sorting and grading sheep is evident in the close observation of hands. Despite the chaos of noise, the ordering of thousands of animals (a huge task) is carried out with great skill and speed," said the filmmakers.

Sheep Auction

"The camera scans the tableau of a sheep auction, as the bidders and sellers follow the pace of the auction; the auctioneer up on the walkway above the pens.

"The rhythm of movement is noticeable as figures fall out of the frame and step back into it.

"The voice of a retired shepherd talks of his memories and of the forthcoming end of the market; the cadence of his voice spoken in the same space in the relative emptiness of the early morning, re-enforces the fluidity and remoteness of the shot."

Store Cattle Auction

"A slow-moving tableau of the store cattle sale ring in mid-auction; in contrast to the man scattering straw.

"Here, the community of farmers and bidders gather around what might be taken to be an axis in their life. A twice-weekly event, the Taunton Livestock Market draws people from a widely dispersed rural community, many from isolated farms, bringing them into the heart of a busy town.

"Their voices abound under the cacophony of the auctioneer’s tannoy, the banging of gates, the goading of cattle."

Brass band

Musician Tim Hill and Tongues of Fire marched through the market's empty pens playing a song composed by Tim. It was based on John Dowland's setting of the poem 'In Darkness Let Me Dwell'.

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You are in: Somerset > Places > Places features > Celebrating the historical Taunton Market

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