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27 November 2014

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Michael Eavis
Michael, out and about at Worthy Farm

Interview: Michael Eavis

Helen Otter
Read and listen to an exclusive interview with the Glastonbury guru himself, Michael Eavis, to find out what he thought of Glastonbury 2005, Coldplay's headlining set, and, of course, all that mud!

Click on this link to listen to the interview:

audio Interview: Michael Eavis >
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What did you think of this year's Festival?

Chris Martin
Coldplay are one of Michael's fave bands

It was a great show. People generally felt it was the best we've ever done.

I know I always say that, but we're getting more and more experienced, we're more in control with the fence and security, and the organisation of it is getting better all the time.

Apart from the one storm on the Friday morning, the weather was fantastic. So, I think the overriding feel is that it was the best-ever Festival really.

Also, the improvements to the Dance Village and to Lost Vagueness, together with the new sculpture park and the new theatre areas, were all great.

So, I'm really very pleased with how it went.

Do you have any favourite bits from this year's Festival?

Well, I'm not really a dance music man myself, so that's not one of my favourite things.

There are things that I really do like in the Green Fields in particular. It's a very attractive area, with a very warm and affectionate feel to the whole place.

What did you think of Coldplay on the Saturday night?

Coldplay are one of my all-time favourite bands anyway.

"There's no Glastonbury Festival next year, but we do have the film coming out, which has taken us three years to make."
Michael Eavis

To get them to play this year was extraordinarily lucky really, because they had their new album out. So, it was perfect timing.

I do like the music. Mainly I'm a music man, first and foremost. I always have been, right from when I was kid.

Music is my first love really, and I think the music was absolutely terrific this year.

We had so much variation. The Killers were terrific, White Stripes were good.

Basement Jaxx did really well with replacing Kylie. I thought they did a really good job, and people loved it. So, I think we got away with that.

The films were good too. Everything was just fantastic.

And with no Glastonbury next year, you'll get to have a break...

Yes, so there's no Glastonbury, but we've got the film coming out next year.

Basement Jaxx
Basement Jaxx on stage at Glasto 2005

It's taken three years to make – I'm hoping to see the rough edit of that in a couple of weeks time to see how it looks.

We've filmed a lot of it as well, but we did put out a call for bits and pieces of footage from Festival-goers over the years.

The main essence of the film, though, is mainly what happens now.

So, the Festival finished nearly a month ago – has all the clearing up been done yet?

I've just been driving around actually and the fields are looking really good.

The rotavators are going through, and the rubbish-pickers are going out after that to get all the junk out of the fields.

But the farm's looking really, really tidy actually and I'm really pleased with it. The cows are going back in the field in a couple of days too.

To listen to an interview with Michael Eavis talking about the Glastonbury Abbey Musical Extravaganza taking place in August, click on this link:

last updated: 21/07/05
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