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24 September 2014

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The Challenge

You are in: Somerset > The Challenge > Hot drinks halt global warming

Environmentally friendly cup

Hot drinks halt global warming

What lengths would you go to, to reduce your impact on the environment? BBC Somerset Sound reporter Sitala Peek met one woman who has come up with an environmentally friendly way of serving coffee.

Lisa Snowden-Carr is the co-owner of Roots Café in Bath Place, Taunton and has built her business around this principle.

“It’s not about politics or anything like that. I just like to see green spaces and trees and I want to be able to enjoy that,” she said.

“This is my little way of helping and offering my customers a choice.”  

But like any good businesswoman, Lisa, 37, still has to keep an eye on profit and freely admits she will only make changes that make good business sense.

She cuts down her food miles by buying local produce and buys organic where she can. Her latest green measure is to use recyclable coffee cups.

Lisa Snowden-Carr drinking

The cups were custom made especially for the cafe

“It has taken me 18 months to find any, but they are proving very popular.”

The main problem was price. After an initial investigation she discovered that most cardboard cups were “prohibitively expensive”; around three times the price of plastic ones.

The solution: she had them custom made by the manufacturers who supplied her with recycled wooden forks and napkins. She said the advantage was the cups weren’t coated in plastic to keep the heat in, unlike many of the recycled cups on the market.

Her cups work out at about 5p each and are made from recycled cardboard using renewable energy sources. 

She said: “I wanted something that could be recycled and was made from an ethical background.

“These look the business, they are a comparable price to the plastic ones and I can brand them using my own stamp.


Customers can leave their own mugs there as well

“We’ve got cardboard cup holders to keep the heat in so there’s no need to coat them in plastic.”

And if you don’t fancy drinking out of a cardboard cup you are welcome to bring your own.

The former quality and assurance manager has a row of china mugs hanging beneath the stairs that her customers have left to use when they drop by.

Her next challenge is to find a type of cardboard container for olives and sun dried tomatoes that won’t leak. So if anyone has any suggestions- please let her know.

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You are in: Somerset > The Challenge > Hot drinks halt global warming

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