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24 September 2014

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Michael Eavis at Glastonbury 2004
Eavis says Glasto 2005 will go ahead

No Glasto in 2006: What do you think?

The good news is that Glasto is back in 2007 - hurrah! The bad news, however, is that it's going to take a break in 2006 - groan. We want to know what you think about the break. Is it a good idea? Will you be able to survive without it?

Michael Eavis made the annoucement that Glasto will take a break in 2006 as local councillors approved plans to stage 2005's event.

The festival was last rested in 2001 over safety fears, which led to a new "super-fence" being built at the site.

Glastonbury festival-goers
Some rain, sun and fun at Glasto 2004

Wanting to give neighbours a break from the disruption, Michael Eavis also said that he wanted to "stand back and get new ideas" for 2007.

"Every fifth year since 1987 we've taken it off. It's a good chance for the cows, the farm, the farm workers and villagers to recover so they come back the year after with renewed energy, strength and imagination," he said.

You can listen to what Michael Eavis told BBC Somerset Sound's Steve Haigh by clicking on the audio link at the top of this page. You can also listen to interviews with Melvyn Benn from Mean Fiddler, who is the licence holder for Glasto 2005, and Robin Clark, the Chairman of Pilton Parish Council.

What do YOU think?

But we want to know what YOU think about the decision to postpone Glasto in 2006.

Do you think it's a good idea? What are your tips for surviving a year without Glasto? What are your ideas for the festival in 2007? Use our form at the bottom of this page and let us know!

last updated: 14/09/05
Have Your Say
What do you think about Glasto taking a break in 2006? How will you survive?
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mandy thomson
am sorry but iv never been to glasto in my life.but would love to go next year with my partner?it look very intresting?

muse muse muse muse muse muse. srry just had to say that i guess =D

kathryn Porges
I think it has really helped other festivals establish their base this year and has made me determined to make it next year. The best things come to those who wait!

Tom C
i agree with mark morgan i was looking forward to glasto tickets going on sale this year for my first time and nothing! 2007 should be twice as good though.

I think that after a years break the anticipation will build up to make '07 all the more better

mark morgan
their should be a glastonbury in 2006 it would be my first time and i want to go dead bad

I think its a really good idea that glastonbury it postponed every five years for the land to recover. i grew up, and live, really near to glastonbury and every year it isnt just the farm land that suffers, its the local residents, and towns within a ten mile radius. i'm not saying that the festival is s*** or anything, its a wicked festival and i've been about 3 times and loved it, but it does cause loads of mayhem locally and for the residents to have a peaceful summer every 5 years can't be a bad thing. p.s glade festival 2006 was just as good, if not WAY better than glasto anyway!

Very disappointed as I thought this was a 'definite annual event' and settling in Somerset, from South Africa, I was so looking forward to attending this festival. I'll be sure to be there in 2007.

jamie lee
it is breaking the spirit of the festival,let 2006 be the only year glasto has a break!!

Glastonbury is about the celebration of people, freedom of expression and awareness. Reducing it to a regular weekend p*** up, which im not denying is fun, would detract from the essence of it. If we want to continue to enjoy anything we have to learn to appreciate that everything needs a rest to recover from time to time. Its sort of like farmers scheduling time for their fields to lie fallow - so the nutrients in the soil can recover. To use a metaphor, flogging a horse until its legs fall off isnt a responsibille thing to do if you actually care for the horse and want to see it live a long life. Absence makes the heart grow fonder :)

No Glasto..That Sucks..

Glasto was rocking last year, looks like i will have to try and get a ticket for rubbishy leeds festival, nooooo!

gutted its bad enough having to wait a year never mind 2 looks like its gonna have to be a second rate festival this year

Catherine (again!)
woooooooooo! Glasto ROCKS!

What are we guna do??? Glastonbury is the big thing everyne has been waiting all year for-they've already bought their tents and everything!LOL! but i suppose this means that next year will be the best ever!

brian constantine
if its good for the environment then its cool, other wise we are missing good bands

I think it is an excellent idea that Glasto rests cos it needs it every 5 years!

jack martin
i think the tickets should be made more availible, i have tried to get tickets for the last 4 years and still have not been!!! not fair!

It gives the whole environment a break! Thats more important than the festival! You do have to spare a thought for other things other than personal enjoyment.

Pilton's a great place without the festival. Give them a break, and it will be back next year. not too far off.

Mr Greengnome
I cant beleive it! One of the few musical events to look forwarg to. What am i gonna do now, nothing is as diverse and powerful. It is a cultural and ethical event. It brings together the people. What will i have to remember this summer

glasto shud be free and on from june to september every year! with a dole office so it is easy to 'sign on'

brilliant that it is cancelled gives residents a rest and we can get a seat on trains to west country

I've never been to the festival. Was going to make this year my first. Ah well!

Jodie Riley
Me and my friends were hopin to go this year cos we aint been before. we r so totally goin next year we r willing 2 w8 but hope dey change their minds about this year.

Ian Jacobs
First &foremost Michael is a farmer. I support his decision wholeheartedly. Be well, Ian

aaron and jody
were gutted the tent and beans will be at the ready next year 4 defo!

Sarah smudge
NO glastonbury!!!! owell 2007 will b bigger and better michael eavis is god! thankyou so much!

Very disappointed we decided to go for the first time this year and now it is not on!!!!!!!

shame realy it ment leeds and reading sold out far to quick for me to get a weekend ticket but at least next year i can try go to both!!!

Was really looking forward to it, but never mind, it will be bigger and better in 2007

Least we have over a year to make sure we get tickets! Even Reading sells out in less than a day now. I remember being able to go into the high street and buy tickets only a month or so before the event!

I think the local residents deserve a break from the madness and it gives the farm more time to recover. Glastonbury will be bigger next year with the break inbetween. I went in 2000 and had a brilliant time, even though it was a bit overcrowded. To Everyone who is lucky enough to get tix for 2007, have a wicked time!!!

indeed "get over it, go to reading!" quote by LG if it happend absoulotly every year it would be nothing speashal. sorry for bad speiling

it's not nice but it is happening, it is not only 2 days its weeks and weeks of setting up and clearing up and about 5 days of thousands of people, dont lie to yourselves that its just a friday and saturday p*** up

Jade Creane
Even though i love glastonbury and would have loved it to bo on in 2006 i thought it was a good idea to have a break fro it so people are looking forward to it in 2007 and not thinking oh god another glastonbury again.

Miguel Hdz
Im from mexico i was going to europe just to go to the glastonbury 2006... why do you do this to me!!!!!!!!!!!

David Welch
Roger Waters must play again. I saw him in 2002 it was awsome.

Bad Bad News. I was really looking forward to my first year and now its all in ruins. The cows dont even notice all those people anyway

No big surprise really, people should remember that Michael Eavis (god) doesnt earn money from Glasto, he isnt the big millionaire everyone thinks he is, he is a working farmer who makes his money from his land, and once a year puts on the best festival in the whole world. Dont moan that its off for a year, as he said it happens every 5 years and I have been going for a good while now and every time its off its a dissapointment but hey, at least its not going through the doubt every year like it used to be when they couldnt guarantee it would get the lisence! It used to be that every year was the last, now theres no doubt that it will be on next year/the year after. Long live glastonbury, the greatest festival the world has to offer!

iv been going for the last 5 years its a shame that its stopped but therell be a evan better hype if its left for a year

Get over it, go to reading!

i'm gutted cos this was gonna be my first year. thing is, now tickets for 2007 will be even harder to get hold of!!! still we can but hope.

Nearby Resident
Thank God its off, it won't take me 2 hours to get to work, and life goes back to what Somerset is quiet countryside with the sound of the cows instead of the sound and mess of several thousand people. I'm only 21 myself, don't see why you all like it, each to their own

vince p
I had planned a trip to england from australia for the past 3 years finally saving all my penny's, so to attend the festival now i am gutted at the announcement of the cancellation


GREAT!!!! I've been every year since I was born but wouldn't make it this year cos' I'm on tour with the circus but I can keep up my recoard, YAY!!!

bad idea!!!!!!!! c u in 2007

Sounds like a great idea. Festivals are fun but taking a year off for consideration/rest gives time for ideas to be developed and problems resolved. Anyway, who are we to begrudge local residents/livestock/the worthy organisers a break?

id love it to be on this year because the music is sooo good all different types and i dont wanna go to Reading, please put it back on this year ill be your best friend pretty please!!! mwah xxx

As long as its around in 2008 as well i dont mind. I'd like to go to mark the end of my exams!

Doesn't make any difference to me, for the last couple of years I've not been able to get a ticket. Glasto used to be great, just too popular now - shame.

its my ultimate dream 2 go 2 glastonbury i was hoping this year my dream would come true please dont cancel it !!!!!!!!!!

I am very dissapointed but as long as it is definitely 100% back in 2007 I will cope with the long wait

What are you thinking?!?! there HAS to be a gladstonebury evry year! its 2 days a year only 2 days. I am so dissapointed. Please change your mind!! Its the place where we feel free. xxx

Shame we have to have a break from glasto in 2006 but i suppose its good to make improvements to the site ready for 2007.

2006 is a very special year in as much as we see a rare Lunar Standstill season that only comes around every 18.5 years or so. Glastonbury has always been considered a "special" site and it will be a sad loss if this event did not go ahead this year. I myself in years past have never been able to attend due to child commitments and have been looking forward to my 1st special year.Please reconsider. Namaste. Debbie

Well i'll definatly be there in 2007 so it'll give me more time to save loads of money :) i'll just have to find something else to do this year. i will survive!

Interpol Fan
A big shame. I am sure there is valid reasons but this year has seen an influx of amazing new bands and the music industry needs this gig to keep new music alive. I big shame but I will be looking at other festivals to make up for it. Surely someone has got the funding for a large open air festival, purely focused on young new bands rather than commercially known.

Grab the bands and lets all go to ibiza and have it there!!

james taylor
not a good idea, but is supose if they take a break maybee 2007

Move the cows, the farm workers and the villagers. Why should we miss out! How rude..

for gods sake, its not the end of the world! it will be back in a year sheessh. and to you people who say you have nothing else to do: get a life! go on holiday, go to one of the other many festivals ....seriously. you moaners.


Alison Granger
WHAT??? Bring back glastonbury for this year!!! Summer ain't the same without it!

i think it is a big mistake to cancel this the amount of good bands that have come to light in 2005 and now there is no way of seeing them all together in such a good gutted.

Its a magical world!! You cant have too much of something too good.....Because u get bored! But glasto? Is in a world of its own!!! There's rumour of the lost vauguas tent still being there? Is it true???

jim bryce
Glasto was grrrreat

Jim from London
I predict a riot!

someone needs to sort out an ibiza alternative, fair enough the cows/people etc need a break.

Tinkerbelle Rocks

For godsakes, the farm needs a break. Think about local people, who put up with the festival very paitently year on year. I wanted to go too, but there's always the year after eh? Look forward to that!

we were planning to go to Glastonbury to celebrate my 18th!!What are we going to do now?

That makes me upset.
I'm an American, and i'm actually going to be in the U.K., and now it's not going on...just my luck.

stuart from derby
im gutted for the last god knows how many years ive been so unlucky to be unable to purchase a ticket. im dying to experanice the glasto festival party. Hope i manage to get one in 2007

Jasmine frm Jersey (C.I)
I dnt lyk the idea bt i dont mind aslong as i can get a ticket for the 2007 one !! does any1 know when the tickets go on sale? and how much there goin 2 be? x x

Hannah and Suzanne Tudor
you cannot be serious! we were hoping to come in 2006 and we were really looking forward to it too!

its almost tradition.the first time i was truly determined to go! and aloud to! and now i have to wait till 2007!

bianca louise
i think its sad that theres no glasto 06 but i heard there might be a party for it in ibiza - i hope so how can we live with out glasto?? please replace it some where else ibiza will be a great idear!

Sarah-Jane Martin
Have never been and desperate to go - first time I get the opportunity and determination to go and it is not being held - oh well, 2007 here I come.

Arabella Lumsden
I do know how I will survive next summer without Glastonbury.. No other festival could fill this void!!!!!!!!!

sad about 2006 but i heard that they were holdin the festival in ibiza instead.....could this be true?

This is bot! I was hoping to hear some corkin' tunes from the underground, but thanks to these cows and sheep I wont be able to.

zia age 12
what are you doing we need glasto in have a great time and i enjoy every bibt of it i know but the farm needs a brack but i can't watie that long the felids will still have all of this yare and till june i think you are so silly lods of my friends think the same as me so i am beging you plz put it on in 2006 we need it plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz pzl plz plz plz plz plz plz plz i love glasto

Alan Parkinson
Fantastic idea. Why not every 4 years like the world Cup?

coral richardson
i love glastonbury and it needs to be on cuz i will have nufin to do next summer plz plz plz plz plz

Jeni and Nicola
Noooooooooooooooo we dont think its a good idea, it's quite ridiculous.....WHAT are you thinking??????? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change your minds!!!!

Matty Boy
well, I went this year, for the first time, it was truely amazing....a bit disapointed it isnt on next year, but if its good for the festival long term then so be it. Keep the faith, and it will be back.

NOOOOOO, I'm coming over from Aussie, and it was going to be a highlight of the trip.

Helen Perry
I'm gutted. I've been planning to come to UK to go to Glastonbury in 2006. Giving up my job, renting out my home, etc to make the trip. Living in Australia I had no idea it would not be on in 2006. I can't believe it. I've never been and probably never will now. It isn't easy getting the funds and time together when you have to travel from Sydney. I hope they do put it on.

glastonbury cant take a break! its the best festival ever and should never b stopped especially 4 cows

Lou and Elena
Glastonbury is THE best festival and the greatest place on Earth! There's no other festival that has the same spirit and fabulous atmosphere!

I have never been to Glastonbury and I was really hoping that I would be able to get tickets for 2006! You hear stories about how hard it is to get hold of these tickets and it will be worse if it is held off until 2007! I think it will put alot of people off!

I've read in the local London paper that Glasto may possibly be showcasing in Ibiza for 2006?!

kirsty bryce
luvin the fact glastonberry is no happenin...ROLL ON T!!

zena matthews
put it on plz plz plz plz plz plz plz pzl plz i cant live without it!!!!!!!!

sarah perkins
i have been to glasto 1nce and thought it was amazing, its got to be on in 2006 it has to !!!!

i was planning to go to Glastonbury next year for the first time and now i found out i cant! however, i agree with what Michael Eavis is doing and i think it is for the better...just make sure Glastonbuty is on in 2007!

mike cassidy
very great pity to deprive so many people of an event that 'gives' them so much which in turn helps them to be a more giving person/group. i understand something of the resting principle for the area and the land etc but why not give another venue a try - other festivals have done it successfully?

Glastonbury is an annual event, and thats how it is meant to be.

nick cytacki
Everyone go to glade festival! Best up and coming uk fest, with real festival vibe!

I love Glastonbury!!! i look forward to 2007!! how is the tree man?

lorraine D
oh poo, no glastonbury - was dying to go in 2006

:( at least no 3 day hangovers.

plez nooooooooooooooooooo

no way should it take a break glastonbury is by far the best festival in england maybe even the world


Dave Leatherbarrow
2006 isn't going on... so what? more time to prepare ourselves for 2007! can't wait!! :D

I've gotta say it's a shame it's postponed, i was gonna get tickets this year, but now I'll look forward to 2007 with high expectations! Hopefully it lives up to the hype, with breath-taking performances from the likes of Muse!!

Harry Booth
this shouldn't happen - i was looking forward to going

Robert Helmore Surrey
The idea of having a break is a blessing in disguise. The headliners were average this year apart from the fantastic performance of coldplay. The break would mean bands with the class of Radiohead will be back on track

Ed From Philadelphia, PA, USA
I was looking forward to experiencing Glastonbury in 2006 but will make alternate plans to Europe instead. I'm sure the area will lose out on revenues associated with the festival. Do they really need a break? or just better planning?

Apparently there is a break every four years and it was announced a while ago anyway.

Andy p
Thats a real shame. its a great event. Hopefully 2007 will have something extra special to offer.

it is a stupied idea i really like it and was going to get some tickets

2006 will be the first year i would have been ain a financial position and holiday from work position to go! i'm gutted, but I suppose 2007 isn't so far away??

i think its a really good idea the residents get a break from the noise and the fields have a chance to recover. life does go on without glasto folks!

Monkey boy
Sucks, They should Sort it out! 2007 is to long to wait !

i hitnk it is crap why cant people who live there just take a holiday during the event it is a part of our culture, just as much as any art in a museum they wouldnt close that for a year cause it caused a disruption would they. however it mean that 2007 is even better especially with the the big climax build up

I think it's a good plan to give Glasto a rest, as it will build up more excitement for 2007! Can't wait!!!!!!!

I wasn't able to attend Glasto 2006 due to lack of money and i was looking forward to 2007 (when i actually have money) Instead im going to chill out at WOMAD 2007 and i think that if you like Glasto then you'll love WOMAD!!! Hope every1 isnt 2 gutted!

Beckie Savill
I am absolutley gutted to hear that there will be no festival in 2006 as I could not get tickets for this years or last years so was really lokking forward to trying again please please please reconsider Michael as I know hundreds of peopole in Essex will be horrified to hear that they will have to wait yet another year. Yours sincerely Beckie Savill

dnt do it i have waited all my life to go to glasto n ive got it all planned to go in 2006 n ur gonna mess it all up!!!!!!!!!!! plz do cancel xxx ;P

please change your mind! its an outrage! we've been planning it already. what have we got 2 look 4ward 2 4 next year now? im so depressed! please change your mind!!! please please please! ill beg! x

The breaks fine, gives other festvals a chance! onething should be addressed BY YEAR 2007,is ticket purchasing over the internet.error are made! but glasto made sure that you would not be going if any mistakes were made on application IE wrong name or spelling,people dieing could have there money back if cancelled before dead line etc, wrong wrong wrong! sort it out emily or it will be all ya southern camdon elite,fax,email and broadband possie! how very hippy you will seem then!!!

PLEASE DONT CANCEL GLASTONBURY 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Craig Northcott
What are they going to gain by postponing Glasto in 2006? What would thousands of people going to look forward to next year?

what about those overseas who have planned trips in 2006 esp for glasto. Like me damn them all

It's a shame; I really wanted to go next year! Now I'll have to wait a whole 2 years.....

it should be there why whats the piont in not havbing it next yr glastonbury is a mark in history ur taking away its space!

we need to have gloastonbury in 2006 because i want to go, but now i have to wait 2 years before i can go.

Ian from Exeter
With a 12 month break, I hope drastic improvements will be made to the campsite so as not to have a repeat of this years stormy mess, as has plaqued previous festivals.

wil and shaz
I think it will be a bad idea to cancel 2006 because there will be a problem to get Tickets in 2007 and the demand will be even more higher. Some people might not want to go anymore and they might go else where. "Please don't do this."

i dont think its very good we like the festival and would like it to be on next year.

whenever the next one is I'll be there!!

please don't stop i've tried for years to get tickets and failed promised my self 2006 is the one please no

katie roff
i was really lookin forward to going to the festival next year. i have never been to glastonbury and am really envious of all of those there right now!!1

Sarah Lovett
It's an outrage!My parents only allowed me to go in 2006, coz they think that 16 was to young to go this year, i'm just gonna have to go to Reading instead!!xxx

i think they should go ahead with glasto in 2006! i can't wait until 2007 to go!!!!!

i think that if the people that live locally to glastonbury have a problem with the festival they have something wrong with them we all want to go and they should too!



Lauren Neve
Taking a Break!!! i have been to glastonbury twice but unfortunatly was un able to get tickets this year. i am up set that there will be no glastonbury next year. i hope that i am able to get tickets for 2007!!! enjoy your break!!!

It's going to be even more difficult to get tickets for 2007. The tickets went very quickly this year. Imagine how quickly they'll go after a years break.

Since there is clearly a bigger demand for such a massive event than there is a supply of tickets, and also given that there will be no festival in 2006 then i find it utterly amazing that no one is this country is prepared to take on Glastonbury and set up a rival festival. Surely some wealthy entrepreneur can see the target market of ticketless Glastonbury fans like myself who would only be too eager to give another massive festival a chance.

Another year off. Boo Hoo. The odds on me being struck by lightning, before actually getting hold of tickets for any future Glastonbury festival, go down. Still I hope they enjoy the rest. How about two festivals for 2007 to make up for it. Yey!

what are we meant to do!!!go to some unheard of festival that can only pull off the likes of mcfly and the noise next door!!!!NO THANKS!!!please go ahead!!!what are people gunna book off work for now?i dont know!!!p.s are you lot getting too lazy to bother any more?!!!

Serena Masters
i think Micheal and his crew should have a break as it's good for people and animals to re charge - it also shows that the festival isn't just about money and that surrounding enviroment is strongly taken into consideration. It will be even more special in 2007 as we have had to wait two years - enjoy the rest to you all!!

not good. glastonbury is the highlight of my year, every year. Does that sound sad? i think a lot of people would agree.

Charlie Mack
I'll invite the cows round my gaff in 2006. I'll get my mum to cook some cow pie for them they will have a great time - while we have a great time at Glastonbury again! WHY DOES IT MATTER WHAT WE THINK IS OBVIOUSLY GOING TO HAPPEN ANYWAY??? (BUT THANKS FOR THE CONSIDERATION ANYWAY!!)

The break year is going to make it even more difficult for us to get tickets in 2007

I have no problem with there being no festival every 5 years, I do have a problem with not being able to get tickets for the third year running! My kids are very disappointed - they love it.

Good idea. I like a bit of variety to life so if Glasto's not on I have to do something else for my birthday!

Michael Edwards
Good idea, Bring back the pheonix festival! festivals are popular enough to support two big festivals for the end of June. Hopefully then Glastonbury wont sell out so quickly

I think it should be on in 2006 because I planning on being in the UK from AUS in 2006 and was looking very fwd to it due to the lack of anything very simaler here

Dont stop it in 2006, you have all year for the land to recover and to think of new ideas. Glastonbury is the best couple of days of my year and many people feel the same way

Help, i'm a glasto vigin, think i got the last ticket of the website, 10mins after i got up was listening to everyone moaning on the radio so switched my super computer on and asked for two tickets it told me there was not enought so I asked for one and I recieved, so will be going alone. Now what i need to know is what should i take and what shouldn't i take?

Gemma Carver
i think that it's a good idea

i think its gd fr the fets to take a break now an agen but argh! hwo am i gonna survive without my glasto hit! an in 2007 i wont be able to go cos i will hav exams!!! two years withou glasto :O!!!!

Jennifer Saunders
This will be my 3rd consecutive year at Glastonbury and already I’m counting the days. Michael Eavis has done a tremendous amount for charity and should be commended not slated! So many non Glastonbury goers have miss conceptions of the event (my mum included) but how can they judge if they have never been?! This year I am going to have the best festival I’ve ever had regardless of rain or Kylie!!!! And I’ll put 2 fingers up to anyone who has anything negative to say about it! Roll on June baby

I think its a good idea, give the town a break. The ticket sales were handled much better this year as I managed to get 4 tickets in less than half an hour. (ha ha)

I've been to Reading Festival many times and I've been to WOMAD. In my opinion, Glasto is like the best mix of the two only twice as good. So if you'll miss Glastonbury in 2006 go to WOMAD for the festival chill out vibe and Reading for the rock. By the way Reading 2005 is the best line up they've ever had. QoTSA, Pixies, Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, Killers, Marilyn Manson...I hope some of these bands also play Glasto!

Tom Jenkins
i ain't botherd. as long as i've got the reading festival, i'll survive...

kay bibi
i hope that you change your mind for 2006 as iam am worried that i wont be able to get tickets this year as i have been trying for the last 2 years please please please try and to have it on for 2006 thanx hope 2 c ya all there in june luv kay bibi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

brian, mcr
festivals on the continent

sam branch
its good to have a rest and it will make 2007 all the better and fresher.

im devastated. i hopin to go this year but bcoz it won't be held next year, tickets will be very hard to come by. When it comes back in 2007 the same thing will happen - people will have missed it so much that there will be a huge rush to get tickets. that said, i do understand the need for a break. p.s. kylie? wot the were they thinking when they came up with that idea!

good news for the farm etc, bad news for us, none of the other festivals have the atmosphere, been to reading/V etc, all rubbish!

i can understand why a break is needed, however much i will miss it. the only down fall is that there will probably be even more of a panic and a rush for tickets as people know that its not on next year. oh, and please do not put kylie on stage - she belongs elsewhere.

vicki, runcorn
They need to think of some new acts and sort out to loos. What are they think of puttin Kylie on this year, bad idea.

fair enough is what i say. i'm a glastonbury virgin, hoping to 'pop my cherry' this year. but i'm sure that going this year will only make me realise what i was missing. ther'll definately be a viod in 2006, making us hungry for something spectaclar in 2007!

omg!!!!!!! what r day thinkin!!!!!!!!!

My family live in Pilton, which is where Glastonbury is held, they love it, especially my Dad, who waits all year for this weekend! I can understand that Michael needs a break and I think it is a good thing for the land! I love the festival and feel that the comments made by a couple of people are ignorant and un-fair, it is a chance for people to get together and have fun in the fresh air, not in some smokey nightclub or concert venue for a couple of hours. Times change and unfortunately events change with them, I wish most things were more like they were when I was small, but they can't be so just enjoy the ride of what we have right now, after all that is what life is all about right?

ryan ashford
cancel the festival 2006? cancel the festival ever, why? its the best weekend of the year!! its the place where loves lost, lives free, a year away is too much,.. but the point really is that its over comercialisation as become its major problem. If it has to be cancelled for one year or 10 years, so be it, as long as one day, we, the locals can have our festival back. Mr Eavis, Michael, please, when the festival comes back in 2007, make it our festival, give priority to the locals, so many of us love it, and so many miss out, how can you really love it all and experience all there is with only half your friends by your side.

its good that they have the break tho im not sure about the surviving part yet

lets hope they can come up with an idea for sorting out the bogs

stephen cockle
very good news,I will spend all my cash going to Reading

As If! But then againit is becoming way too big.I've been going since i was three and i Last went in 2004. It'sway too pricy now, it's really sad actually (Sadface!) I wish it would just go back to the way it was when me and my dad went when i was little.

Paul Goodall
GOOD! I hope 'Glasto' stays away for good. Call that a festival? Its an overpriced town centre nightclub in a field. Its a shame that the people who first made the festival what it is have been excluded. What was once a celebratory festival of music and art has become nothing more than another way for people to extract money from your pocket.

I think that is a good idea. I think that a break will mean that he can really think about what is hot and what is not for 2007 so he can make it the best Glastonbury EVER!!!

soph and hana
wot no glastonbury!? ok so we havent actually been yet, but hana cant go this year...nooo!

katrina (n.Ireland)
I am not looking forward to the stress this year of getting tickets. I was up for all night but finally got them. So taking a break next year might save my hair from goin even more grey from all the ticket buying stress!

pierre ferrari
Its sad that its not on for 06, but what better excuse to party even harder this year. Woo Hoo Glastonbury I love it

garth motton
well its a same that its not going ahead next year but ive never been before.ive always wanted to go but never made it but am going this year

Ed, Somerset
i think it's a good idea, although it will be missed. Glasto needs to be sorted out, like the ticket-buying system, and hopefully in 2007 there will be lots of wicked bands and acts lined up over a two-year period. i know for sure that i am going to glasto 2007, because i think the wait will be worth it.

Paul - Minehead
I live 50 miles from the site and have not been able to get a ticket for the past 3 years! Lets hope that after this rest in 2006 tickets may be a little easier for 'locals' to obtain.

Glastonbury has become a commercial rip-off. I remember when it was FREE!

i think it will be so sad not to have it in 20006 i live locally and really enjoy going. its so special with a warmth and energy like no other festival i know.


Glasto is a superb event, a national celebration so different from any other. It will be missed in 2006, but what a party it will be this year! I think it's only right the organisers and the place should fallow for a year - what a build-up for 2007!

Zoe, Yeovil
I think the festival should be held every other year anyway to give the land and the locals a rest! It would make it more special and stop people taking the festival for granted.

Andrew Kennedy
Although i'll miss it it'll make 2007 all the better!

cherry, SOMERSET
Steven Sobek, mr eavis is a fantastic giver to local charitys and i know for a fact that local schools gain money from it and if you read it, it said some money is going to the tsunami fund.

Sure everyone needs a break once in a while....i mean it must take a whole year to clean up the field afterwards anyway its not like you can ever get tickets for it!!!!

Nigel mentions that Michael Eavis could have delayed the announcement of 2006's cancellation until after the ticket sales for 2005. Glasto is a moneymaking enterprise and if people think that this year may be the last for a while, they will be more inclined to purchase and put more money in the coffers.

Ed Temperley
Agreed, it will always be Pilon to me as well. If a break keeps the festival running then so be it. I will still be there when it comes back, as will so many other Somerset originals.

Steven Sobek, Radstock
What is this tripe all about with Michael Eavis? He is simply the figure head that merely reaps large rewards. He is a publicity seeker that sees the festival obliged to contribute to charities knowing that opposition to his blatant money making venture would be far greater. Why make hero's out of business men. The likes of Mr Eavis are only in it for the money and adulation. I haven't got a problem with the festival, it just annoys me that we are expected to think that the organisers are just doing everyone a favour by holding the event. I am afraid its all purely business!

As mentioned in most reports, the festival always has had regular fallow years, and as Michael is firstly a farmer, its no great surprise. He is absolutely right, as usual, all the years following the fallow years have been the best festivals. It also gives the festival time to re-negotiate with Mean Fiddler, which may bring some more of the festivals exciting elements back in place of the commercialisation experienced over the past few years. At least it gives a year off for all those people that get dissapointed because they can't get a ticket!!!

its a nice idea mike. what a break. We all like glasto festival its huge and well forfilling.But what am i going to do.looking to this years festivities l8ers

Glastonbury is totaly wrong in so many ways. It's good that we get to have a brake once in a while.


cara lockley
cancel the festival 2006? of course not, its the best weekend of my year every year!! but as im a local, i think the decision may be valid, as by 2007 the straglers will have moved on to the next thing, and we will get our festival back!!!! And it'll always be Pilton to me!

Michael already mentioned it at the end of last year's festival, so it's no surprise to a lot of people. It seems like a good idea to rest the land but this time next year I'll be very depressed with no Glasto to look forward to!

Shame that Michael could not have made the announcement after the tickets had been sold so as to avoid even more desperation among the punters.

It is a shame but a good idea for the poor cows and land to recover...we shall survive - only just!!!

claudine bulpitt
i think it's a shame. although a noisy and exuberant affair, it is only a matter of a few days a year and i'm sure that some extra revenue is generated by visitors to the area at glastotime.

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