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17 September 2014
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The strangest ideas in science that might be true
Time travel

If we look back at the history of science there are many truths we live our lives by now that were once disregarded as nothing but fantasy. It wasn't that long ago that the idea of man landing on the Moon, cloning sheep and transplanting someone's face was the stuff of science fiction.

We want you to tell us which of today's strange ideas you're most interested in. Pick your top three from the list below and we'll investigate the real science behind your favourites over the coming months.

The vote is now closed.


Is extra-sensory perception really possible? Some scientists already claim that it can be proved.


Is there some form of life after death? Can our consciousness really continue once our body has died?

Time travel

Is the Tardis just a fantasy? Or could wormholes really provide a portal to another time - past or future?

Brain transplants

It's already been partially successful in monkeys. Are we ready for brain transplants in humans?


Have we already been visited by beings from other planets or are our imaginations running away with us?


Will we be able to bring people back to life in the future? And what's in store for them if they return?


It is the holy grail of scientists across the globe. Can any of them prove that we are close to finding the elixir of life?


It's already possible to teleport an atom, will we one day be able to do the same with humans?

Humans on other planets

A holiday on Mars? A second home on the Moon? Will we ever be able to thrive outside the Earth's atmosphere?


There have been plenty of sightings - can scientists prove that we are living with people from the past?

Invisibility cloaks

Will it ever be possible to be completely invisible? The technology is more advanced than you may realise.

Artificial wombs

From Brave New World to The Matrix, could they become a reality and forever change our concept of life?

Meal pills

We already have pills to supplement most of the vitamins we lack. Could pills one day replace our Sunday roast?

Contacting ET

How close are we to making contact with intelligent life forms in the Universe? Will we ever give up the search?

The real Jurassic Park

Will we ever be able to bring an extinct species back to life and, if we can, what will the implications be?


This practice is now being investigated using the latest neuroimaging tools, will they discover the secrets of the mind?

Computers taking over

Will technology ever be able to think for itself and challenge our domination of the planet?


Is it all in the mind or can scientists prove that this controversial treatment has real physiological effects?


From Bigfoot to the Loch Ness Monster, why are people convinced that these creatures exist?

Human cloning

Will there ever be a real Body Farm where clones are kept to provide humans with new limbs or organs when they fail us?

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