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24 September 2014

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Somerset Sounds - Artists

The Duckworths sit with some bicycles
Sons of Jack and Vera

The Duckworths

Third nipples, warships and an audience of Russian sailors. The Duckworths seem to have a lot in common with James Bond, until you realise they're actually named after Jack and Vera. More pipe and slippers than pipe bomb and snipers...

The Duckworths played on the Live Music Friday show on BBC Somerset Sound on 7 April, 2006. Click on this link to listen back to their performance:

audio The Duckworths on Live Music Friday >
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Who are The Duckworths?

Lawrie on vocals and guitar; Jools on piano, melodica and vocals; Steve on drums and vocals; Greg on bass.

Where in Somerset are you from?


When did you form?


How did you get together?

It all started many moons ago when three lads were jamming in a flat above Boston Tea Party in Bath.

"We need a singer" they thought, "someone with their own style, cool voice and a quiff to match."

Then along came a boy called Lawrie, a charming cad on the Bath music scene, who seemed to perfectly suit the job. 

Lawrie and Jools' musical flavour gelled incredibly, so much so that they ended up splitting off from the original group to work on some of the songs Lawrie had written, and to write new material.

The Duckworths were born. After inviting many a musician to come along and join them they finally found the ones that were meant to be - Greg on bass and Steve on drums. 

How would you describe your music?

Weird rock 'n roll with elements of doowap, country, jazz, reggae and classical.

How did the band gets its name?

After a couple of years of searching the back of their minds for suitable names, Jools and Lawrie came up with absolutely nothing that fitted the bill. 

One summer day a good friend called Jimmy Mc suggested the band take up the family name of Jack and Vera Duckworth, which just so happened to be Lawrie's surname as well.

It was decided, and since nothing else seemed right, The Duckworths was taken as a working title and it just kinda stuck.

Who are your musical influences?

Almost everything: Tom Waits, The Beatles, The Satellites, The Doors, Johnny Cash, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Debussy, Ravel, Prokofiev, and theme tunes from various TV programmes we watched as kids.

What is your most memorable gig so far?

Well... there have been a couple.

The first, and probably the most weird, was down in Portsmouth at the annual Festival of the Sea.

Imagine this: a huge jetty that stuck 200 metres out into the harbour, with a stage at the far end that was as big as the Jazz World Stage at Glastonbury.

To make it even trippier, there were two giant grey warships running parallel to the jetty, each with a crew of Russian sailors on that weren't allowed to touch English soil for immigration reasons. 

The funny thing was that this band of not-so-merry Russian men were our only audience. There were barely five people in front of the stage on the vast section of jetty set aside for the audience. 

It didn't help that the stage was situated over two miles from the nearest bar/stall and it was a cold, wet and windy day. 

We played to ourselves on this massive stage and we had a bloomin' ball. VIP treatment backstage with free booze and our own personal performer's cabin. Gert Lush!

The second was at The Bell, Bath, on 20 March 2006. New brass section Char and Fluff joined us for a gig in our home venue.

We played a handful of new songs and actually had some time to practice in the weeks beforehand (which had been a rare occasion up until recently).

They played perfectly, adding the cool brass feel to complement the sound of The Ducks and the brass solos were exciting again for the first time in over a year. Beautiful gig, smiles all night!

Where would you most like to play?

The Royal Albert Hall, The Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival, Koko (the ex-Camden Palais) London, South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, and on top of Mount Everest on a yacht.

Finally, tell us some interesting facts about yourself

Lawrie has an incredibly hairy chest. Jools has a chicken pox scare that poses as a third nipple.

last updated: 02/05/06
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matthew greensides
i think thare cool ive seen them at the september festival in aid of the september 11th [twin towers]

Eamon Dunchidiock
Fabulous! The band every party needs. Cool, Classy and above all talented performers. Saw them in Exeter - they rocked my slippers off

Emily and Jo/ Duo
We have heard their sounds and think they are fantastic. Also we think Steve is gurt lush! xxx

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