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24 September 2014

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Somerset Sounds - Artists

Don't Do Tuesdays
Don't Do Tuesdays have played Glasto

Don't Do Tuesdays

Meet Don't Do Tuesdays from Glastonbury. They play upbeat punk rock, with some saucy numbers even they can't put their fingers on!

Who are Don't Do Tuesdays?

Stefano Fauceglia on guitar and vocals, Sam Boughen on drums, Simon Beck on bass and vocals, and Tim Stevens on guitar and vocals.

Where in Somerset are you from?

Don't Do Tuesdays


When did you form?

In 2003

How did you get together?

We started as a punk band but we've developed an exciting new take on the punk scene, combining rock rhythms with evocative lyrics.

After winning a local Battle of the Bands competition, we got a slot at Glastonbury 2004!

From there, we met our current producer, Phil Johnstone, who has also produced for Robert Plant and The Levellers!

How would you describe your music?

Don't Do Tuesdays

Upbeat punk rock, with some saucy numbers even we can't put our fingers on!

How did the band gets its name?

If we told you, we'd have to kill you!

Who are your musical influences?

Blink 182, Green Day, The Matches, Goldfinger, the Motion City soundtrack, Finch, Zebrahead, and any bands that rock!

What is your most memorable gig so far?

Glastonbury Festival - that was awesome!

Where would you most like to play?

Don't Do Tuesdays

All around the world

Finally, tell us some interesting facts about yourself

We recently won the Somerset Battle of the Bands. First prize was £800 and a six-track recording session!

We give a stage performance that is second to none, only to be described as exciting, while full of energy.

Our lyrics are addictive, and you will find yourself humming to the tunes for days.

last updated: 23/02/06
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dan harwood
i have to say that i have been living in glastonbury for years, and if this band don't make it big, ther is no justice in this world. check out their website.

not bad, not bad.

chris **--**
be great to hear so of the old stuff tonight c u l8trs

hey guys i just wow i think u r amazing u have such a gr8 talent ur defenitly gonna go all the way no doubt about it. And well just wow X

Chel n Harriet aka Groupees
Heya guys! were goin on fri, cnt wait! stef ur hot (chel) luv ya! xxxxx

ant wait till the next gig - new unmixed track sounds sweeeeeeeet on our myspace site (the link is on the right) as if any one in the universe didn't already know!

sounded beautiful on thursday! looking forward to your next gig. sam, you're truely amazing + wonderful .X.

Tom - MyStory
I think This band are Bl**dy great

chris a
greeeeeaat gig in bristol the other evening - wun sum new hearts i think

ddt stef!
Gig this sat at the market house in glasto 18+ but its FREE!!!

serious congrats for winning that bristol comp. very proud. well done. it's well exciting! .x.

has tim been writing annonamous love comments to himself again! hahaha, martini girl recordin is guna be remixed when we have the audio finnished, theeen we will let u all know wen its on myspace!

will bone
dont do tuesdays are amazing, i have been too many of their gigs and have enjoyed dancing and moshing to their insane music!!

Chris Ai Girl
listened to myspace - new tracks are greeaattt - what about Martini Girl track? why dont u put that up

lousta love DDT
alrite lads i love you all!

Tim your phitt

I love you sam .x.

Nan Ella and Step-cousin Victoria
I think Don't do Tuesdays Rock!! From Victoria and nan Ella

thanx, im organising some gigs for mid jan, lookin into a place called hotshots, hope ill see u all there

Just listening to you guys on myspace, losers way out is LUSH!

Jim Bob
Luvin it Luvin it Luvin iT!!!!!!!!

who knows
i love your band u r v.v.v.v. coooooooooooooooooool.

i love you guys!!

sam boughen Sam Boughen SAM BOUGHEN!!!

DDT will be setting up a street team. If u wana get into our gigs for free and dont mind handin out flyers and mailing lists then contact me by e-mail - you can get my address from going to our website - the link's at the top of this page. there are limited spaces so its first come first serve! peace!

well done for winning somerset battle of the bands now to infect devon! sam give me a call i miss ur sexy voice! peace

lovin' the new profiles on your main site. nice one .x.

yo ddt well played last friday, top show keep up the gd work!!!!!!!!

ddt stefano
Just to let you all know our next gig is in doulting hall on the 25th of nov, tickets are £5 (£3 for students) its a charity gig so show ur support, also our good friends pinstripe will be playing too. for more details visit our website - the link's at the top of this page!

Elaine francis
oh yea u rock!!!!!!!!!!!

Clearly THE BEST local band around. Outstanding performance at the BOTB and very worthy winners. This band will go far!

I've seen them play a couple of times, and they are absolutely amazing... Definatley the best local band around at the moment, and a hell of a lot better than most mainstream bands as well

cant wait till tonite
see u @ assembly rooms - b the best nite all month!

Little Luigi
Stef u alrite cous u do rock buddy c u soon cumin 2 watch friday night cu there wot bout V.I.P tickets?

Got your shameless self-promotion cd, love it! xxx

yay steph you got a photo on here...cnt wait til friday :D xxxx

jordi - smack mary
hey guys u still playing the glastonbury show? i left a message on simons fone re support. we'd love to help. safe

surrey massive
no no we want sam!

the kinky cabbages
we think u guys rock. well done 4 winning!

lucy n elaine
lucy:I love you steph!!! Elaine: i love you simon!!!!!!!

DUDES YOUR ON THE BBC WOHOO SAM I LOVE YOU!! im coming home this weekend woop woop! Tommo

Im actually in love with you guys. Keep bringing the rock... Well played botb. I salute you! Much love x

super, fantastic, brilliant, awesome, greatest, amazing... shall i go on

amazing! so pleased that you won, it was deffinately deserved. + sam, you're gorgeous!

lucy davie
i saw u at battle of the bands i was the one that kept asking 4 hugs! anyway u Rock!

AMAZING!!! SO pleased you won, it was deffinately deserved. i had a great night. + sam, you're gorgeous.

All the bands were good but dd tuedays were the best on the night. Thats why they 1.

Great night, great bands. Pinstripe were fab but ddt were that charged the room. Can't wait for the next gig U guys rock.

Luc - Once Under
Good show on sunday guys. Our gig together at Glasto assembly rooms (11th November) is going to rock. EVERYONE - PUT THIS DATE IN YOUR DIARY, ITS GOING TO BE GREAT. See you later dudes

crictic killa
who do u think were da best band then? theres no need of even sayin they werent da best band they won thats what counts get behind our local bands and support them

ddt stef!
Thank you all for the good comments! I had an awsome time at botb! Hope 2 see you all atour next gig at the assembly rooms on the 11th november in glasto!

Good Band, well performed, but i agree with Pete, Im afraid not the best Band there! sorry

punk rock punk
w-holy sh** guys! u were amazin at botb... well played, really got the crowd goin. bouncers were really hyped and o.t.t. rekn we b hearin loads more of u guys.

Andy (o*u)
Well done lads. The first gig we ever did was wid u. Hey steff when are we doing the pilton gig?????

critic killa
well done ddt had a great time xxxxxxxxx

hey men (except steph, what kind of a guy is called steph). nice one for last night, im afraid i couldnt make it in the end, i was soo ill. i think maybe i need about £800 to help me get better, u guys know anyone whol give it me hehe.

james ford
u waz awsome last nite i dint vote 4 u but u deserved 2 win well done lads!!!!! wats ur website address?

I agree with Pete Pinstipes were better but they would still have come second

these guy's are amazin glad i went there, their goin all the way

hey tim congrats on last night, great performance, best keep away from those bouncer types though m8..LOL be in touch soon re some gigs, good work!!!!!!!!!

U were good but not the best band there...

What an amazing final!! Fantastic performance - A well deserved win - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

You kiddos! nicely done last night...awesome! u proper deserved that! Will come n see u soon in ur lil shoppo stef....n dress tweat up! :P good luck!

Rob Collier
Well done guys! I can't beleive you won! I think we will be seeing a LOT more of you now!

say you guys last night, botb- you rock!!!!!!!!

well done on winning battle of the bands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jordi + zakk (smack mary )
you won!! brilliant dudez. i exchanged numbers with simon, we'll give you a ring soon. we MUST do something together. i just got back from kudos and im shaking and feel very ill. haha we'll be in touch...

theses guys rock, gd mates excellent musicians and they got us gigs before

hey dudes... wow amazing to see u on here... no pics of stef i see :( see you at botb :D

Woo Yea I saw your van at the pilton BOTB hehe it sez ddt on the liscence plate! Peace Out

a random!!!
hey stef ur the guy from fat face! c u at the finals i wanna no wat ur stuffs like!

The best thing around at the moment

These guys ROCK! so much energy on stage, Truly entertaining and well worth seeing

Dude, you guys Rock!!!

I haven't heard any of don't do tuesdays music but from what I have read about them they seem really cool! I would really like to see them preform! where is their next gig?

brilliant , I have seen them several times now and they are always so exciting to watch, there is never a dull moment

casey - outset
i love each and everyone one of you, sam just because, tim cos thats obvious, simon cos of lots of things and steph because he came to house once!

louster, pinstripe
hey guys glad to see you on here! cant wait until the final!

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