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29 October 2014

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Hurt Process
Hurt Process

Review: Silent Drive

John Higgins
A chaotic crowd greeted local bands and groups from the US at Yeovil Ski Lodge on 24 March 2006. A blazing night of hardcore and balcony diving followed, and was that really Noel Edmonds rushing the stage?!

April Dead

Unfortunately, Yeovil's very own April Dead suffered a few technical problems during their set causing their momentum to be interrupted. 

April Dead
April Dead

Nevertheless they are getting some well deserved gigging experience behind them, and they sure are honing their act and vastly improving in a very short period of time.

Their music might be generic screamo, but they adopt all the correct poses on stage.

In particular their bassist Tom, who was celebrating his 20th birthday, was throwing himself around in the style of some of his American counterparts and he appeared to be having a damn fine time as he did so. 

Meanwhile, vocalist (James' brother Josh) yelped and bellowed as if he was being disembowelled.

April Dead are entertaining and given time and a bit of luck they could achieve a name for themselves within the UK hardcore scene.

Calico System

Calico System, from St Louis, Missouri were the next to hit the stage firing on all cylinders. 

Yet another screamo band, and although I think their They Live album on Eulogy records is mighty fine, in the live environment they definitely stepped it up a gear.

Calico System
Calico System

Their set was awesome. 

It took a little while for the crowd to get into them, but after a couple of songs and some prompting from singer Mark Owens (no not Robbie Williams’ old buddy!) for people to jump off the balcony, people really started moving, and this momentum continued throughout the set.

The band seemed well impressed with the reception from Yeovil, and after 30 minutes left the stage with a job well done!

The Hurt Process

The Hurt Process are no strangers to Yeovil, this being the second time they've played the town this year.

It is evident from the over-the-top response from the audience that they are well liked here. 

This was the first time I'd seen the band with their new singer, Ivan Ferreira, who was welcomed to the HP fold at the end of 2005. 

The Hurt Process
The Hurt Process

I must say that as a singer he is definitely not as good as his predecessor Dan, lacking as he does the swooping vocal range and ear for melody. 

Despite this, the Glenn Danzig lookalike made up for his short (ahem) comings with an energetic performance in which he spent much of the time face to face with the audience, with a few periods of hibernation as he lay on the floor during quieter moments.  

The rest of the band were predictably energetic, with drummer Adam throwing his sticks around as though they were too hot to handle, while the guitarists made the most of the limited floor space they were forced to occupy. 

They treated us to selection of songs old and new, with one song (Come on in the Water's Fine) so recent that guitarist Tom stated: "We're not even sure if it's finished yet."

This was another winning set from the Hurt Process lads, who it must be said are going from strength to strength.

They were the act of the night and they provoked the best, if somewhat chaotic, reaction from the exuberant crowd.

Silent Drive

Finally, headline act Silent Drive from Worcester (that's Massachusetts, not West Midlands!) hit the stage.

A supergroup of sorts, boasting members of Bane, Drowningman, and the short-lived Ink Cartridge Funeral. 

After the previous bands tonight it seemed to some punters that they were a bit of an anticlimax, however I strongly disagree with that sentiment – they were just the last of a line-up of excellent bands.

Silent Drive
Silent Drive

On record Silent Drive are quite eclectic, tuneful and rocky, with elements of Tool, Faith No More and even Radiohead. However, in a live setting they were generally a little heavier, with more of a snotty punk-rock intensity than I expected.

Singer Zach Jordan was certainly a charismatic front man, moving seamlessly over to singing from his day job as Bane's guitarist, and he has an excellent (if at times unconventional) voice and an attitude brilliantly suited to Silent Drive's style of music.

He was also extremely energetic as he bounded around the floor.

The band hurtled through a set which unexpectedly included a Pantera cover, with only a single momentary halt in proceedings as the band stopped and demanded that a member of the crowd, who had been ejected for no real reason that I could see (apart from his dodgy hat!), be allowed back in. 

Silent Drive
Silent Drive

Once that happened they were off again and finished their set in belligerent style.

Finally, a long haired kid got on stage and grabbed the microphone from Zach, and as I awaited a profound statement, he simply proclaimed: "So at £17,000, is that deal or no deal?"

This was another awesome Yeovil gig, and it just goes to show that the quality of the bands the town can attract should mean that promoter Will can retire with a better pension than a Pittards leather employee.

last updated: 31/03/06
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I know that this gig was amazing, it was the funniest ive ever been too! with woody being efected that being aloud back in, he did look drunk though! lol overall, if silent drive played again, id be there!

it was an incredible show and was more than proud to share the mic with ivan (THP) for long periods. silent drive were bums, but the hurt process stole the show for me playing some classics and some awsome new material. calico system were more than impressive and i was p****d off with april dead's technical difficulties, they being the best local band in our area, was a real shame to miss. fortunatly they crammed 12 songs worth of enrgey into the 3 or 4 they managed to play. super night

Hurt Process Was Awesome, I was right at the front, It was an amazing night.

Johnathan boon
i was that long haired kid! thanks for the mention! hahahaha hella good gig its or no deal?

woody chant
I was the you in the hat, good stuff, a great gig, DEAL OR NO DEAL

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