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17 September 2014
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Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets

The crew of Pegasus

All you need to know about the characters from Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets
Tom Kirby - Mission Commander: pilot and navigator. Military trained. Responsible for navigation through space, braking manoeuvres, guiding secondary craft to and from planet surfaces. Team leader whose decision is final in the event of loss of contact with Mission Control. Tom Kirby
Yvan Grigorev Yvan Grigorev - Flight Engineer: engineer, electronics and computer systems analyst. Highly trained in mathematics, physics, chemistry and meteorology. Secondary training as a pilot and navigator. Second in command.
John Pearson - Flight Medic: medical doctor. Secondary training in biological, exobiological and geological sciences. Trained cameraman and the voyage's official biographer and media liaison person. Responsible for monitoring environmental and personal health. John Pearson
Zoe Lessard Zoe Lessard - Mission Scientist: science officer specialising in geology, geomorphology, meteorology, remote sensing, geochemistry and hydrology. Particularly knowledgeable about Venusian, Martian and Ionian geology and planetology. In charge of food, water and other supplies.
Nina Sulman - Mission Scientist: science officer specialising in biology and organic chemistry. Emergency medicine trained. In charge of experiment equipment and its preparation, as well as sample processing, logging and storage. Nina Sulman
The support crew
The Pegasus mission could never succeed without a large support team back on Earth. These are some of the principal roles.
Fred Duncan - Flight Director: director of the mission. Leader of the flight control team. Responsible for the overall mission and decisions that will keep the crew safe and healthy, whilst maximising the results. Fred Duncan
Alex Floyd Alex Floyd - Chief Scientist: top inter-disciplinary scientist. Will ensure that as much science as possible is squeezed out of every opportunity of the flight.
Claire Granier - Flight Surgeon: chief flight surgeon with overall responsibility for the physical and mental health of the crew Claire Granier
Isabel Liu Isabel Liu - Flight Dynamics Officer: responsible for the engine burns to get in and out of planetary orbit and on to the trajectories of interplanetary flight.

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