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Missing Persons
The BBC Somali Service has often been described as a 'lifeline' for the Somali audience. Not only does it provide people in Somalia with news and information it also serves as a link between Somalis in many other parts of the world.

Missing Persons is a programme that contains messages and letters written by people who have lost contact with relatives or friends. It is broadcast in Somalia and rebroadcast across Europe daily.
The History of Missing Persons
After the outbreak of the civil war in Somalia in 1991, the number of people who lost contact with their relatives increased dramatically.

Somalis fled the country in huge numbers and families were dispersed all over the world. To cope with this humanitarian tragedy, the Service introduced a special daily slot for tracing messages.

The Missing Persons programme is funded by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in collaboration with the The British Red Cross.

As there is no postal service in Somalia, listeners from within the country forward their messages through the local offices of the Red Crescent Society and the International Committee of the Red Cross, ICRC.

The Service receives messages from all over Somalia. Over the past six years many families have been re-united with the help of this programme.

Missing Persons can be heard Saturdays-Wednesdays at 1415-1430 GMT and Thursdays - Fridays at 1400 -1500 GMT

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