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17 September 2014
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Steve and Megalodon tooth and jaw © Penny Allen
Journey of Life

Steve Leonard tells the astonishing story that links simple microbes to mankind and explains the extraordinary variety of life seen today.

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Programme 1: Seas of Life
Steve and fish in the Cayman Islands © BBC Steve travels back 3.8 billion years to when life began. Journeying round the oceans, he explores life's first laboratory and discovers how the incredible variety of sea creatures arose, from the first microbes to hagfish and dolphins.
Spotted salamander on moss © Nigel Bean Steve tracks the pioneer life forms as they emerged from the seas and evolved adaptations to make them ever better able to cope with life on land, from the searing heat of the deserts to the icy polar wastes.
Hummingbird hawkmoth feeding on flower nectar, Germany © Hans Christoph Kappel Animals crawled on to the land 500 million years ago, but it was another 100 million years before life finally became airborne. Just four kinds of animals achieved the miracle of flight. Insects led the way, but their story is still shrouded in mystery.
Cleaner wrasse cleaning a rosy goarfish, Red Sea © Georgette Douwma / The greatest evolutionary challenge faced by living things has been each other! From cunning carnivores to sex crazed elk, Steve reveals how the relationships between living things can drive evolution itself - with some truly bizarre results.
Steve Leonard and baby chimp © Steve Leonard Five million years ago we separated from our chimpanzee cousins. Steve Leonard looks back to explain how landscape changes drew us down from the trees and out on to the newly formed African savannah.

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 TV programmes - BBC One

Journey of Life homepage

1 Seas of Life
Thursday 14 April, 9.00pm

2 Land Grab
Thursday 21 April, 9.00pm

3 Airborne
Thursday 5 May, 8.55pm

4 Living Together
Thursday 12 May, 9.00pm

5 Humans
Thursday 19 May, 9.00pm

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