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24 September 2014

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Somerset Sounds - Reviews

Daisy Cutter
Daisy Cutter

Review: Zero by Daisy Cutter

John Higgins
BBC Somerset reviewer John Higgins checks out the new Zero EP from Taunton rock band, Daisy Cutter. You can let us know what you think of the band by leaving your comments at the bottom of this page.

A daisycutter is the nickname given to the BLU-82 bomb which was first utilised in Vietnam and subsequently deployed in the Gulf War and Afghanistan. In fact, the daisycutter is the largest and deadliest conventional bomb in existence, but, due to its size, it is also extremely cumbersome.

Cumbersome is, alas, also the word I would also use to describe the Zero EP from Taunton's four-piece rock band Daisy Cutter.

Listenable and enjoyable

One of my favourite rock bands is Alice in Chains, and the Daisy Cutter sound indicates, too, a great fondness for this group. 

Vocalist Zane bears an uncanny resemblance to AIC's Layne Staley throughout the whole CD. The final song, Bleacher, sounds like it has been borrowed, begged or stolen from the Alice in Chains editing suite during the Dirt recording session - even the guitar riff used is pretty much that of Them Bones, but at around half the pace. 

Now, don't get me wrong, this is an extremely listenable and enjoyable bunch of songs, but the music does tend to lumber along like a geriatric elephant, and rarely changes tempo.

Samba promises to deliver a somewhat more up-beat attack than the rest of the record, but after precisely 27 seconds, it is content to just settle into some mid-paced James Hetfield-style riffage. Like everything else, it merely plods, as though the band can't get out of third gear, or are simply looking for their pipes and slippers.

There are some decent guitar solos, though, but there is a tendency to throw one into each song, which, along with an ululating Kula-Shaker/Krishna-style warble, becomes irritating after a while.

Recorded v live performance

Now, I don't know who produced this EP but they really ought to consider a change of career. The vocals totally overpower the music, and although I really like Zane's vocal style, this is to the detriment of the rest of the band - it's like he is singing over the top of a backing tape.

Unfortunately, I couldn't even hear the bassist. Was he given the day off when this was recorded?

Heidi is the female drummer, and, without wishing to be sexist, I think there are very few excellent female rock drummers. Exceptions are Becky Wreck (the original Lunachicks drummer), and Wage of Sin's Vanessa Newsted. Heidi is, alas, not an exception; nevertheless she does an adequate performance, but seems content with just that. 

In a live environment, I'd imagine the band would fare somewhat better, but you can't really dance to them, and would be restricted to head banging along in much the same way as you would a ticking clock. 

I think if the band could refine its own style, and adopt a more muscular and confident approach alongside some better production values, what is a pretty average offering from a bunch of obviously talented musicians, could level the field in a similar way to their namesake.

last updated: 29/12/05
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I love u guys ur music rocks wow rock on!!!!

It's only his opinion after all, everyone has their own, mine being Daisy Cutter are very talented and skilled at what they do- well done.

Zance Daisy cutter
Hey just read all your comments, thanks very much very kind of you all. Daisy really enjoined the gig on friday and we plan to be back in feb/march 2006. Amongst you all was a mole: someone was reviewing the gig - follow the link on the right to read it. We have just started work on our second EP so with a bit of luck there may be some free copies flying around at the next gig !!!!!!!!!!! Zane DC

Daisy top of the tops top of the pops !!!!!!

live is where this band is at, catch them live - seen them at glasto asmmbley rooms big is where this band is headed, cheers for the free cd boys !!

Caught Daisy Cutter at the assembly rooms on friday night caught a free copy of zero, its now on my ipod lovly

Have just seen Daisy at the assembly rooms in Glastonbury such a cool night, they played alot of the songs from the EP Zero and were insighting the crowd throughout the whole of the gig by getting us to chant for the songs we wanted to hear and they even refused to continue playing until we made enough noise !!! The band where throwing out free Cds to who ever wanted one and getting us to sing to there tunes in German !!!! Have been waiting months to see them at the rooms and they didn't disappoint, cant wait for the Next time ..........Bring back daisy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cleanrly this is what the people wants. i know i do and maybe it be no1. boys and girl dont let then drag u down only one opinion and who say that counts

Daisy's army
Hey man whats this guy listoning to ????? just turn it up up up and than love it - just like the rest of us

Not a very constructive review

Harsh review

daisy cutter rock.

Daisy Cutter are an amazing local band.

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Josh from Pinstripe
Pinstripe win a Glasto slot

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