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13 November 2014

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You are in: Somerset > Entertainment and Leisure > Art, Films and Television > Has Banksy entered spoof art contest?

Has Banksy entered spoof art contest?

Has graffiti artist Banksy continued to take the mickey out of the art world by entering a piece of work in the Turnip Prize, Somerset's alternative art contest to the Turner Prize?


Image courtesy of Mid Somerset News

A piece of art based on one of graffiti artist Banksy's street works has been entered into this year's Turnip Prize. 

The artwork, which depicts Mona Lisa holding a rocket launcher, was submitted in true Banksy style- anonymously- to the award's organiser, Trevor Prideaux.

In a play on Banksy's name, the artwork is credited to 'Banksea' and features a rat (another common Banksy theme) crawling up the Mona Lisa, whose face has been replaced with Trevor's. 

"If it's a Banksy, obviously I feel very privileged, but if it isn't, then my face is worth more than the picture," said Trevor.

But does he actually think the artwork was submitted by the infamous graffiti artist who is believed to have west country roots?

"I don't know- I haven't got a clue as it's not something I'm into." 


The award, which recognises bad art, started in 1999 as a reaction to Tracey Emin's installation 'My Bed' which was short-listed in the Turner Prize.

Turnip Prize 2006

The Turnip Prize started in 1999

According to the rules, there are no barriers to entry into the competition, they simply state: "You can enter anything you like, but it must be rubbish."

Regulars at pubs in Wedmore, near Cheddar, then vote on a series of 'rubbish artworks' created by members of the public rather than internationally renowned sculptors and painters.

Another entry with a Banksy theme includes a blank A4-sized piece of blank paper by 'Blanksy'.

Other artworks submitted so far include 'Unmade bread' which is a play on Tracey Emin's unmade bed and 'Time Flies' which is a glass jar filled with thyme and flies.

Last year's winner was Ian Lewis for his entry Torn Beef while a raw chicken stuffed with leaves called 'Take a leaf out of my Chook' won in 2003.

Past entrants include 'Jonny Wilkinson' (a condom and a razor blade) and 'Bitter and twisted' (a piece of grapefruit peel).

The winner will be decided on 3 December.

We want to see your examples of bad art- email them to 

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created: 15/11/2007

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This is absolutely not a Banksy. It is a charming little pastiche, bit obviously has none of the style or compositional merit of the genuine article. It has too many elements, clumsily combined, and none of the balance or impact that marks out real Banksy works. I'm sure all the journalists who have reported on this in various outlets can see full well that it's not the real thing, but why let that get in the way of a story, eh?

You are in: Somerset > Entertainment and Leisure > Art, Films and Television > Has Banksy entered spoof art contest?

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