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29 October 2014

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Somerset Sounds - Artists

Once Under
Once Under

Once Under

Once Under are from Pilton and play punk-based songs with originality. They've played Glasto twice, as well as the Pilton Party with Kasabian, but most importantly... they like to rock out!

Who are Once Under?

Luc Gulliford on vocals and guitar; Joe Thompson on guitar; Tom Lambert on bass guitar; and Sam Board on drums.

Where in Somerset are you from?


When did you form?

Late 2003

How did you get together?

Once Under started out in 2003. After a few member changes due to personal commitments, we have finally found that permanent lineup.

Once Under

All of our musical influences seemed to click, and we started writing rock-based songs with originality.

How would you describe your music?

Rock with a heavy edge, keeping a nice vocal melody throughout. Upbeat and energetic.

How did the band gets its name?

We just kind of came up with it some how

Who are your musical influences?

Once Under
Once Under supported Kasabian at the Pilton Party

As each member likes different genres of music, we take influence from metal to punk - hopefully coming up with something a little more original.

What is your most memorable gig so far?

Either the New Bands Tent at Glastonbury 2004, or the John Peel Stage in 2005.

All that will probably change after we support Kasabian at the Pilton Party!

Where would you most like to play?

The Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury

Finally, tell us some interesting facts about yourself

We like to rock out! Come and watch us.

last updated: 29/08/08
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Hi, u guys rock u r amazin i L.O.V.E ur music

Hi you guys rock you did rock out on Friday u were amazin

hi, i picked ur glasses up. my friends told me 2 put them on but im not that mean! by the way u were the best band there on friday! i think i got whiplash from head bangin so much lol. gotta go now. toodles xxxxx

Once Under Fan
U guys rock i love ur music I saw u on Friday 30th June i was head bangin like crazy u were wickeeeeeeeeed.

can u tell me wen ur next doing a gig? plzzzzz tah xoxox

i saw u on Friday 30th! u r amazing! i lurve ur moosic sooo mch!! ur amazin and luc is lush! my m8 picked his glasses up! lol

They Rock They're hot They are wicked

o my gosh me and my m8s saw u at whitstone live last friday!! woo ur amazing!

i agree with the kate person, and i would like to say punk is very similar unless you can make it more intresting, i saw u in frome :D

It's a bit annoying what with Joe leaving cuz he seemed like a solid member of the group i just hope you can prove to be just as great without him. Rock on!!!

u rock guys!!! i love u all bin to most gig rock on!!! xxxxxxxx

Once Under
Hi people, just to let you all know, the reason Joe decided to leave was because he wanted to pursue his career in engineering and felt he couldn't dedicate himself to Once Under. We wish him well for the future.

hi why did joe leave the band??????? he is a great guitarist, bit of a shame really, has he joined another band????? good luck to sam!!!!!

hey everybody, our new drummer sam is fitting in nicely and matty is sweet on the guit, we are sounding pretty fine id say. We will be rocking out again real soon. Hopefuly See you soon peeps. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Luc - Once Under
Hi everyone, just writing to say we've had to cancel our shows in November as Matt has just come out of hospital and wont be fit and fully recovered by then. DDT we will get that gig together very soon though. Thanks everyone!!

i saw u at pilton party u were soo cool im hopefully seeig u again!!!

tim- ddt
hey, i cant wait to gig with u guys its gonna be the best punk rock gig somerset has ever seen!!! see you at the gig everyone remember for your diary 11th november glasto assembly rooms the best punk rock gig ever

hey fellas, how was your gig at the anso rooms in bristol? whats the venue like, it looks ace?

josh mate hows april goin? heard u ad a gudun at brizzle acadamy. aint spoke 2 u 4 time

Josh-April Dead
heyo boyo's!!! Glad to here you guys are doing well! We have just got a profile on here to so rock on over and che, che-che, che, che, check it out! haha x Josh x

jordi (smack mary/joe public)
oh mate you nicked me zyldjian cymbal. can i have it back please?? haha sorry to be a pain

Mr Rock
this group is awesome, unlucky at the battle, you deserved too win

You look quite 'cool'. And that isn't really a good thing.

Well done to pinstripe for winning their heat in battle of the bands, just such a shame once under didn't even make the top 3....

Once under and pinstripe deserve it because they have put so much effort in to their bands.Once under are the hardest working band around here.

Rob (FTD)
Good Luck guys!

Mr. Greene
Its gonna be between oncce under and pinstripe just because they have a following but there are other bands there which deserve it a lot more because these 2 bands could get any gig they want but the other bands deserve it more!

Louster love god!
hey once under looking foward to battle of the bands!! lovin the new material and btw great gig at pilton! X

i prefer britney spears.

jordi (smack mary/joe public)
who posted that message from smack mary/joe public???? very strange. anyway u guys are sound we should arange a shindig in the forseeable future. keep it up duuuuudezz, jordiiiiiiiii drummer n drummer

Talented musicians with catchy songs. They play with confidence and that's a good thing!

Amazing band

Are you playing at the working mens club on the 23rd?

Extremely entertaining band with amazing songs. Great crowd interaction, better than most professional bands. They deserve to be signed!

A bit of contrast in your music would be good, the songs are a bit similar

Joe Public & Smack Mary
Check these boys out, they rock!

Martin West
Excellent at the Pilton Party. Really lively band with good songs. If they're playing near you, see them!

i used to like these guys, but then they just got too big for their boots man, to big for their boots.

casey - Outset
hey babes, nice to see you finally on here.

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