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Before sending us a question you may find the answer to your question on our Moderation FAQs page. If your question is already answered on the FAQ page we cannot promise to answer it again.

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  1. To contact the BBC, its output, products or services

    The BBC welcomes feedback, both positive and negative about our programmes and services. Please get in touch via the contact site.

  2. To complain about a TV or radio programme or BBC website content

    The BBC takes complaints about anything that breaks our Editorial Guidelines very seriously, this includes issues such as...


    Complaints about BBC output, can be made via the complaints site.

  3. To report a technical fault or get technical advice

    Visit the online FAQs.

  4. To comment on BBC online

    Some BBC programmes have blogs on which you can comment. You can find an index on the blogs homepage.

    If you have a comment about anything the BBC does online, the BBC's online and technology teams post regularly on the BBC Internet blog about BBC Online, BBC iPlayer and the BBC's digital and mobile services. BBC Internet blog posts are normally open to comment for three months.

    You can discuss the BBC and other BBC television programmes on the Points of View Messageboard.


Comments and Complaints about Moderation

To complain about a rule breaking comment, please alert the moderators by using the report link beneath the comment, rather than this form.

If you have a general query about moderation please visit our page about moderation. If your question is not answered there fill in and submit the form below.

If you want to appeal against an individual moderation decision please read the appeals section first.

You must include a link to the comment in question in the form below. This will be included in the email you were sent notifying you of the removal of your comment.

If you are appealing against the restriction of your ability to comment please read the appeals section first. You must tell us the email address to which your BBC iD is registered.

Please note that this form is for moderation appeals and complaints only. If you want to make an editorial complaint about the hosting of the service please use the contact site.

Report inappropriate user content in a Q&A, web commentary or liveblog page

On a ‘liveblog’ is a stream of content hosted by BBC staff and updated in real time, such as coverage of a live event or a Q&A with a celebrity. It can include content that has been published by users on other websites and social networks, including text, pictures and video, which has been curated by BBC editorial staff in line with the BBC's Editorial Guidelines.

However, once published this content is not monitored and may be subject to change.

If you have seen content which you deem to break these editorial guidelines please report it below.

We don't normally contact people about the removal of curated content but you have the option of giving us your email address in case we want to follow up your report.

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