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29 October 2014

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Somerset Sounds - Artists

Marblefields backstage at Rockfest 2005


Meet Marblefields from Wellington who would love to play at Glasto, and who can do unusual things with their instruments. Oo-er!

Who are Marblefields?

George on bass guitar and vocals, Archie on lead guitar, Jack on drums, and Matt on rhythm guitar.

Where in Somerset are you from?


When did you form?

Marblefields on stage at Rockfest

In 2004.

How did you get together?

We met and formed at school.

How would you describe your music?

Soft rock.

How did the band gets its name?

We thought about it for ages in a pub and the name just came up. It's just out of nowhere really!

Who are your musical influences?

Squeeze are very influential, as well as Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin.

What is your most memorable gig so far?

Rockfest at Richard Huish College in Taunton.

Where would you most like to play?

Glastonbury! As it's so local and such a big event, it's our dream to play there.

Finally, tell us some interesting facts about yourself.

The most interesting thing about our band is the names of the songs, the band and the lyrics. Also, the unusual things we can do with our instruments which gives the crowd a show!

last updated: 07/12/05
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The Locarnos
We beat them at Wellington BOTB and we're 15!!! And there lead guitarist organised it!! Theyre alrite tho

Harri Lourd
Yeh I've got a copy. It's awesome. First of all there are some really rocky tunes on it which I love, and then there are some quiet ones too. Like 'yellow sky'. Oooh, that song makes me feel all warm inside!!! George Reece is beautiful. I'm going to go see him on the 10th of December. He's playing at Wellington School. Excited!

Mark Greatorex
Yeh I have. It's probably the best CD ever in the world. Definately the best in Minehead.

Jen Tait
George Reece's new album is out now. Has anyone heard it yet? It's AMAZING!!!

adam foulds (old m8 of arch)
Go on marble fields, and go arch! u guys are class, and i first heard u at arch's parents weddin party, 1 day i hope u get back together again as ur a gd band and keep practicin! from fouldsy! (c u soon arch)

hi guyzz! sori to hear da band have split! archie, u should jus go solo! good luck boyz xxxxx

definitive truth
marblefields may be making a comeback soon. I have read the fates. I will not reveal the new line-up until I see fit... Def T

ey up lads!!
well i am a bit annoyed you guys r split but im sure that you will b amazin wivout george!!! xxxxx


oh my god!!!!!!!
no dont split!!!!!!! please u r 2 good and gorgeous!!!!!

Archie and matt AND Jack should carry on with out George you guys rock just get another bassist and vocalist its not that hard !

matt bramhall
actually the band are playing just george has decided to leave!!

George Reece
I think all you lot should know that Marblefields are no longer playing together due to a difference of vision between us. Thanks for all the support and good times over the last year and a half. I'll see you all soon.

Dave Tenston
I have a little shrine to them in my attic. George 4 prime minister.

John Matters
Yeah! its good to see bands like Marblefields and The Recoils putting the roll back into rock n roll which has being missing for such a long time, both these bands are fantastic only probelm is they don't have very long set lists so I reckon they should play some shows together, then hopefully teenagers in Taunton may be able to listen to some good music rather than heavy metal!

Angus (archie)
Thanks 4 all da fan mail - especailly u rowebot. Im lovin it, plz keep it comin.

what a great band. fantastic and well deserved victory at permission 2 rock and it's great to see younger bands playing at rockfest

henry fiolk
i love marble fields i've been to all their gigs and they rock

georges sister
i love marble fields i know george is my bro but i still think that there amazing

i know ive already put a comment, but i jst thought i would say ur jst the best! ur the best on da website!!! x x x x

good luck x

emma c=
i love u all so much!!!

Sarah Middleton
Marblefields are better than sex!!!!!!

yellow/black man
they r definitely awsome, especially arch with the guitar. but i think they need a rapper in their band.

I don't who this spoilsport guy is but hes very wrong. They're only taking rock music where incompetent musicians don't want to go. I like you guys.

Mr WheelBarrow
there is some irony in your influential music ledgends as your style seems somewhat opposed to those who you have named. i prefer metallica personally but who am i to say?! i am amused by the ti di t-shirt that seems to appear at many of your gigs, where can i buy one? yours sincerely Charles

i have attended all of your suprisingly alright gigs! im your first groupie... good luck fellas

Seb Toy
i love matt bramhall, hes so hot, i love it when he played the guitar behind his head and played it with his mouth, it was so cool!!! Archy is good but Matt bramhall is definitely the best. Loving you always matt xxxxxxxxxxx

jon toy
i love u all

i can play a few chords on the guitar if you are looking for someone new...?

omg u guys r sooo cool!!Can we join? we could sound like Atomic Kitten more than u do already! ur all so hot as well, wellington school has such talent! especially 5th form girls they are really stunning. take it easy guys. love u millions xxx

I know archie and he's awsome aswell on the guitar and in person!

Dave Best
The band are awesome :). Especially Poo man he is a turn on to every1 even me. Archy is awesome on the guitar although i shud be there instead.

definitive truth
Marblefields is an absolutely classic band, taking rock and roll back to its roots. Their friendly rock sound is great, and they have a lot of punch, but it is their musicality and professionalism which sets them apart from the crowd.

this guys have some banging tunes but i dont understand the words because i cant hear im not deaf or anything i just cant hear...

Tom Chaffey
Hi Archie and the gang! is it at all possible that spoilsport and I could join ur band? We're best m8s u see. Thanks pals!

well archie this is a pretty cool site and just want to say congrats to all of you for doing so well but george keep your commments about saturday to yourself we dont wanna know!!

Tom (no 1 fan!!!)
spoilsport ur rong these guys r solid

Holly Sames (em's sister)
Hi Arch and Matt, I think the band are well good they all have serious potential and talent!!!

Hi arch and gang, i think the band is great heard them at a party!

emily sames (em)
hey guys!Yea ive heard them they're just a bit good! Please burn a copy of your great songs for me, cheers!

These guys are just a bunch of public school boys trying to make it big in the scary world of rock and/or roll. The only member with talent is the drummer, the rest are trying to take rock music where no-one wants to go.

Fantastic set and the band are really improving. The mix could have been better and if they can develop a longer set and gig regularly they will create quite a following. Who knows what they might achieve if they wan't it enough and don't fall out?!!!

I feel marblefields are awfully superior. I get pleasure from listening to their composition. conversely I am not sure where they fit their inspirational bands into their music writing, I believe Diamond River Valley sounds a bit like Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out, so therefore I suppose it would only be decency to include them in their inspiration.

hey boz! havent actually herd u but ur gr8 anyway!

Dave Broom
You're all weak

george reece
sorry ladies, im gay

jack veysep
they're so cool. I'm in love with them all!

Amazing, what more can I say? I know a couple of these guys pretty well and they're fantastic, completely commited to making this band go far. When they do I'll be the first to get a ticket!

i think harry wakefield is fitter than all of them put together

yeh they are great saw them at wellington hope they go far they deserve it

katy reece
There absolutly amazing.

Dan B
Marblefields were wicked. Incredible guitar tricks, solos, and what a front man! Unsurpassed in coolness, Marblefields were the best band at rockfest this year. If I had one criticism, it would be that they didn't have a long enough slot. I would love to hear a full length set by these guys. Jack, the drummer, has a lot of great beats tucked up his sleeve, and George is the voice of the future. Matt and Archie on guitars complement each other beautifully. They are an incredible band, and I don't think we'll be getting them at Rockfest for free next year. Awesome!

i love you

i think that their lead singer is really fit and their lead guitarist is a legend, and he has the nicest arse i have ever seen

Jess Coleman
These guys are great, I saw them play at Wellington School once, and they were the only band to really get the crowd going. I was surprised to see them at Huish because it's primarily reserved for the college bands and they're all a year younger than the other bands, but these guys really do have obvious talent. The lead guitarist can play his Les Paul behind his head whilst the drummer performs some tricks with his sticks like I've never seen before. Incredible, these guys won't be without a record deal for long....

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