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24 September 2014

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Anthony Head on his farm
Anthony Head on his farm near Bath

Interview: Anthony Head

Helen Otter
BBC Somerset's Helen Otter gets up close and personal (oo-er!) with the star of Buffy, Little Britain, and the new series of Doctor Who, on his farm near Bath.

Well, just how lovely is Anthony Head? Very, is the answer!

Not only had he taken time out from a completely hectic work schedule (if that was me, I'd get all the different roles mixed up, and would turn up to the Doctor Who set ready to play a character from Macbeth or something!), he also made me a rather nice cup of tea when I arrived at the farm!

"Somerset has a wonderful wildness about it - it hasn't been tamed. This is farming country, and there's a realness here - I love it."
Anthony Head

Tea in hand, we stopped to say hello to the donkeys (which were seriously cute, by the way) and horses on our way to the farm office.

Chatting about what goes on at the farm, Anthony told me why he decided to make Somerset his home, and what he thinks of the county.

"We've always loved this area, and as soon as we walked into this house we knew it was ours.

"Somerset has a wonderful wildness about it - it hasn't been tamed. This is farming country, and there's a realness here - I love it.

"After filming and working away, my home acts as a real retreat for me. There's something very levelling and calming about coming back here."

To listen to the full interview with Anthony talking about his life in Somerset, click on this link:

audio Anthony Head on Somerset >
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So, onwards to Doctor Who then - beware of reading on any further if you're a Whovian and don't want any spoilers to... erm... spoil things!

"I play a very unpleasant headmaster, called Mr Finch, who has developed a plan to increase the capacity of school students.

Anthony Head as Mr Finch
Anthony Head as Mr Finch in Doctor Who

"The first scene up is a very interesting meeting with the Doctor.

"It felt on the page very subdued, but there were other scenes where I just let rip to see what would happen - some stuff came out that surprised both me and the crew!"

Listen to the full interview to find out more about Anthony's role, what he thinks of the new Doctor, and if he answered enough questions correctly in a Doctor Who quiz to win a VERY special prize (ahem!) courtesy of BBC Somerset:

audio Anthony Head on Doctor Who >
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So, after spending a lovely morning on Anthony's farm, it was time to head off.

I could have spoken to him for much longer, though, seems as he's starred in so many different things - like Howard's Way, for instance. Did you know he was in that? I only found that out recently. I'm so impressed - being the true 80s kid that I am, I used to love that programme!

But, alas, I figured he had more important things to do than chat to me all day. Perhaps I'll get chance to visit again, though - if so I'll look forward to another cup of tea, this time with biscuits!

last updated: 25/06/06
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Jennifer Finn
Have met Tony a few times , he is always very gracious to his fans, even have a lovely pic of myself with him kept by the bedside of course. What a gentleman he is , i am now 60 and still a fan and my 19 year old daughter is in-love with him too, he appeals to all ages !!!!!!!
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of all the charactors that I have seen him play, he is always going to be in my heart for the Giles charactor. he is the best

I think tony is fab!, he's a great actor, great guy with a great personality and super sense of humour!he's such a lovley guy, he's top!

Anthony Head is amazing i loved him in Buffy and i love him in Little Britain!! ... he is a fantastic actor. i am only 14 and he is an inspirtation to me

Absolutely love his acoustic music in Buffy. Would love to hear more songs like Free Bird and Behind Blue Eyes, there sooo amazing!

Ah Tony, who never fails to charm! Generous, sexy, down-to-earth . . . What's not to love? The man is utterly amazing.

Home Fri
I think that he was the best Giles on Buffy than anything!

Met Mr. Head a couple of times, he is always genuine and has time for his fans. Who knew wrinkles could be so sexy? And those eyes and that voice... mmm. A fine actor too, and does so much work for charity, perfect. Any chance of seeing him 'up north'? Costing me a fortune to travel to London from Newcastle! Keep up the good work Tony!

I would have loved to see him in "Him and US".

He was great as Giles on Buffy.

H from Norwich
Met him for the third time recently at Collectormania - such a fantastically nice person, as always, and those sexy eyes! Brilliant in Dr Who, and the play Otherwise Engaged. Look forward to "Him and Us" if it gets picked up - hopefully it will. Love to see him back in Norwich sometime.

There's only one thing wrong... He SO NEEDS to make a 'guy of acoustic rock' album with free bird and behind blue eyes. His voice melts everything!

I have met Anthony a couple of times, at the cinema I used to work at, and in Bath. A very genuine, nice man. Cracking performance as Mr Finch in Doctor Who. Hope we haven't seen the last of him in Doctor Who.

I love his singing when i listen to his songs like Free bird my favorite my heart melts away i could listen to it all day sadly i only have the buffy the vampire slayer episode to watch and hear him sing but i wish i could hear the full version his voice is soo wonderful its like this bliss.. paradise? I just love it! I love him!

Tony is a wonderful, compassionate, honest man. I got to meet him last year at a convention, and will never forget that experience.

I met him once. Nice enough guy, rather flighty though. Loved Giles.

Loved the interview with Tony. He seems a wonderful person as well as a fine actor. I am a big fan after seeing him in Buffy. I watched after meeting James Marsters at a con but after watching the series became a huge Tony fan Hopefully he will be at a con in the U.S. again and I can see him in person.

I loved him on Buffy as Giles, he was adorable. I've been watching him since VR.5 too.

Obviously, here in America, I became a fan of Anthony's from his work on Buffy. I've been happy to see him in several of his post Giles roles by catching him, by accident, on BBC America on cable. Now I've begun watching Dr.Who just to catch him in that. Anthony's brilliant and it's great to see a familiar face.

Anthony has always been a dear favourite of mine since the beginning of buffy. Since then I have discovered many other interesting projects by following his career. I hope he keeps going strong. It's nice to hear about his lovely farm. It reminds me of some childhood memories in Canada. have a good day.

Course I'm a fan. He goes off and becomes a household name because of his role in Buffy and then comes back to England and works for his living. That's pretty cool.

Yes, I'm a fan. :-) He's a great actor and a great guy. There should be more people like him. The world would be a better place!

Great actor, lovely guy - have had the privilege of meeting Tony several times in person, and he's 100% genuinely nice.

Am I a fan? Is the Pope Catholic? LOL I've been a big fan ever since I first cast eyes upon him in VR.5.

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