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29 October 2014

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Guitarist from Andy Fiction
Hardcore punk from Andy Fiction

Review: Rockfest 2006

Emily Littler
Richard Huish College, the place where students from all over Somerset go to study, learn, achieve... and rock! Oh yes my friends, Rockfest 2006 saw a rocking line-up of the funkiest bands in Somerset. Let's ROCK!

Kicking off the night was The Science Band, dressed in long white coats, and singing their hearts out about dreaming of one day being a professor and sharing their love for the periodic table.

Not only convenient for a college (they teach as they sing, supposedly!), but perfect to mix up a whirl of craziness that would feed the atmosphere for the rest of the night.

The Science Band were great to listen to, all members musically talented and funny at the same time which is an ideal combination for their success. I just hope they don't get swept away with their music, as they need to focus hard at college to become professors!

Following the hilarious Science Band came Sound Hogg, a happy-go-lucky ska band fronted by scantily-clad Abi.

With covers such as Walking on Sunshine, these jazzy, jumpy jokers provided the crowd with a great dance and some great tunes. Although the band formed in college, they have such a good atmosphere on stage. These guys could go further - look out for them in gigs around Somerset.

Escomatic eye candy

Singer from Escomatic Jack

Just as we thought we were safe in our happy-clappy ska world, in comes Escomatic Jack, ready to rock our socks off with Charlie's heavy vocals and Ian's fingertip-ripping solos.

The crowd soon formed into a huge mosh, encouraging the four-piece to get even more mental on stage.

It's fantastic to see how far these guys have come since I last saw them perform all those years ago in Castle School variety show. It's also fantastic to see how far these guys have come, and even more fantastic, they were happy to give me an interview - and what a fun interview it was!

Somerset Sounds: Escomatic Jack >
audio Interview: Escomatic Jack >
Audio and Video links on this page require Realplayer

If you're around Taunton on 31 March, 2006, definitely try and get down to The Ring of Bells to see them live. For the guys, they're a great mosh, and for the girls, well, they're a bit of eye candy for you!

George from Andy Fiction

Keeping with the heavy music, Escomatic Jack were followed by Andy Fiction, a hardcore punk band with a pretty big following already.

The mosh grew and grew, almost to the size of lead-singer George's mohican, and by the time they had finished at nine, the hall was packed full of sweaty, partied-out rockers, with huge grins on their faces. With upcoming shows near Somerset, these guys are well worth a look.

Luscious Rickys

Nine o'clock saw the Luscious Rickys appear on stage, along with their flowers and their mad front man, Ollie.

These fun lovin' lads resemble bands such as The Hives and We Are Scientists, and have clearly adopted the popular music that is very successful in today's mainstream.

Fun to watch, great to listen to, and with such an amazing presence on stage, they obviously have a lot going for them. This year looks good for the Luscious Rickys.

Overbrink was the next act to grace the stage, bringing back the rockier feel of the night.

Jellyfish Incident

By this time a lot of the crowd were completely partied out and so the guys had a difficult time keeping the audience together and focused. Professional in their approach and with some good songs, they made the most of their time on stage.

Following Overbrink came the Jellyfish Incident, a three-piece band dedicated to rocking the revitalised crowd to their feet.

The light-hearted trio, all obviously musically talented (well, apart from Charlie the drummer!) invited the crowd to participate with their funky antics, and covered a good choice of songs, including Juicebox by The Strokes.

They topped their fantastic set off by singing a song of their own, a song whose lyrics entailed the word, 'Snazzy' - I need not say any more.

Headlining the top line-up were Arkwright, a 'different' band with a 'different' fashion sense. This rocky four-piece certainly entertained the crowd, with all four making the stage their own.

Heart-stopping beats from Tom Young's drum kit made the crowd itching to just let go and party, and oh how we all partied.

If they could have topped off the night any better, they would've needed a giant can of cream and a large cherry - they did their position of headliners justice. And that was just the Friday night...

Mighty Saturday night

Saturday night saw the mighty Surburbia start up where Friday night left off. 

These lads got the night off to a flying start and embraced the crowd with their hefty tunes of rock. Again, the atmosphere in the crowd was brilliant in itself, and kicked off the second half of the Richard Huish Rockfest weekend.

Following Surburbia were Von Twist, appearing on the stage with a very cool, classy approach. Just like with lead singer Ollie's other band (Luscious Rickys), you can see the musical influences here, and so they make an excellent act for the Rockfest line-up.

The male/female vocals really make the music worth listening to, as both Ollie and Fi have fantastic voices. Ollie, being the entertaining front man that he is, is certainly a bonus to this musically talented band.

The next band was called Focusonic, and I have absolutely no idea if they are a local band.*

Apparently, they had come over from Germany to play, but then again it may have been a cruel joke inflicted on the merry crowd within the Huish walls! But, oh, how we laughed at their jest, and if they weren't a joke, we didn't laugh at all!

The band brought a heavier feel to the rock music we had heard at the start of the night, and so the mosh pit began to gather once again. Perhaps not one of the best acts of the night, but certainly worth a mosh to.

Contact playing at Rockfest

The crowd grew as eight o'clock struck, when Contact crashed onto the stage. An upbeat, energetic performance of indie rock, topped off with the cool vocals of Chris Howell.

The crowd loved these rockers, and I would definitely recommend you listen out for them in and around Somerset.   

Tremendous Triggerfish

Following contact were the tremendous Triggerfish, undoubtedly the crowd's favourite so far, with the biggest audience yet.

The smooth ska lovelies sizzled their way through their set, bringing classics such as their Ghostbusters cover and many more to life, as one with their adoring crowd.

They dared a 'wall of death' in the mosh pit, and jazzed their way along as the crowd jigged, jumped, and got groovy.

Definitely worth looking out, these guys have gigs lined up soon in and around Somerset. They may not be around so much at the end of the year, so look out for them at venues around you - they are not to be missed.

Summingutted were then set to play at nine on the dot, hitting the crowd with an intense wave of heavy metal, making the mosh pit almost cry with anticipation.

Not only was their music scary enough, but the lead singer's voice made you want to hide behind the crowd, as it was one scary voice - ideal for the metallers who had made the mosh pit their territory, and perfect for the crowd members who just wanted a good bash.

Their energy on stage was fantastic, and I had a fantastic time getting beaten to a complete pulp, being swallowed by a lot of sweaty fellow students. Yum.

Following Summingutted came The Casuals, the smart indie rockers fronted by the charming Ali Warren.

With covers such as Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall, The Casuals certainly invited sing-alongs with the crowd, and with the gorgeous guitar solos, they kept the crowd glued to their stage.

Their love for music was apparent as they danced and performed well on stage, and their new songs sounded promising. Worth a watch, without a doubt.

Rock your face off

The headliners, My Last Apple, then graced us with their presence. A jazzy, funky, feel-good band that made you want to dance no matter what music you're into.

Rockers at Rockfest

Charlotte Murray's vocals could rock your face off, and the jazzy saxophones and guitars could blow it back on again!

There is no better headliner than these - they played all the right covers and had an enthusiasm that was contagious.

They left the night on a high, with their Zutons-influenced music. A great night out for anyone if you can catch them gigging around Somerset, but watch out - Charlotte throws bottles!

All in all the Richard Huish Rockfest was a fantastic weekend. It was professional yet the coolest thing I've been to in a good while, and it was at my college.

The bands all produced a high amount of quality and the atmosphere on both nights was stunning. A big thank you to Mike Gillett for his work, and massive congratulations to the staff, the crowds and the bands, as they all made it a fantastic weekend for me, and a lot of people.

Next year, I thoroughly recommend the Rockfest. You will miss out if you don't go! As far as local gigs go, this is the best so far.

* It turns out that Focusonic are in fact German and came over from Germany especially to play at our Rockfest, how very rock and roll of them! We all really appreciate them coming over, and hope to see them soon! (Thanks to Thomas their English manager for setting us straight!)

last updated: 05/04/06
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Great coverage and interviews - love the audios and pics! Looks a great event...

alice heath
triggerfish were sooo the best band and thanx emily for puttin my pic up on the internet!! tht was really not nice

Hardcore Chris and Hardcore Myles
Hello! The luscious Rickys were amazing the front man was amazing and the guitarist was damn shexy!And that drummer was sooooooooooo hansome and the bassist was ok! kissy kissy lovin a lil risky x


Wylie Sly
Hell yeh! Rockfest was awesum! more of that please, triggerfish were immense! The only downside was that there was no alcohol available, otherwise everyone would have been jiggin it up all over the place! von twist rule.

John F
Von Twist and The Lucsious Rickys definetely the best!!

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