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24 September 2014

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Cat The Dog

Cat The Dog review

BBC reviewer Jo Cooksley wished she accepted free ear plugs when she went to see Cat The Dog and Showing Off To Thieves at Taunton's Cafe Mamba.

'Would you like some earplugs?' were the last words I expected to hear uttered from a young guitarist but nonetheless an offer which, in hindsight, I probably should've accepted.

Showing Off To Thieves, a band from Bath, were the first to showcase their music on this tropical night at Cafe Mamba in Taunton.

Four members suspectedly from the same school of rock as Panic! at the disco (in terms of style and a splash of Emo) soon filled the muggy room.

Their rider I can only assume comprised vast quantities of honey and lemon, as lead singer Andy flaunted polished vocals that dovetailed perfectly with the sound of each finger strum and drum tumble.

'Everyone has their secrets' began with a bouncy melody not unlike James' 'Sit down', but quickly exploded into screams of 'I'm not the only one' - a hook fitting as each fan united in a passionate chorus.

Cat the dog

'Parody of an angel', it's pauses and breaks and echoey guitars propelling the song along, swept it through the small room, seeming to extend the walls and making me want to go and drive my car really fast.

It's SOTF's ability to combine epic riffs with uplifting melodies that's born tunes of talent usually found in bands ten years their senior.

Perusing the crowd, I spied a short pixie collecting names for Cat the Dog's mailing list.

Cat The Dog, the Brighton / Canadian group due next onstage, were also giving out badges. Unperturbed by the fact I was the oldest person added, I accepted my free gift with honour. Those earplugs though, were the present I foolishly declined, which soon became apparent as the band erupted into a musical assault.

Commander in charge Chris Melian sported the sleek bob of Willy Wonka and the legs of Mr Borrell.

'I'm a romantic', currently playing on MTV's Spanking new music, is drenched with windy sounds and ferocious vocals which, although have a distinct, stainless sound on their MySpace page, is deafening live when played at such volume.

'Ship going down' sailed along warm chord changes and major key notes to evoke a summer feeling and even Chris' well-defined eyebrows softened as he relaxed his urgent, manic deportment.

The first seven seconds of 'Gotta leave' were somewhat ominous but as bassist Daniel clicks his winkle-pickers in a cheeky shuffle, the euphonic pitch rose and Willy Wonka's juicy words were filled with enough clarity to truly relish this exciting new band.

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You are in: Somerset > Entertainment and Leisure > Music > Reviews > Cat The Dog review

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