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29 October 2014

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Find out how Tijuana share their very different styles and talents to form a tight and original sound, sheltered by the spiritual haven that is Glastonbury.

Tijuana appeared on BBC Somerset Sound's Live Music Friday with Jo Phillips on 23 February 2007. To listen to the session, which includes a live track, click on this audio link:

audio Tijuana: February 2007 >
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Tijuana popped into the BBC Somerset Studio on Friday 11 August, 2006 to speak to Elise Rayner about their involvement in an anti-knife campaign.

You can listen to the interview as well as a live track, by clicking on this audio link:

audio Tijuana: August 2006 >
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Who are Tijuana?

Jake Meeking on guitar and vocals; Miguel Santana Da Silva on vocals; Dan Longmire on bass guitar and backing vocals; and Glenn Hampson on drums and backing vocals.

Where in Somerset are you from?


When did you form?

In August 2003 - Miguel joined in May 2004.

How did you get together?

Glenn, Jake and Dan got together originally, and decided to make a band. Miguel was approached later on to feature on one of their songs, and soon after became a permanent member.

How would you describe your music?

Tijuana at the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms

Our music is not very common - jazzy blues rock, with tints of aggressive rap and duelling vocals.

Jake's encyclopedic guitar styles, Dan's funky and original bass lines, Glenn's drum solos leaving people in awe, accompanied by Miguel's bullet-speed rap to in-your-face screaming vocals, create what is known locally as Tijuana - a new-born rock genre.

How did the band gets its name?

Jake's dad's friend suggested the name. That person later passed away and the name was adopted as a tribute.

Also, Tijuana is a place with its own laws, where people are free to run and live without constraints, which is also what our music is about - another way out.

Who are your musical influences?

We have influences ranging from Incubus to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jeff Buckley to Rage Against the Machine, and Pearl Jam to Blackbud.

What is your most memorable gig so far?

The Market House Inn, Glastonbury, on 6 January 2006. Not our biggest venue, but nonetheless the atmosphere was mind-blowing, and we had a great response from the crowd. We were all also pleased with the sound quality which we attained that night.

Where would you most like to play?

It would have to be the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival... on a Sunday night!

Finally, tell us some interesting facts about yourself

Well... even though Dan is originally from Manchester, Glenn from Southampton, Miguel from Portugal, and Jake from Glastonbury, it could be said it is interesting how fate brought us all together in this small town.

Even though we are all different and individual people, we still all got together and shared our very different styles and talents to form a tight and original sound, sheltered by the spiritual haven that is Glastonbury.

last updated: 29/08/08
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Tijuana are fab! They ooze energy and sex appeal - if you haven't seen them live go check them out - they'll blow you away.

Kev Ollier
Tijuana are getting interest from A and R people at the moment and this anti knife thing has been seen as a Peace song and has really caught the interest of 'them'. And they are the most unique live band in the UK at the moment. No parody, no bull just pure performance.

mum to Dan
If they keep going as well as they are i can't see anything stopping them. They are brilliant and thats not just cause i am Dan's mum! They will go far watch tijuana's space.

Kirstie Crowder
omg u lot probs dont memba me lol but ahhh..left st dunstans in yr 8... wel omg dint no u lot wer this famous and ya music is well good! Good luck in the future ya will go far!

Jack thompson roylance
Im also a local at Glastonbury and a pupil to Jakes always interesting guitar lessons.Been to few Tijuana gigs and iv'e got to say on behalf of the whole town. 'world watch this space, youve been warned TIJUANA ARE HERE TO STAY!' keep on rocking guys.

indie halstead
hey you guys are really GREAT! come and play in cheltenham!!!

anthony longmire
my brother and the rest of the band rock! their talent is undeniable. im sure they'll gonna be hugely successful. peace;}

brad hibbert
TIJUANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want money when your famous!!!

freddie longmire
hes my bruv, i think there top! and there going to go far, so watch out for them!

tom hampson
tijuana rock there face melting solos blow u away. i have heard them so many time evan at glastonbury festival they rock.

hey dan thanks for the message your band has a great sound, good luck with your music!

hey Mig i'm guna come see you play one day- watch out!!!!

timo stock
i am a friend of the band and i think there super great, but they sound a bit pompous in this interview and i do hope their ego's don't get to large, but i do think someone should sign them.

hearing a lot about you from Kev.Will watch your progress with interest

tijuana r fab. great performers and musicians. fab fab fab

Mr J
I think there absolutly funkadelik.............Oh yea

laura k
Well, well,well tijuana have come so far since i first saw them in the assrooms a good few years back,i love all of u, u seem to improve with each gig.***YOUR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE** xxx

these guys rock...and they are inspired by incubus....could it GET any better??

Who am I?
Keep it up guys!!!

I saw you play at surrey and you freaking rule!! and obviously heavily influenced by Incubus which makes you even better.

Harry Knight
You Guys ROCK!

Guys your playing is great. Your all good looking people and will make it big in the future. When I finally get a band together I'll mension you as one of my inspirers. You're so young, only yr11 yet quite talented.Great. I hope I'll end up like you lot.Famous all around Glastonbury. Good luck in your future, It looks bright!! xxx

top camphill gig

Ethan Chapman
Well you guys are indeed good. I look up to you for your music and your meaningful lyrics. ROCK ON!!!!!!

great guys, very talented the future looks bright! a wicked band! n x

Is this the death rattle of Rock and Roll? We are living in dangerous times.

elise beauchamp
ive seen tijuana play lots of times, im mates with evry1 in the band and i no there going all the way, and i love them all

Nik Rawlings
Tijuana are THE band to see in somerset in my opinion. What's so great about them is that they're completely universal-my mum likes them! What hasn't been mentioned here is that jake has a brilliant voice which he plays with alll the time. Keep it up guys, see you at the next gig!

i havnt heard their music much, but it is really great and very different

so origanal,brilliant excellent, mind blowing, AMAZING!!!

lacey masters
ive seen tijuana play lotsa times now n i really like theyre music. i no two of the guys pretty well and they are truely dedicated to their music-its inspirational!

I have heard tijuana play several times. They are excellent. Thats all i can say really. Check them out. If you haven't, you should, these things are fun, and fun is good.

Rory Ferguson
You Guys Are The Best Band To Come Out Of Somerset Ever! Keep Going Dudes

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