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17 September 2014
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Wild New World

Wild New World contents

Broadcast in 2002, Wild New World explores intriguing North American fossil evidence with state of the art computer graphics.

Wild New World - Evidence


How do we know about the long-extinct animals of ice age North America? Explore the evidence.

Wild New World - Then and Now

Then and now

North America at the end of the last ice age was vastly different. But what was the ice age like?

Wild New World - American Ancestors

American ancestors

Who were the first North American settlers? How and when did they arrive? It's still a hot debate.

Wild New World - Animals Past and Present

Animals past and present

What kind of animals lived in North America 14,000 years ago?

Wild New World - North America's Lost Wild Heritage

North America's lost wild heritage

What caused the demise of North America's diverse range of Ice Age fauna? There are two main schools of thought on this.

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