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29 October 2014

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Josh from Pinstripe
Josh from Pinstripe


Shepton Mallet's Pinstripe play alternative rock songs and are influenced by Coldplay, Muse, Evaline, U2 and The Beatles. Listen to their tracks, plus an interview, and find out more about the band.

Pinstripe came into the BBC Somerset Sound studio to chat to Elise Rayner on Friday 12 August, 2005.

You can listen to the interview, as well as two live tracks from the band, by clicking on this link:

audio Interview: Pinstripe >
Audio and Video links on this page require Realplayer

Who are Pinstripe?

Josh Thorner on keyboards, guitars and vocals; Louis Standard on guitars; Liam Sealey on drums; and Charlie Brixey on bass.

Where in Somerset are you from?

Louis from Pinstripe (Negative Photos)

Shepton Mallet

When did you form?

November 2004

How did you get together?

The band formed as a three-piece with Josh playing bass and keys, Louis on guitars and Liam drums in November 2004.

Pinstripe played their first show in April 2005 at Whitstone school, Shepton Mallet.

In May 2006, the band became a four-piece when bassist Charlie Brixey joined, with Josh switching to keys, guitars and vocals.

All four band members met at school and live in the Shepton Mallet area.

How would you describe your music?

We play alternative rock songs.

Who are your musical influences?

We listen to a wide range of music but our main influences are Coldplay, Muse, Snow Patrol, U2 and The Beatles.

What is your most memorable gig so far?

Liam from Pinstripe (Mark Carver)

Our most memorable gig would have be the Battle of the Bands show at Tor Leisure, Glastonbury for a place at the Glastonbury Festival.

It was one of the best performances we have done, where everything just went well.

Where would you most like to play?

The same place as everyone... Glastonbury Festival 2007.

Finally, tell us some interesting facts about yourself

In February 2006, the band released their self-produced Critic Killer CD single which features their self-penned songs Critic Killer, The Only One and This Feeling Inside. To read a review of the CD, click on the link on the right of this page.

Pinstripe have played shows throughout the south of the UK including Bristol Carling Academy, Moles in Bath, Storm in London and The Embassy Club in London.

Pinstripe have also played at music festivals in the south west, and made an appearance on Channel 4's music show Transmission.

In August 2006, bass player Charlie Brixey joined Pinstripe, with Josh Thorner switching to keyboards and vocals.

Charlie from Pinstripe (Mark Carver)

In January 2007, Pinstripe won a slot at the Glastonbury Festival after winning a Battle of the Bands competition held in Glastonbury for unsigned bands based in the south west. For more information, click on the link on the right of this page.

March 2007 saw Pinstripe sign a recording contract with South West Recordings, headed by Dennis Smith and Rick Rogers.

Dennis Smith owned Taste Media which was the record label that first signed Muse. Rick Rogers ran the Two Tone record label and managed bands such as The Damned, The Soup Dragons and The Specials.

Pinstripe have recorded their first single Did I Say with producers Fraser Smith and Tom Joyce at the Sawmills recording studio in Cornwall.

Muse, Supergrass, Oasis and Robert Plant have all recorded albums at Sawmills, which is located in Fowey and is only accessible by boat.

Did I Say will be released on 2 July 2007, the week after the Glastonbury Festival. The CD will include the support tracks Innocent and Memory.

The band also has a MySpace page - the link can be found at the top of this page.

last updated: 29/08/08
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I love these guys there fit! xxx

Emo guys r hot
Wow pinstripe rock, u guys r wicked and i have ur cd and hearing josh sing makes it all the worth while.

Jade Richards
OMG! Pinstripe boys rock! They was at this concert that i watched called ' rock with shena'! they was amzing! LOVE U GUYS! c ya soon (hopefully)

Jemma and Toby
We think this band is really cool and go louis!

Hi everyone Bass player Charlie Brixey has become a new member of Pinstripe. We will be playing at the Pilton Working Mens Friday 29th Sept with 6 other bands for just £2.00 on the door.

Pinstripe, Onceunder and Zetan Spore are playing this years Alternative Pilton Party this Friday September 1st 7.30pm at the Pilton Working Mens club, Pilton. The event is being sponsored by the Glastonbury Festival.

Hey you guys rock and i have been to so many of your gigs!! Louis and Josh you are sooo fit mwah mwah love yooo guys! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

They are amzing!!U rock guys! xx

On Friday 18th August Pinstripe will be playing at the Pensford Summerball Showcase, which is an outdoor festival for up and coming bands from the south west. Other great bands playing are The Operation, Tijuana, Stoyic and 12 year old singer/songwriter Jim Ollier. All the details can be found on the Pinstripe myspace page, there is a link at the top of the page. cheers Paul

holly walshe
they played at a concert i did called 'Rock with shena' they are really gd! there goin places!

Heya, you guys were AMAZING at 'Rock with Shena' I took part in the show but me and my mates could hear you through the changing rooms speakers but we sneaked to the wings to watch you in action and could tell u were having a good time! And I watched u guys @ battle of the bands and u (once again) rocked!! Hope to be hearing you fitties agian! Who eva the person was with the pink in his hair ages ago... ur hairdo was cool and i reckon u should have kept it!!!! P.S Thanks for the mooner!!!

there amazing,ive never heard a better band ,absolutly breath taking,i love them, from kallie age 13

Pinstripe will be supporting Shena who has had a number one hit record at the Strode Theatre, Street Friday 21st July and will be playing at the Midsomer Norton music festival Saturday 22nd July, thanks to everyone that came to see us at the Bristol Carling Academy

hi yal hope u r avin a grand time ur album rocks ! lv joshes cousin jazminexx josh u may know my dad barry

Lovely Jubly
Hey Pinstripe ur amazin and cool i love u guys especially Josh.

Hi Pinstripe you rock Pinstripe say hi to Charlie for me.

Crazy Gal
Hi Pinstripe rock i saw them play live Friday 30th June the were wicked and i liked it even more because they let Charlie play with them and that made it better because Charlie is hot


Couldnt come to the battle of the bands :( sorri, but loads of me friends went and they said yhoo were awsome, lmao bye xxxx

Jenny- Oakhill ghetto
woo u guys r amazing! Saw ur crew down oakhill on friday!!! Can't wait 4 the 22nd july!!! wooooo!!! yh... i'll shut up now! :) -xxx-

Laura .:x:.
Watched Pinstripe play on the 4th July for the BotB semi-finals at moles - they totally deserved to go thru 2 the finals!! Rock ON! Laura .:x:.

Pinstripe are playing at the moles u18's battle of the bands final this sunday 11th june, its an afternoon show and doors open at 2.30, there are 6 bands playing.

you are fabulous i came to see you at moles you were amazin and i got your album its lush! congrats on winning you deserved it!!! hopefully see you soon your all gorgeous!!! love lorna xxxxxxx

Sorri me again, when you guys playing next? I will be there (if ah can!) Louis your hot! sorri, lmao

hey Pinstripe are playing at the semi finals of the UK Battle of the Bands competition at The Fiddlers, Bristol. Bank holiday Sunday 28th May, please check the bands website or myspace website if you would like to come along, the links are at the top of this page. The final will be held at the Bristol Carling Academy.

Brad Hibbert
PINSTRIPE PINSTRIPE PINSTRIPE!!! i aint actually heard ya music but tijuana said it was good,good luck with the whole band thing,ps..street will beat shepton next time,hahahaha peace

thought you were awsome! And hey, preddy fit too, spesh Louis! xx

i just saw them and they rule i hope they won battle of the bands!! luv u pinstripe!!

I recently heard you play at Moles! u rocked soo mch! i got ur signed CD! sch good songs!! ur soooo cool and nice and sooo phhiitttt!! Josh has sch a nice voice and Louis is rlly gd on guitar and Liam jst rocks on the drums!! u r all jst soooo sweeeett! cnt wait 2 see u nxt! Jazz xxxxx

Hey guys xx luv u all especially louis u lil stunner cant wait to see u at the next botb xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxluv u all xxxxxxxxxxxx

hey Pinstripe are playing at the UK Battle of the Bands competition, Fiddlers, Bristol. Bank holiday monday 17th April, please check the bands website or myspace website if you would like to come along, the links are at the top of this page.

Jess :D:D
wow - u guys have had a lot more comments then last time I saw it! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kaz Carter
Pinstripe r kwl There Lush xxxx

your great im love your songs LOUIS YOU ARE SOOOO FIT i hope u carry on makin great music luv u all xxxx i am so buyin your single

emo no more
hey i heard u played at crispin....can u play nearer radstock? u guys rock keep playing an make a albam luv u loads x x x x x

hey everyone dnt u just think louis is just this fittest? well if u didnt no this already cus u dnt go to whitstone like i do, and i see louis everyday hes now got pink hair and its well lush if u havent seen it get a shepton journel and its near the back on the paper and u can see it! its amazing just like pinstripe! pinstripe im guna go and buy ur single from the shop in street! luv ya xxleahxx pinstripe u rock and always will xxx

hi josh,liam,louis. its me, the nerd from the year below you great EP guys!

Hey hey guys! still haven't forgotton you lot from when i came to see you last year with charley (hey charley) and some mates. you we incredible and i really can't wait to come and see you this year, maybe when you play with The Wurzels (they rock, but not as much as you lot!)please play at Doulting again, cus thats where i live!! by the way, did i mention that you were incredible, oh yeh, maybe i did!! luv yous, bye! xxx

hiya guys, you rocked louis just like stefino did last year (ddt) i love you louis and i think every one else does too what school do you go to? do you know my cousin krystal? anyway gota go baby sitting luv ya x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x

hey guys. went to ur gig on friday 3rd at chilcompton. even tho it was small it was great. u make some really cool music. loved it.......xXxXxXxXxXx

u were amazing at BOTB i was singing with Shena there was no competion course u would win i was there when u were in rehearsals u were gr8 i love u songs and the 1 that i like the most is feeling inside!!!! hope u all do well in ur GCSE's bi

hey im luvin ur music ur amazin luv ya xxxxx

Louis u r FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey i saw u at botb n ur wer prob the best band people luv u- ur gna go far! bi x

great work dudes

havent seen u play yet, cudnt get tickets for botb :( REALLY gd songs tho. all the best xXx

Dan the bassist man
hey im in Tijuana and i just wanted to say good luck to you guys,maybe some day were end up playin together. av fun and all the best x

watched you friday nite @ Strode, amazin!!Move over Cold Play!!

Cheers to everyone who came! was a great gig and I enjoyed every second of it (apart from when my chewing gum fell out of my mouth! woops!) xxx

[x]. . .Sofie. . .[x]
heya . . u guys were great @ battle of the bands strode! u guys r hot and luff ur music see u soon . . . [x]

Tom - MyStory
Well done for the BOTB the other night. and excellent rendition of Mr Brightside.

Hey Pinstripe! Heard you play at BOTB at Crispin! You are awesome! Keep on playing great music! xxx

Heya saw u @ botb u rok n ur hot lol hope 2 c ya agen soon! xXx

x Coral x
Heya guy! u were amazing @ Crispin's botb! U rock!! U were amazing. U guys r soo fit! Lookin 4ward 2 seing u @ anova gig...i here there is 1 on my b'day! any backstage pass cos it my b'day? ;) ;) lol...god dat wld b amazing....;) xx Luv ya xxxx

em and fi
wow u guys rocked soooo much!!!!! congrats on botb crispin 2006!!!! we love louis!!!!! u ruled!!!! gd luck + plz update ur website!!!! XXX

Hey guys! Congrats on winning best band at Crispin's BOTB 2006, u were awesome. Hope to see u perform again soon! xxxxx

Hey i was backstage at crispin botb and i was helpin u guys u were amazin!!!!!!!!

Hey!!!I saw you guys at botb at crispin you were ace!!!!

Hello there i was da 1 dat changed ur snare last nite at battl of the bands u guys kicked sum ass

saw u at battle of the bands on friday night at crispin well done for winnin u were soo good

Critic Killa
hey pinstripe, you were ace last night well done for winning the battle of the bands keep up the good work

Xxx hannah xxX
Heya umm battle of the bands was very good! welldone! hope to see some more gigs sooon! welldone! nanbred xx

i saw u play last night and i thought u guys rocked!im glad you won !! lv mazza x x p.s you guys r hot !!

hey hey hey!ite,ur all soooo fit bt josh m8,ur 2 die 4!u got such a perfect voice n its so sexy!lol xxx

louis i hear ur single,WOW!u better watch out for me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

stef and hannah
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,hiya u probly dnt remember us but we came to that 16th birthday party thing with joe public, we wer the loonies screaming at you everytime u walked past do u remember???well we think ur great!!n will u plz tell louis 2 email hana bk,thankyou!hope 2 c u in chilcompton love stef and hannah .mwah xxx

Haven't actually seen you live, *tear* but I will. Ooooooh I will.

3 randoms
we saw u at a party which we heard was a gig...but we saw u and u were amazing!!!!!!!!!

They have some amazing songs and much love to josh he is awesome

Pinstripe are amazing! i love everything about them and i love there songs. they are fantastic

i think pinstripe is an amazing band and ive herd them play at the village hall in chilcompton on joshes nans birthday and on new years eve in gurney slade village hall and i havet to say they are aspallutly fantastic.

Fab!!1loved it straight away!!!!XXX

yeh iv listen 2 pinstripe live and on my ipod. there really cool! and there really cool and easy to talk to. i love there music

Beth \m/ cool! When yur famous josh remember! I sit next to you in graphics :D Love + shizzle

hey boys, cheers for the few numbers you played at our party on wednesday, it was a laugh. see you in the new year

Hey I've only heard some of ur music but it's great. The bands that inspired you are amazing too. You seem like really nice guys. Also Josh, I kinda know you. u probably have no idea who I am but my dad and ur dad are mates. I used to come to ur house and say Hi. And your right. GLASTONBURY ROCKS! have you ever been. I've been like every year since I was 4. You should go. IT ROCKS! C ya. xxxxxx

nice party on friday! i enjoyed it. happy 16th and merry xmas.


Hey! Lads be sure that u remember us "commoners" when u become stars! Keep the music coming... u need a errend boy lol

liam i think your great on the drums keep it up

I heard you play at my friends 16th amazing!!

lovin the sound seen u guys a few times rock on alright

amazing!! music is great, saw you all on saturday!! xxxx

I have you guys on myspace But I feel the need to support you on all these sites You are AMAZINGLY talented And I wish you all the luck in the world With everything xemilyxxxx

Gutted!!!Cant play critic killa (bloody computer, i was guna b privillaged as well!!)N im missin ya gig on sat grr!!See ya soon tho, dnt 4get that im bookin u 4 m8s partay!!lol Mwah!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jenner !!!
heya guys saw you all at the gcse poetry live lol pretty much all my mates think your lush xxx

Saw you guys live last saturday, must say you get better and better. Cant wait for a CD.

Critic killa
jus listening to your cover smile.Me thinks so should the Killers.Brill,rock on!!

Steve M
hey Pinstripe well played last friday,great vocals btw.... keep up the great tunes!!!!! Steve

dude friday was hilarious hope 2 gig with u guys again very soon cuz u kick ass love u all xxxxxx

The Phantom Wedgie Wally
hey pinstripe i think you deserve everything you get. You are awesome, and rock!

Sam W
Hey pinstripe, you are the best! No matter what anyone else says you will go far! Thanks for inviting me 2 your party, cant wait. Love Sam W xxxx

hey....louie.....hope 2 c u soon....luv u loads xxxxxxx

i got to the same school as pinstripe, they are in my year and i get on really well with all of them, i think its great that they are following there dreams. they are great musicians and i now they'll go far!good luck for the future guys! x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Well actually they where sonic the hedgehog pants!!

I've known louis since he was in batman pants! Keep it up honey we are all ways with you remember that when you are rich and famous because you owe me 20p for that sandwich. I am still charging intrest. All my love Stax (who loves you more than emma).

Pinstripe rock. Louis is the dogs doings. Emma i want an invitation to the wedding okay. Congrats for night at dos

Thanks for all the support at the BotB's final, it was a fantastic night with all the bands putting in great performances. Congrats to DDTuesdays for winning the comp, surely one of the most entertaining live bands in the region!!!!

Matt @ KUDOS
Well done guys, the show was brilliant! The whone night was excellent. Congrats to the 'real' winners! The future is only a step away! Keep up the good work!

they rule, hope they make it big josh is sooooo fit i think i love him !!!!!!!!!1

hey guys u were wiked at bob on sunday no matter wat happened

well done for comming 2nd! you were better than DDT on the night, but the ones I feel sorry for were Durban Poison

Well done last night you were all amazing but pinstripe particually rocked!!! i think you will go Far and you deserved to win...dont give up keep making amazing music good luck xjennerx

tim - ddt
dude! u guys kicked so much ass last night! wew gotta set up some gigs with you and rock n roll big style!!!

Jack aka pro dirt jumper
Pinstripe make up some Tees and i will wear them when out rideing!! U ROCK!!!!

heya pinstripe, just 2 let u know i fink ur fabtabulous-completly talented and great guys! good luck at botb final! love ya x x x

you guys will soooooooooo go far! keep it up! dunt 4get the little people luv you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

louis is soooooooo amazin i bet i love him more than ne of u!ha

crictic killa
tony get real. it is original. music is about expressing urself - see if u can do better

not saying
louis is sooooo fit i luv him xxxxxxxxx

Hey Tony, so who do pinstripe sound like?? Please give us some idea of who you think makes oiginal stuff?? These guys are 15 years old, i think the best is yet to come from these kids. I can see why these guys are the most talked about band on this website, they play to their strengths and understand the meaning of music and deliver it very well. Give them another 2-3 years and i think they will be selling so many albums they won't care too much about what we think!!! It would be good to have a band from Somerset make an impact on the music scene, it might open the doors for some of the other talented bands from this region. Come on lets give all these bands some encouragement. Antony

big up to the "maltings crewege" dann and lou

u people are really confused about the meaning of music. pinstripe are lack luster, heard it all before. I want to hear some original stuff, thank you.

Lydia and Anthony
We are proud of you! Pete wants to know when the next battle of the Bands is on. see you there! All the Best, The "Maltings Crew"

katie xxxxxxx
u lot rock and u can sing relly well weres your next gig

pinstripe rock... yayayayay

Pinstripe gigs in October... 22nd at Chilcompton Village Hall, Midsomer Norton. 23rd at Kudos, Wells, Midsomerset Battle of the Bands Final with Foreplay, Dont do Tuesdays and Durban Poison. 29th at Whitstone School, Shepton Mallet. All the gigs and info are on the website there is a link at the top of this page

Robeth Of Collier
Hey guys how's it goin? when's your next gig?

you guys are amazin! ur gona b famous n wen u r im marryin louis! i love that guy!

well done kids although in the final maybe play stuff that has a bit more of a beat so people can get up and moving. Nice work!

these guys r amazin and there made up songs are amazing. they rock. avoir xxxx

well done lads on battle of the bands (caining) hope all goes gd in the future nd at kudos p.s josh ur lush

clever lads!!!!!!!!!

QUALITY!! Rock on josh! keep lovin Louis and Liam keep drummin!! see u soon. cant wait till 23rd October!!

Harry Dempsey
yo watched you play at battle of da bands it rocked!!!! wehey hope u win in da finals MAKE SHIRTS

Ivy Pups (Gilchrist)
Hey Boys, I think your band is really really cool, I love josh cus hes got such a sexy voice - phone me! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

guys dnt listen 2 dese peeps... u realli rok... and u desreved it just as much as evry1 else did... there r just jelous cuz u guys r sooo gd lul xxxx

Its all a bit of fun at the end of the day.Plus why slag once under off They dont have anything to prove. They have played glasto twice and supported kazabien. Thats already a big achivement. Keep up the good work pinstripe.

ive heard so much bout them, and good luck to them BOTB isnt about the fans, its about the music, and who the people liked the most. If they win i actually get to meet them (cackles) cos my bro is the one doing the recording

x Kayleigh x
Hey m8's u r doin really well and r ace. good luck in da final of the battle of bands. U guna do well i am sure!!!!!! xxxxxxx

hay josh, liam and louis ur all amazin luv ya xxxxxxx

jadey baby
i think pinstripe is great and theyy WILL do well in da future GOOD LUCK BOYS

Biggest fans EVER!! (keely, flissy,holly)
BOTB was amazing and you was deff the best. dont listen to all the stupid ppl who are mocking you coz they obviously dont no good music when they hear it. luv you all loadz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

gaz w
Who ever Jake is and annoyed fan! You aint got a clue. Pinstripe are quality band and WILL go along way. PINSTRIPE ROCK!

Matty k
They were by far the best. its not there fault they have so many friends and i think that they were the best an all the rest done well.And they are a realy good they deserved to win and party at hollies house

I think you guys are reaaly good you deserved to win! Keep Rocking! x x x x

critic killa
pinstripe were definatly da best band there once under were probably da 2nd best and pinstripe Are more talented than them its a shame they were only aloud to play 4 songs. peace see ya again at kudos stop the criticism

a truly proud fan! Lara! x x x x
i do not understand why ppl r bein mean such as "an annoyed fan" these guys r brill! Since when did they not write their songs! i think you should appreciate a brilliant band when you hear one as did every1 who voted for them off their own backs! THEY HAVE FANS BECAUSE THEY ARE TALENTED! who are you ppl to put them down like this!? well done u guys im very proud of you! keep goin not matter what ppl say! love you all, lara x x x x x x

what do you know?!!!!!
excuse me "AN ANNOYED FAN". THESE GUYS R TRULY BRILLIANT AND DO WRITE THEIR OWN SONGS!!!!!! i love you guys! feeling like a proud mum! love u! x x x x x x x

The Battle of the Bands comp was organised for the benefit of local bands, the opportunity to showcase their music and play to a captive audience, its not about making enemies. If Pinstripe don't write their music then who does? Father Xmas?????? "Dave" There are plenty of metal and punk bands why do Pinstripe have to play this genre of music? Perhaps the reason they won the "BATTLE OF THE FANS" is because they offer something different. Jake its OK that you don't like Pinstripe, nobody is forcing you to listen to their music or watch them live. All the bands played great sets and i thought FROM THE DEEP did exceptionally well! Shawn(its my real name btw)

Jimmy Luv
how come they had all those fans there in the first place! because they earnt them through their talent and they write original songs.

Charlie B
jake you don't even know pinstripe - its not there fault that they were better than the other bands.

pinstripes won battle of the bands amazin!!!! see u at the final 22nd oct kudos wells x x x

candy pants xxx
hi liam ,josh and louster love god , quality songs all the time from u guys.u 3 are all so talented and im well proud of u u guys loads. Especially liam my hun xxxxxxxxxEvery 1 for vote pinstripe at battle of the bands!! there AMAZING!

I saw you at the BOTB on fri. To be honest you were no way the best there. I can see why people have been calling this competition BATTLE OF THE FANS. It had nothing to do with talent, obviously. Your songs drag on and on and have no life to them. Get a new front man cos yours is cheeeeesy

Jess!!Emma H's mate)
Hey!Well dun lst nite!U guys wer by far da best there!Ur wkd!N it does kinda help that ur all gert lush!hehe! x

Did you hear from the deep last night i never heard anything like it they blew me away!!!

Jake B
they are ace and i can tell hat they have wat it takes 2 get there.

I have the honour of having the boys I my year they are all cool and I've heard hem at one of the school functions, they are well wicked! It's a shame I don't have their Cd, coz I'd listen to it all the time! Good luck at the battle of the bands boys!

Stop playing pop and play some metal

Fran, Wells (friend of daniel meadiel)
heya, just wana say i think you guys are great, if we lived nearer london you'd go far. move to the capital and go for it boys! ps. nice meeting you at battle of the bands wells heat, sorry for drunken dancing ;) x fran x

Genius Move, Outset, once under and from the deep are playing at that gig too! It will be lush. Some of the best bands in somerset

*flo, lily, holz*
Amazing at alfest...welldone, look 4ward to seeing sum u play again soon...x

vote for pinstripe at battle of the bands!! they r class and if u vote for onceunder your a guff! love u all guys xxxxxxx

Hey everyone, Pinstripe are playing in the Somerset Battle of the Bands competition at Pilton working mens club in Pilton on Friday 23rd September, the gig kicks off at 7.00pm and there are 7 bands playing, cya there....... Paul

one word "fantastic"

wat r u on i silly silly child PINSTRIPE R IMMENSE maybe u need to clean your ears out a little and u will hear true quality from a real band !! luv u XXxxxXXXX

I'm afraid I'm with Jon on this one.

heya guys! just wanted 2 say ur amazin! luv ya xxx

amy and katie
hey u guys wer mazing at alfest...... cuming 2 c u at chedday good luk u r brill hehe xxxxxxxxx

omg jordi is fit!! hey jordi u have spoken to me b4 at moles and the t-shirt u may not remeber but i do 1! luv u all xx

omg evryone at my skl is in love with u guys lol look out the sunni hillers r cumin to get u lol

secret admirer
pinstripe are soo good...i love louis sooo much ur so fit!! ;)can wait to see u play next time..alfest was ace

jordi public
yea well done at alfest. cheers for lettin me cotch in ur tent. jordiiiiii

steddy greggy
u guy r amazin i like the drummer the best as he is very smooth nd loui is kool but josh is a waste of time

Keith M
This band rocks with the best of them. They will go all the way. Have only been to one gig but was blown away by the talent these young guys have! Keep up the good work!

I think they're very talented indeed.

lads u rock my pants, louster love god seduces women at gigs, do well in da future PINSTRIPE!!!!

Hey fellas well played at Alfest, good work nice to see young guys making some good music!! keep it up!!!

i dont like them

Pinstripe is amazing! They really get you out of your seat and on the dance floor! They Rock!!

Superb at Alfest boys, you just keep rockin'!

hey well my mum and dad own winsboroughs and i rekon dat pinsripes rok... there well talented and dey r all kl... just fout id say hehe well luv yaz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

jordi (smack mary/joe public)
andy-g from compton. dats well gangstarr

jordi public
jeeeeesus u guys got a lot of posts! u were awsome at DA wondur bar. look forward to playin wiv u again on saturday. jordiiiiiiiiiiii

Steve (Joe Public)
Fantastic set at The Wunderbar, thanks for supporting Joe Public, you guys are very talented, and a pleasure to watch live! Keep Rockin'

just thought i'd say your all a bit FIT! as 4 ure music its kl was luvin the gig the other day btw. x

Garry White
Pinstripe, best group of all time u lot will go far!!!

erm...yeh...ur good! i just wanted to be on this page! loves you all!

beth and jess
liam, josh and louis we think ur mazin.can't wiat 2 watch u again,we cnt make cranmore fete, good luck. beth and jess xxxxxxxx

Emily W
hey pinstripe, ur gr8, cant wait to see u at real life. c ya in September. Luv Em xx

u r mazin band nd ur gunna make it big 1day!!

Trish Dixon (St Pauls Junior School)
Hi lads...remember me.He he Just wanted to are so good, and I cant wait for you to bring out a CD,,,,get to it lads !! Ill be the first in line to buy it ! Shepton Mallet is very proud of you

beth manders
i love pinstripe there reali talented and there gonna go far. cnt wait to listen to them play u guys.xxxxx

erica willoughby
i heard your stuff and i think its great!!! i got to know about you via Bryony leaky who i think knows louis!? wer'e thinking of going to your next gig. should be good!

U guys are great and im hopefully comin to c ya soon live keep it up

hey charli!!! mwah and hi pinstripe, we luv u!!!

me agen
ur site is reli kool u guy will mae it big one dat for sure!!!

Hi everyone, thanks for checking out Pinstripe, we have a link to our new web-site(On the rest of the web) at the top of this page with gig listings and info, please check it out and let us know what you think?

gd luck for ur gig on thursday will b amazin have fun and hey emma xxxx

Joe Public
Love the new web-site, and thanks for the link back to our BBC site! See you on the 25th in Midsomer Norton.

Bryony ;-) xxx
i just wanna say dat i think you guys are brill! i've heard u play & u look really professional. I've been louis friend 4 quite a few years & i always knew you wud make it. Josh, i've met you once, and you have an amazin voice. Liam, i'd like to meet you! Gud luck 4 da future xxx

you guys are amazing i practicularly like the drumer as he is the best one in the band

Juicey Lucy xxxx
Pinstripe and Joe Public at Midsummer Norton followed by Alfest! Dont think I can stand the excitement. Aarrgghhhhhhhhh it's just too much!!!!!!!!

charli and emma
we listend to the inerview and they red out my (emma) comment of them all so embarrased and u dnt know me wich is gd but u may know pl called bax n char the twins well charli knows them haha xxx

me me me....
well i listened to your interview and alfest in alhampton not castle cary is in the feild behind the pub, just to let you know

Pinstripe are one of the best bands that i have heard play live, i Think they will go really far!

ollie (mendip)
Louis you love god, give me your babies, when you get them, send them straight on!

Jane, Glastonbury
Luving your tracks guys, r u really 15? you got it all, great songs, very passionate vox/lyrics and very fit! My mum thinks your great too! Jane xxx

wwoooohhh u r amazin reli annoyed i cnt make it to yur midsumr gig with joe public it will b amazin but i will b there in spirit

Ad, Somerset
Hey Pinstripe, really enjoyed your set on the radio, when is your next gig?

a fan that counts
hey you guys are well awesome, release an album and it'll sell out in no time. you guys rock. keep it cool. xxx best of luck

You guys are alright, the singing is pretty good but i think you need to be a LOT more original to make it.

pinstripe are a gr8 band and they played greenday at my great aunt's party

Andy G, Compton
Yo Pinstripe, Heard you on Somerset Sound the other day and you rocked!

Shepton Mallet Fan. xxxxxxxx
Hi Guys u rock ur gonna meke it big real soon!!!!!! Josh u and Misch are made 4 each other so are you liam and Candy. God luck 4 the Future.

Pinstripe Fan 2005
I think Pinstripe are really cool their music is cool and they are really nice people (They go to my school)They deserve all the best for the future. Good luck!!

Hannah G, Shepton
You guys rock! I have loads of posters of you already! So fit... *drool*

Joe Public
Hi Pinstripe guys. Looking forward to The Wunderbar gig on 25th August, should be a good 'un!

Gus Allen
helo mate how u doin. jus saw ur mum in shepton and she told me to check ur band out. u r properly good. the guy on vocals is not bad either. havent seen u 4 bout 7 yrs. u still look the same. c u around. gus.

omg, josh u r so fit! ur music is reli gd, gd luck 4 u guys in the future xxx

Laura, Herts
Hey, i met Louis on holiday-yes ur all right he is fitt, and i do fancie him! i heard Pinstripe and they are wicked-i relli hope u make it, im sure u will! Good Luck and take care Louis x x x

dave, shepton mallet
pinstripe are cool but crossstiching is superior when it comes down to materials!

Hey everyone pinstripe u all rock and i have heard your songs and they r amazing u will b big one day! Luv SamiXXXXXX Louis i love u!!

Ha even though i aint heard you guys play live yet, im sure i will get to one of your gigs one day. The two songs i do have are amazing though. also i love you loads louis xxxxxxx laters

Sean Davis
they rock!!! they sing some great songs and they will become a great band in the future.

Sito from Majorca
Pinstripe ar cool just hear josh play piano in bar in majorca! very good adios

louis da kwl
alright josh m8, wot is with coldplay??? and misch loves u! xxx

I love you pinstripe!!!You are all gonna make it to the top and be bigger than coldplay! and Beth Gregory you cant have Josh's babies coz hes mine lol! luv u all misch xxxxxx

your the best josh u are the best singer eva your the best luv u !!!!!!!!

coolest of dudes....

Beth Gregory
josh: can i have your babies?! x x x

Holli, Roxy, Keely
You r amazin n r blatanly gonna b stars! Louis, ur my best mate n i love u. Good luk n all dat, love u, holli, keely n rox

Matt Kessell
Keep it real boys!! Ur QUALITY u will make it big 1 day! dont forget me when ur rich it could come in handy!! lol

Liam's Mummy !!!
Hey Hakuna Mattata. Wots wrong with my sons shirt ??? I bought him it and it was very, very expensive !!!! you need a smacked Bottom !!!!

Sophie Aplin Oakhill
You guys rock!!! Dont ever give up and hopefully see u at glasto 07 Yea and oakhill os the best place to live!!

Hey, I am lovin your music! Go for it!

Anna Tomy
What a good looking bunch of young men - great songs too - who does your hair?

Dan Meadicus - Oakhill Ghetto
I love Pinstripe they rock my world and I want all of thier babies - louis is not forcing me to write this in any way or form xxx

Love the song 'The Only One' as it was deciated 2 me at a gig which was quality!!! 'This Feeling Inside' Rocks aswell. Vaughaner the name, seducting is the game.

jules - cocklake

Holly, Flo and Sallie
Wev heard your music and we like it! in fact no, we dont like it. we LOVE IT!!! could u put dates up for your gigs-we cant find them anywhere!!!we think your all hot lots o luv shf xxxxx

you are all truly brilliant! you are all very nice people to! keep being dat way! love u all lara x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

pinstripe are wicked, they are all very talented. i love listening to them-their brilliant live!

hi guys wot up no 1 can have louis he is mine sorry i dont spet i will evan get a chance wid him

yeh i av ther lush!!!! actaully no amazin u need 2 bring owt a cd lol

steff lamb

candy xxxx
you guys are great and your music is well gd!!! you are all gonna make it 1 day liam is a fitty xxxx

hakuna matata
louis's shirt is much softer and smoother than liam's. o ye and the music is good 2

maya and candy
hi we think your music is great(maya)= and i still think josh should do the retard song.(CANDY=you guys are gonna make it one day . liam is a fitty xxxx)

Dru-the man himself
rite boys? shame bout the poor turn out on sat, but still had a bangin time lol, lookin foward 2 the next gig.

hey guys, well done on saturday night u were awesome! as myles said it was a shame that not more people were there but dont worry im sure you'll have many more years to come where loads n loads of people will be supporting u........cos ur so good! XxXxXxX

jess godden
rock on u guys!! u r amazin!

myles living ledgend
well done boys great gig shame about the lack of suport though but hey keep it going

Josh u looked fit as on saturday at mid-somer norton all of ure songs r wicked and u r a great singer u all r amazin and u all rock my world

Just heard "Another World" the new song - it's brill, just heard it for the first time at Midsomer Norton Rugby Club - Well done lads XX

Hey josh mate nice shoes.........were talkin bout music aint we? Oh rite yeh gr8 music lads!!!!!!

pinstripe rock! wah hey c u at ur next gig guys. i need sum tickets though?

ur all amazin!! xxx

there wicked, very talented. i love their music.josh has a lush voice and i look forward to seeing them at glasto 2007.x

Hey guys you rock i will see you at glastonbury 2007 good luck guys

Jenna, Wells
i think your the best band in the whole world!!! ps the drummer is fit

You guys rock x

Kate, Shepton
Im really impressed with you guys. saw you play on mayday and at Whitstone school. really talented lads that will go far !!


your the dogz nutz

Henry, Bristol
Pinstripe you rock!! Fair play lads! See you guys on the pyramid stage at Glasto 2007!!

Dave (joe Public)
I've got your C.d. and i'm very impressed.

Clare, Wells
Great new talent. Should go far and be around for years.


Carol, Shepton
Outstandingly talented, getting a good local following and have a big future ahead and I am sure some label will make a lot of money from them some day !

ur amazin m8 can i hav ur autographs lol

Jess Macaulay
Guys u kick ass!!!!

jon, chilcompton
great music hope you get to play at Glastonbury

U r are a bunch of cool lads and make some bangin tunes! Love ya xxx

Dave Chilcompton
Hey saw this band at Shepton may day, great songs and they look very cool, rock on!

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