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29 October 2014

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The Kaiser Chiefs
The Kaiser Chiefs on stage

Review: T4 on the Beach 2005

Chris Ellis
Weston-super-Mare played host to T4 on the Beach on Sunday 19 June, 2005. BBC Somerset reporter Chris Ellis went along to the event to check it out, and interview some of the stars.

You can see photos of T4 on the Beach, and listen to interviews with some of the performers, by clicking on the links on the right.

With thousands of people and some great artists, Weston-super-Mare hosted one of the biggest live music festivals of the year.

T4 came to the beach for their annual beach party event, where a host of big names came together for a packed three-hour show, which was transmitted live on Channel 4.


Evanfly at T4 on the Beach
Dan Murphy from Evanfly on stage

The show was hosted by the T4 presenters who the crowd went wild for, especially Vernon Kay.

Vernon hosted the event from 12pm, introducing a DJ set and various other musical entertainment which kept the crowd amused while the thousands piled onto the beach.
The band which stole the show was Evanfly, the only unsigned artists to perform at the event.

The Weston-based indie/rock band have been billed as the next big thing, and have been compared to bands of the past such as The Kinks and The Jam.

You can listen to an interview with Evanfly, just after they came off stage, by clicking on the audio link at the top of this page.

You can also read an interview with Evanfly, and listen to some of their tracks, from when they popped into the BBC Somerset Sound studio to chat to Jo Phillips - again, the link's at the top of this page.

The show then started and the crowd went wild as June, Vernon and Steve entered the stage. The Kaiser Chiefs were first to perform and were a great start to the beach extravaganza.
Pop legends Madness were next on and appealed to all of the audience, old and young.

Athlete got a huge welcome onto the stage. As they performed Wires, it was amazing to see virtually the whole crowd swaying there arms to what could be called their signature song.

A great line-up

Athlete played their hit song, Wires

Soap stars were also present.

They included June Brown (Dot Cotton) and Joe Swash (Mickey Miller) from EastEnders, Jennie McAlpine (Fiz Brown) from Coronation Street, and Alex Carter (Lee Hunter) and Darren Jefferies (OB) from Hollyoaks.
The music for the T4 titles was I like the Way by the Bodyrockers, and when the band performed it, the crowd went mad, as the beat echoed through the sand beneath us.
With a mix of music to follow from the likes of Rooster, Audio Bullys, Garbage, Daniel Bedingfield, Rachel Stevens, Lemar and Goldie Lookin' Chain, there was music to suit every taste.

During the show, there were also T4 features such as The Spit Roast, where the artists got a grilling from the T4 presenters.
The cameras were continuously panning across the audience, giving people the chance to have their five seconds of fame!

Amarillo found in Weston

Vernon Kay
Vernon in his purple suit!

With the event drawing to a close, Feeder were the penultimate act to perform.

They played a new track, as well as the classic Buck Rogers, which was great to hear live on the beach, with thousands of people, on one of the hottest days of the year.
The finale was in the form of the legend Tony Christie, who performed Is This the Way to Amarillo?, which involved all the cast and celebrities joining in.

Vernon even wore a purple suit which, of course, was worn by Peter Kay in the video for the number one Comic Relief single.

It was a great end to an extraordinary line-up of over 20 celebrities, bands and artists, who performed in front of probably the biggest crowd ever to be present at Weston-super-Mare.

last updated: 07/04/06
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I went last year with my mate, it was amazing. we r now goin again this year with golden circle tickets!!! Can't wait!!

I went last year and It totally rocked !!! I live in w-s-m and I got tickets the day they went out I also queued for ages 2 get in. But it was way worth it! ^-^ ^-^

hi t4 i went to it last year and i had a sunburn from standing on the beach for a long time and it was fantastic i would like to go again but it is my cousins birthday so i have to go down brixham which is a nice place, i would rather be on the beach dancing,my cousinis gong this year with her friends from work.

it was amazing and im going this year and i cant wait!!!!

im goin dis yr so it beta b gd!!!!!!!!cnt wait!!!!

B S n K
OMG its nrly here!!! we can't wait the weathers gonna b stunnin the line up is amazin n were now countin down the days!!!!!

I went last year and it was absolutly amazing and i'm going again this year!!!

yey I was there!! really hot day ..v enjoyable tho! got a nice tan i might add! akon n mario were ma faves x

roxy schroeder
t4 isd gona b so fab cant wait to go soon wit all my m8s

carly + deannexxx
we are going to T4 on the beach this year we are looking forward to be going we will have a great time deanne was on tv last year for it she said she enjoyed it beacause she went so i will most probally enjoy it

i watched it on tv last yr n thought it wer gr8 and im going this yr so lets hope the weather is gr8 n i meet some famous ppl lol

how do u get in the golden circle? (Ed: for your chance to win one of three pairs of Golden Circle tickets, enter our competition.)

im going this year wooohooo!!!!!!

well i aint bin last year, but im goin this year its its gunna rok!!!!!

ah me and my friend becky were there last year, right at the front of the golden circle - feeder were awesome (as usual) and grant even mouthed "hi" at us! can't wait to see them again this year (just seen they've been put back on the lineup...?)

i raelly like t4 it was a good day when they come 2 weston super mare and i cant wait for t4 2 come again

chelsea leah larcombe
it waz gud n i am definatly goin thiz year cuz it was so gud lukin 4ward 2 cin pussycat doolz

It was fantastic! I was in the VIP areana, thanks to my bestfriend! definately going again this year, wouldn't miss it!!

lookin to go again this year but dnt look like very many gud bands apart from pussycat dolls and simon webb need some more like last year cya soon xxx

hey! woo im goin this year with my girlies cnt w8! Kaiser Chiefs.. leeds wooo! n basement jaxx! n kooks amazing! its gona b awesome.. well beta b cos cba wastin my money!

yeh cnt w8 im goin wi all me m8z,gna b quality!x

i was there some bands where good and others wern't but I am going this year

heyy, t4 last yr was awesome, i didnt ave the opportunity 2 go but i was watchin on tv, i am defo gettin tickets this year tho!!!!!! :):):):)

i was there last year. it was awesome it was a nice hot day and we made a huge banner which was on tv! im definatley going this year too!

Was there last year with cus. Was a scorcher. Magic Numbers, Feeder, Athlete, all rocked. Will be trying to get tics for this year.

Charlotte Holland
T4 on the beach was gr8 i am going to be going this year

Claire M
T4 on the beach was fantastic am looking forward to going again this yr!!!

t4 on the beach was ace, i went with3of my best mates, and we were talkin bout it for ages. shame about all the fainting people though!cant wait til the next1, hopefully info out soon!!remember the strippers on the roof when mario was singing?haha

I went to T4 on the beach i thought it was really brill i hope you come back againe

i think t4 on the beach is soo kl, me and my friends came last year and had the best time ever, but this yr its not possible as we have a drama written GCSE exam the day after! we are all gutted!

Grace & Charlie
it was mazin we was there nd rite in the front i met all of the celebs and saw ldz of great perfomaces lookin 4ard 2 2006's concert

hey i went to t4 on the beach nd it was amazin! im definalty goin again nxt yr!


leanne joules
omg i loves t4 it was so cool! i live in weston so i went! kaiser cheifs were the best!!! im going to t4 2006 in june! its gonna be even better i reckon


omg it was amazing i was in the golden circle n i loved it cnt wait till 2006 ill be dare best fing thats happened in weston for a long time akon ur lush n u were amazing got every1 goin xxx

Amazing have to go"!!

sukhpal Dhillon
i thought of the concert was so great and i like all the celebritites and they were fantastic singers and there music was good

best thing thats happened in weston for quite a while ( i live here). really classic music. even if i do want to rip out akon and mario's vocal chords

genna again!!
the song that madness sung was called shame and scandal!nd feeder sung buck rodgers

genna orton!!!
it was such a fun day!irealy luv athlete they r so good!!me nd my mates hannah and daisy r goin 2 see them soon!hannahs cool nd sos daisy!!!t4 rocks expesily steve jones!!!hes so fit!

i thought it was brilliant well done could u plzz tell me how many people there are in bodyrockers

does anyone know what song feeder sang because it rocked

I was there front row in the golden circle and it was amazing! I could even put up with Akon for it haha! Was just a brilliant atmosphere and the bands were amazing performing live and so many of them was just excellent. I queued from 4.30am and it was well worth it the heat was a bit overwhelming but we had plenty of water and suncream so it turned into a pleasent day with amazing bands performing in particular Feeder and Rooster. Thank you so much to T4 for coming down to the westcountry was a brilliant day and i hope they come back next year!!!

kristian roberts
daniel bedingfield was gr8!! akon was gr8 n bobby valentino was quality!!!defo goin nxt year!!!

I Love The Welsh Bloke!! Come On The Welsh!

This was class 8 hours of standing was worth it im just glad i live down here!! kaiser chiefs rocked the show

We had an awesome day. Some of the acts weren't that good, but there were some good ones playing. The presenters were very good. Like Steve Jones. I wouldn't kick him out of bed!

Tic it was Magic Numbers it goes "dont let the sun b the 1 2 change u babi I wanna...."

there was a band on singin bout the sun i thin...there was 2 males and 2 females...if any1 knows who they are....please reply in a comment!!!!

I thought it was soo cool!

Betty Aswipe
I enjoyed it thurully very good mix of singers I did get very hot and I burn easily that was a bit of a bummer but i loved it 100%

heya elle! i cant belive u ran into a rock we gotta go in an amulance! t4 was awsome tho!!!

it was great i liked it all apart frm akon and mario

t4 woz gr8 it was so good for weston. ppl well b talkin bout it 4 year 2 cum nutin lyk that ever happens in weston. mario,akon and bobby valentino i cant describe how good dey ere, rachel stevens was crap she was miming cause after she swich on the mic n said thank you

akon ur song lonely is the best i cant stop listening to it

t4 on the beach was rele good and the best performer was akon!

laura mills
it wa one amazin day, sand, sun and rock and rollll!! and i was even on TV woooo!! a few minutes fam!! sound as 20 pound!! even caught a sexy tan!! oo fit lads topless, yummmm!! and very very fit singers i.e. akon!!!!! i danced solid for the whole day, hi- lite of the year 2005!! gotta go to the next t4 beach party!!, it was what u call, 'aving a jolly gd time!!' :):):):):):):):):):)

Danielle and Dave
we went to t4 on the beach we was in the golden circle right at the was fantastic.Cant Wait till the next

T4 u made me love so many bands! Anthony cotton was sooooo hot that day! cheers and I gt my pic took wiv dot cotton !!!

I went this year, it was AMAZING......apart from me running into a rock and cutting my toe open....hmmmm...but other than that is was totally brill n i luvvd everysecond of it :)

Katie Lou x x
Loved Rooster but they should have been on for longer! Kaiser Chiefs rocked toooooo x x x

my mate invited me to go said yeah wasnt rly my kinda music but OMG it rawked the whole entire year of 2005

Chris & Sophie
I woz there and it was fantastic!!! I cant begin to describe the enjoyment that i had there with my girlfriend! we really enjoyed it and cant wait 4 nxt year 2 come again and hurry up! Top stuff! way worth the mere £20!!! i just want to really thank evry1 that acted there, it was fab, but the best thing was, after, i proposed to sophie, and she said yes!!! WAHOOOOOOOOO! im getting married! and its all thanx 2 u t4!! especially Mario & akon!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

I was there and it was fab!!! All the bands/singers were brill and it was really good for weston xxx cant wait for next year

shaunie sugg
i loved t4 on the beach because i live in weston so it was really easy to get to, the highlight of the show was when akon read out my banner which said "weston girls love you!" i was so pleased. please come bak next year! love shauniex

Emma n Steven
We was at t4 on the beach n we got to go in the golden circle! It was gr8 fun! The bands n singers were amazin especially Mario n Akon!!!! Thanks 2 whoever helped organise the day! We'll be back at t4 next year! xxx

Kayley Shipway, Shrewsbury
I really had a awsome time on the beach. All the bands did a unforgettable performance. i enjoyed myself that much i lost my shoes!!n hadda find them when every1 had left. Made my year.

genna orton!
i jus want 2say dat t4 was so amazin i was especially popular wit sum boys bcoz ov my sexy m8s daisy n aicia i idolise dem coz der so frickin gorgeous n i wud b soooo lonerfied witout dem i luv u guys!!!!my fav part was subway dey r da best U ROCK!!!!

Daisy-Louise Rooney
omg!it was anzing! especialyy the body rockers and athlete!om vernon n steve are soooooooo fit!! i took my mate GENNA ORTON for her birthday and it was her best bday pressie!! but the only bad point was the smell of b.o coz of the weathr!!!

luke t8n
wen i went 2 t4 on the beach it was far better than id expected the performas were awsome but dot cotton was the best!!!

feeder rocked my world! :D

it was gr8 weather at t4 that i got realy sweaty and smelly!but i still enjoyed it very much expesilly subways and raachel stevens is my idol now!!i luv her!XxX

im so ugly so i never get invited places untill now my m8s invited me to t4 on the beach it was soo good i was nerly on telly!!rachel stevens was by far the best!!

genna orton!!!
i 4got 2 say i luv steve jones!!!!xXxXxX

scott b
i went, and it was awesome!!feeder rocked!(buck rogers)rachael stevens was looking fine!,but not a gd performance!vernon was brilliant!!def go again!!

Sabina Camm

Really want to know the name of the song that madness sung. Something about a family.

i was at the beach and it was quality it werent to hot like i thought it would be i was stood in the middle of the 2500 in the crowd i was luvin feeder glsd they sang buck rogers!!!!

jody kim
i went to the paty on the beach and it was fantastic i would go again because it was brill

the rock acts were amazing! cant wait till nxt year,my mate alicia waz on holiday so didnt get to go,but she is cool luv mrs madden

I went last Sunday - was brilliant. Kaiser Chiefs, Bodyrockers and Feeder were the highlights. They even made having to listen to Akon singing the awful 'lonely' and Rachel Stevens miming bearable!

Tom Burns
off the hook, this years t4 was mental. i got 10 meters away from the stage. i went wiv sum gr8 m8's and had a cool day out. PEACE OUT

Hannah L

Danni Scott
Hey!! yer me and my 11 mates all went to T4 last weekend in the amazingly hot weather! we managed to blag our way into the golden circle and got ourselves on tv! When Feeder sang Buck Rogers, the atmosphere was off the hook!! Kaiser Chiefs and Bodyrockers were amazing as well! Sorry Rachel, but didnt think you were too good. Omg Steve Jones!!! One word....PHWOAR!!!! i got the best pic of him ever!

me and megan had great fun we were in the golden circle. the best act there was mario

dan sanders
i was there and it was excellent,great bands.the weather was baking hot.liked garbage alot,and goldie looking chain were great on stage.

feeder rocks!!!!!!!!!

I went and it was wicked! Kaiser Chiefs were by far my favourite! xxx

marie acey
My friend and i had sooooooooooooo much fun i really enjoyed it! It was a pitty the Kaiser Cheifs only played 2 songs they deserved more than that!!! Rooster was also amazing and stole the show! Obviously! Maybe more songs from them next time aswell please! Next year i hope 2 take more than just my friend i want to take them all we will have a blast c you next year!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Day. Couldnt have asked for better weather although I've spent most of the week with no bra on due to severe sun burn!!! It was worth it xxxxx

claire thornton
good day, some great time more songs from rooster!!!

genna orton!!!
i was there in da vip area rite at the front it was amazin!the best were athlete kaiser cheifs mario akon lemar bodyrockers!!it was the best concert ive ever been 2 ever!

amy hadley
i thought evanfly were the best band there

Lou G
T4 on da beach was great fun, weather was georgous and there were a great line up of bands & celebrities. Only downside for me was all the poor people that got taken away by St Johns Ambulance whilst sweltering in the queue for 2 and a half hours! Well Done to St Johns tho they seem to act quickly an effectively. Plus I think Steve Jones is delicious, and if he ever comes to Weston again he had better watch out! Dirty Boy ! x x

i was at t4 on the beach right on the front row and just to say- it was fantastic really really enjoyed it!!rachel stevens was the worst act and body rockers were the best by far!! thanks t4

it was mint, sound as a badger!!!

i went 2 t4 on the beach and it waz AMAZING akon mario and bobby valentino were excellent and so were many over act cya xoxoxox

Great event, loved Evenfly and hope these boys will go far. Just a brilliant day!! keep it up!!

gemma hm
i thought it was amazin! thanks to all you guys who i went with u mad it even better! all the bands were really good aswell!

We were at the T4 beach party, it was well cool. Lots of amazing acts.We went to The Sands bar later and Steve Jones was there. Even though he was with a big crowd of people, he signed autographs and had his picture taken (mainly with all the girls). thought he was very nice, though he didn't stay long.

We had VIP passes for the day. It was tremendous. June Brown wasn't sloshed on beers as reported in The Mirror, and all the celebs were just fantastic. Great day out!

craig ford
i thought thhat it was brilliant

chelsey xx
omg, me, mah bruva, mah m8 and mah bruvers m ad such an amazin time!!! neva been 2 such an amazin concert. plus. me and mah m8 were in tha VIP which made it even beta!! xx

Wkd event but why did the security confiscate drinks bottles on such a hot day? No wonde people suffered

i went 2 the t4 on the beach in weston-super-mare, it was so mint, i really enjoyed myself and i would go again, that was my firat time going, it was one of the best days that i ever had!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle B
What an amazing show, I won Golden Circle Tickets so I was right at the heart of the action. Daniel Bedders was fantastic as usual role on August when Im seeing him again. Oh cant forget to add that steve is so HOOOTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

soemil hammkin
vernon is very hot on the beach. i love rooster and feeder fat guy! & hot guy next to me!

we were there in the heat! The show was fantastic. GLC and Kaiser Chiefs rocked but the heat was bad and the queues to get in and out so long. Why did they take our drink away? on the hottest day of the year? Plus the food places ran out of drink as well. Thank fully as the sea came in it brought a warm breeze. Close your eyes and you could have been in Miami. Bliss

I'm a love kitty
OMG!!!! Weston has had nothing decent since the radio one road shows which were on when i was about 8 but OMG!!!! thgis conert was AMAZING!! they kicked off with the greatest band of the moment the kaisers! omg my socks were blown off and more concerts, music festivals, etc... are welcomed by me but they have the T4 high standards to beat

i thought T4 on the beach was well worth the long wait! it was fantastic and loved all the bands playin, especially kaiser chiefes, feeder, athlete,akon, mario and booby valentino! they were all lookin fit especially vernon! and the two blokes stood up on the roof when mario was singin!! haha

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