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24 September 2014

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Dee Banton, the sound healer
Dee Banton, the sound healer

Sound healing is at home in Glastonbury

Somerset's spiritual capital, Glastonbury, is home to a wide range of healing techniques. When I found out it was possible to be healed by the sound of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls (!), I headed over to Glastonbury to investigate.

Chris Ellis

Speaking to Dee Banton, the sound healer at the International School of Vibrational Healing in Glastonbury, I learnt that this healing process works by the sounds and vibrations of the Tibetan and crystal singing bowls penetrating through the aura - the field of energy emitted by every living thing.

"I am now cured and it's down to healing"
Dee Banton

Dee explained: "Within our physical bodies and energetic bodies, we get blockages within our auras. The vibrations get stuck... we try to break up the vibrations so they will disperse."

You can listen to more about what Dee has to say about the practice, as well as to me being sound-healed, by clicking on this audio link:

audio Sound healing >
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La la la, the Tibetan bowls begin to sing!

Having learnt more about it all, I decided to give the sound healing a go.

The Tibetan singing bowls, when played, release a ringing sound which is very relaxing and calming, as I experienced first hand!

Chris practising with the Tibetan singing bowls
Me practising with the Tibetan Singing Bowls

It was quite easy to play the bowls but I think, to become a healer I would need a lot more practice!

"They are very powerful - if someone was using radiotherapy, the bowls clear the auras very quickly.

"If you place a Tibetan singing bowl on the body it'll work in exactly the same way as ultrasound!" said Dee.

The bowls are made of seven different metals and each one connects to a planet, a chakra (main energy centres) and colours.

I look into my crystal... bowls!

The crystal singing bowls are also used to break down blockages in our auras, and also help to re-structure and re-pattern our DNA.

Dee Banton, with her crystal singing bowls
Dee Banton, with her crystal singing bowls

Dee let me experience this form of healing as the sound echoed around me.

You could feel the vibrations of the bowls on the floor - that's how loud they were!

Despite it being extremely relaxing I didn't feel that different - but to be honest, I didn't know whether I would, as I am not aware of when my auras and chakras are blocked.

Dee's experience

Dee first got interested in healing when she became ill several years ago.

"I had ME and emphysema. There was nothing that could help with either of those, so I had to look for an alternative way to get well.

"I am now cured and it's down to healing."

Dee's experience made me think again about how sceptical I had been about sound healing.

last updated: 31/01/06
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I had a reading that inspired me. Need to get into healing and learn.
Wed Dec 21 20:32:51 2005

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